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  1. Yet he was caught and prosecuted, and then the prosecutor and finder claimed the rewards.

  2. An interesting question has been raised in the case of a runaway horse whose owner has made an offer to any finder who returns him.

  3. Your true collector--not the man who follows the occupation as a mere expensive taste, and does not cater for himself--considers himself a finder or discoverer rather than a purchaser.

  4. If a dead seal is found with a harpoon fixed in it, if the owner of the harpoon is known in the neighbourhood, he gets his weapon back, but the finder keeps the seal.

  5. In order to sustain his right to it, the finder is bound to tow it ashore and place it above the high-water line, if possible marking it in one way or another.

  6. Should I ever be so unfortunate as to drop it, the finder will be my conqueror.

  7. The range finder for the giant projector was here; its telescope with the trajectory apparatus and the firing switch were unmistakable.

  8. The range-finder and the switch were on a ledge at one of the windows.

  9. Perhaps there was a telescope finder here in the cubby.

  10. Story of the Treasure-finder who was blinded.

  11. The field of view of the finder is crossed by two pairs of hairlines, making a square of about twelve minutes on a side by their intersection at the center.

  12. Witch-finder" he calls himself in his book; only the frontispiece has "Witch Finder Generall.

  13. To these lines an early editor added the note: "The Witch-finder in Suffolk, who in the Presbyterian Times had a Commission to discover Witches.

  14. The finder sold this relic for bullion, at the price of thirteen guineas.

  15. The value of the articles discovered in mere bullion exceeded £100, and it is doubtful if the treasure-finder did not privately dispose of more before his good fortune was known.

  16. The owner of the soil only gets the value if he has ordered a servant expressly to dig for any such thing, or, of course, if he is the finder himself.

  17. The finder having accidentally lost his gun-flint, went to the spot to look for a flint to replace it, and in searching about he discovered the antique.

  18. Another measure which has secured a good many objects for the Museum is the payment of the finder as soon as possible.

  19. The finder had to give them up to the Crown without any remuneration.

  20. Nor did its finder comprehend the vast influence it was to possess, not only upon the residents of California and Nevada, but upon the travel-loving and sight-seeing portion of the population of the whole world.

  21. So a range-finder on a battleship can in a short time signal to the gun-pointer just how far away a certain hostile ship or a target may be.

  22. The target was just coming into view, and through the range-finder the distance was quickly computed.

  23. And seeing that none of them could help him, he now sought for a very clever finder of hidden things, and meeting such a one at last, he took him home.

  24. And when this had happened, the spirit finder declared: "It would seem that spirits have here found a difficult task.

  25. And now the great finder of hidden things began calling down sleep with all his might over that one remaining.

  26. Charles cast a glance back, but he could not divine Why the man on Path Finder should make him a sign, Nor why Hadrian's rider should shout, and then point, With his head nodded forward and a jerked elbow joint.

  27. He knew this finder of the cat; would speak for him as for himself.

  28. And finding no fault-finder there, he sought among those who lived outside the city, in the suburbs, at the four gates.

  29. In England such treasure belongs to the crown; whereas similar treasure found in the sea, or upon the surface of the land, belongs to the finder if no owner appears.

  30. The lucky finder was entirely willing to yield up the shell of the mussel from which the pearl had been taken, and was glad to be informed as to its weight and purity.

  31. The finder handed it around, and in course of time it reached the boy, who scrutinized it carefully.

  32. Do what he might, he could not keep the sorrow out of them, and those of the finder of the pearl met his fairly.

  33. You must report to the car finder at once.

  34. Every point seems to tally somehow to what information the car finder gave me, don't you think so?

  35. Is it possible," said Ralph to himself, "that I have at last found a clew to the missing car Zeph Dallas and that car finder are so anxious to locate?

  36. One thousand dollars I get as a special reward for the recovery of the diamonds," he said, "and more when the car finder has seen their original owner.

  37. Then the Director's finder picked him out.

  38. She had our finder on you--I couldn't push her away from it.

  39. He had not yet replaced it--absorbed, doubtless, in watching in his finder what Tarrano was doing with us.

  40. But Grille, the attendant back at the bridge, evidently had his finder on me, out of plain curiosity.

  41. The finder was a churchman--a man of the highest character and a member of a celebrated ecclesiastical family.

  42. The said finder firmly believed in the story of the Bisley Boy.

  43. To-day such a functionary as a witch-finder exists, it is true; but only amongst the very lowest and most debased savages.

  44. The witch-finder never recovered from the shock of Caule’s vigorous attack.

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