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  1. I told you somewhere else that the Finches are the largest family of birds.

  2. Look at your back numbers of "BIRDS" and notice the pictures of the other Finches I have named.

  3. When the swallow comes back And the finches all sing, I sing and I dance For joy of the Spring.

  4. Only the ploceids and the cardueline finches in the present investigation fail to show such a division.

  5. He states further that the cardueline finches arise without disjunction from the tanagers.

  6. In Passer, Estrilda and Poephila, and in all the cardueline finches examined, the bellies of the m.

  7. In Passer, Estrilda, and Poephila, and in all the cardueline finches examined the proximal portion of this muscle is more intimately connected with the anterior edge of the m.

  8. In the ploceids and cardueline finches this muscle is undivided and resembles in its position, origin, and insertion only the ventral portion of the muscle found in the other birds studied.

  9. The muscle does not seem to be so well developed in the cardueline finches as it is in the other species.

  10. The various finches and finch-like birds form an exceedingly large group and comprise perhaps the most popular of foreign aviary birds.

  11. And in the aviary it is to be observed not only among the excellent singers, such as the gray finches and red cardinals, but also in the comparatively silent grosbeaks.

  12. A quite peculiar wedlock is observable in some of the finches and other birds.

  13. The larger finches are often roused by the same zeal to a blind fury, which, in the case of the chaffinch, is frequently taken advantage of by the bird-catchers.

  14. With people like the Finches it was considered to be an insult to the Almighty to depart from "the Presence" with any unseemly haste.

  15. Thrushes and jays, wrens and chickadees, finches and warblers, all would be singing one grand medley.

  16. I have remembered many times a slight scene in which three purple finches were the actors.

  17. A few stunted ash trees grow at intervals among the bushes, which are the favourite resort of finches and birds that feed upon the seeds and insects they find in the cultivated fields.

  18. It is the same with the finches in the trees, when the foliage is thick.

  19. This migration of the finches from the hedgerows out into the fields, and their coming back, is very striking.

  20. I almost think the finches have got regular caravan routes round and across the fields which they travel in small bands.

  21. The yellowhammers often alight on them, so do the finches and larks; for the coarse mortar laid on the top decays and is overgrown with mosses, so that it loses the hard appearance of a wall.

  22. But some of the finches are probably searching for the ripe seeds of the weeds that spring up among the corn; they find also a feast of insects.

  23. Crawling beneath an enormous rock-slab to rest and breathe, I disturbed a dozen or so rosy finches already in possession and evidently there for the same purpose as myself.

  24. An experience with a number of rosy finches in the midst of a blizzard was one of the most cheerful ever given me by wild fellow creatures.

  25. You all care; you all sing; it is as the finches do in the fields, without knowing at all what it is that you do.

  26. And a strange sight it certainly was; for, accompanied by linnets and finches that fluttered over it, there came with the quick movement of its kind, a weasel, seemingly quite indifferent to the mobbing it received.

  27. He was looking at this, when, without warning, he heard all about him the rustle of wings and sweet chirping whistles, and suddenly a large flock of gray-crowned finches alighted on the ground and on the stones about him.

  28. Presently the little gray-crowned finches disappeared, and only a few minutes afterward they saw a white-tailed ptarmigan walking about among the rocks just below them.

  29. With the exception of the single species of bullfinch already noticed as occurring in Alaska, all the above forms of finches are peculiar to the Palaearctic Region.

  30. Of birds we have three carrion hawks, and in the valleys a few finches and insect-feeders.

  31. Some finches went over just then; they were talking about Kapchack as they flew; they went so fast he could not hear much.

  32. Three finches passed him as he went up the garden, telling each other that Kapchack was in love.

  33. When studied in the swamp, the Lincoln Finches were found to be more reluctant than Song Sparrows to expose themselves, but one pair, anxious for their young, sat out against a clear sky again and again.

  34. The Finches pluck the flowers assiduously, and either eat the fleshy part at the base, the tender ovary, or else press out the nectar just above, or both.

  35. But what problem could be more fascinating to a lover of birds and mountains than that of working out accurately the distribution of the Rosy Finches in America?

  36. Wright's Park, in Tacoma, appears to lead the state by two weeks in the early budding of its flowering plants, and here Purple Finches appear to the best advantage.

  37. And when one sees a little company of the finches moving about demurely upon the face of a choppy snowdrift, pecking at the surface here and there, he begins to harbor an uncanny suspicion that the birds do eat snow.

  38. I have gone six months at a time, where Finches were not uncommon, without seeing a single red bird.

  39. A master singer among the Purple Finches once entertained us from the top of a fir tree a hundred feet high.

  40. American finches of the genus Euetheia.

  41. One of various species of finches having a large, stout beak.

  42. O yes, madam, at the finches of the grove, if you please.

  43. Nor lark, Linnet, nor all the finches of the grove!

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