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Example sentences for "fidgeted"

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fidelity; fidelium; fidem; fides; fidget; fidgeting; fidgets; fidgetted; fidgetting; fidgetty
  1. My left-hand neighbor fidgeted about a little in his chair as I said this.

  2. She fidgeted a little at his silent regard and clicked the gate open, continuing: "Well--you look a pretty nice boy!

  3. The rancher seemed oppressed with a certain shamefacedness, and fidgeted nervously with his quirt.

  4. The old man fidgeted in his chair uneasily.

  5. E fidgeted about with the bloomin' thing until 'e was out o' sight.

  6. The remark came from a small man with grey side-whiskers who, as soon as he had spoken and attracted to himself the attention of the company, fidgeted as if he regretted his temerity.

  7. He fidgeted and turned ghastly with vexation.

  8. The saloon keeper fidgeted for a minute or two.

  9. Mr Maplestone frowned, and fidgeted to and fro, then suddenly leant forward, straightening his face into what was obviously intended to be a smile.

  10. Everybody agreed, but nobody stirred, except Cairns, who fidgeted and looked at Cynthia.

  11. Mrs Ramsden pushed the tea-table aside, and fidgeted with the jet trimming on her cuff.

  12. Weary waiters for flannel and small-wares looked at their watches, and fidgeted restlessly, but no one rebelled, nor showed any inclination to walk out of the shop in disgust.

  13. This was a new way of looking at the situation; Jack fidgeted in his chair and eyed the marquis.

  14. He seemed to be embarrassed, too--he fidgeted and tossed twigs and pebbles into the river.

  15. Peter was nervous, and fidgeted with his clothes while he spoke.

  16. Lord Lackington rose, fidgeted restlessly with some of the small ornaments on the mantel-piece, and at last turned to her.

  17. The Bishop's Vicar fidgeted in his chair, his face a shade more sallow, his cheeks hanging a trifle more loosely, than ordinary.

  18. The colour ebbed from the cheeks of more than one; the men fidgeted on their feet.

  19. He fidgeted with the things on the table, and moved himself about uneasily from one leg to the other.

  20. After breakfast he fidgeted about in the parlour, being unable to contrive for himself a mode of escape, and was absolutely thrown upon his beam-ends when the widow asked him what he meant to do with himself between that and dinner.

  21. Guy fidgeted with his watch chain, and with a little hesitation which shewed how much he dreaded any indiscretion on his part, he asked, "Are you acquainted with any details of Miss de Maistre's life before her coming here?

  22. Violet McDougall fidgeted nervously on her chair and cast an appealing look at her sister.

  23. And yet, if she were late he fidgeted himself to death.

  24. She rose too; her lips twitched, she fidgeted her hands.

  25. My lady fidgeted in her chair, and changed the subject.

  26. To tell him, in his present humour, that the more he fidgeted and wondered, the longer he would delay the result for which we were now waiting, would have been simply useless.

  27. I fidgeted silently in my place on the sand.

  28. Mr Brymer fidgeted a little, and Mr Frewen saw it.

  29. But the hook held firm in spite of my dread, and after a little twitching and shaking, with the lookers-on making remarks which only fidgeted me instead of helping, I managed to make the noose glide over the slippery body.

  30. But the lady was not listening: she fidgeted with her lace-edged handkerchief, looked uneasy, seemed to be in debate with herself.

  31. He lingered to make some arrangements for her comfort, fidgeted to know where she had put his books; then mounted a locker and craned his neck at the porthole.

  32. The circle about the table were swaying their heads a little in time with their singing, while the old gentleman in the corner fidgeted uneasily.

  33. Maclean fidgeted and glowered at the table.

  34. He fidgeted in his chair, and peered up at her curiously, strangely.

  35. He held the string with which he had been tying up the books in his hands, and fidgeted with it restlessly.

  36. But for an unhurried raising of the little locket-shaped glass as the attendant fidgeted at the half-closed gate she might have been the first to enter the next lift.

  37. Cosimo reproached her; but he fidgeted uneasily.

  38. Harry rubbed the libeled proboscis, pawed at his mustache and fidgeted in his chair.

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