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Example sentences for "flirtations"

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flippers; flipping; flips; flirt; flirtation; flirtatious; flirted; flirting; flirts; flit
  1. Patty's flirtations were harmless, roguish affairs, and prompted by mischief and good nature.

  2. My friendship for you is worth a dozen of these silly foolery flirtations with men that I don't care two cents for.

  3. If you are very young, you are fond of dancing; if you are very profligate, perhaps you are fond of flirtations with your friend's wife.

  4. Even the flirtations were not as amusing as usual.

  5. I have been quite exercised about all your doings over here, this summer; you must have had a lively time, three or four flirtations all going on at once.

  6. A young woman is likely to engage in pleasant and harmless flirtations if her bonnet is new and of any color except black.

  7. To dream of handkerchiefs, denotes flirtations and contingent affairs.

  8. To eat them, denotes that you will engage in flirtations and other evanescent pleasures.

  9. I couldn't look a pure wife in the face and remember all the flirtations you've indulged in--that is, if they were mine.

  10. He told himself that Adele's pretty face and far too easy manner had attracted Miller's attention temporarily, and the fellow was daring to enter one of his flirtations right before his eyes.

  11. As a general rule Somali women prefer flirtations with strangers, following the well-known Arabian proverb, 'The new comer filleth the eye.

  12. This would bring a torrent of angry words, but when they met again all was forgotten and the flirtations of the day before were repeated.

  13. This simply repeats what he says in his first published letters about his flirtations at Leicester.

  14. We can only reply by remembering the "coldness" of temper to which he refers in his first letter: and his assertion that he did not understand love, and that his frequent flirtations never meant more than a desire for distraction.

  15. Now I know very well that all this sort of thing is wrong, and that a man has no business to begin flirtations if he cannot see his way to the end of them.

  16. At the same time, I hold the individual who dislikes flirtations to be a fool; and sometimes they are utterly irresistible.

  17. And think what numberless flirtations he has had!

  18. Nevertheless, a little time might do wonders; and in the meanwhile the more general he was in his flirtations the better, and she congratulated herself on her wise selection of guests.

  19. Now it was very well known that the minister's wife in her day had been a little person full of flirtations and naughtiness; and there was a good deal of significance in the tone in which the other lady spoke.

  20. She did not know that her little Katie, whose flirtations she considered of so little consequence, was holding a secret of such importance from her.

  21. Lydie was far too clever to dwell on such foolish matters as the vapid flirtations of a brainless doll, even if the object of such flirtations was the subjugation of milor.

  22. His love is like wax, ready for all impressions, and he has weathered so many flirtations already, that you need never be uneasy about him now.

  23. The childish flirtations which girls and boys sometimes indulge in often lead to evils of a most revolting character.

  24. The causes of a too early development of sexual peculiarities, as manifested in infantile flirtations and early signs of sexual passion, were dwelt upon quite fully in a previous connection, and we need not repeat them here.

  25. The upper boxes are usually given up to that division of the community partial to pink bonnets and cheeks to match; and flirtations are carried on in the most flagrant and unblushing manner.

  26. I hear of no matches, the flirtations have not yet begun.

  27. Meanwhile the flirtations which were wont to beguile this tedious hour invariably attracted much attention.

  28. The advertisements he wrote were receiving honorable mention at the office and he was having success with his poetry and his flirtations of evenings.

  29. She had a job in a candy-store, a room in a flat with the family of a delicatessen merchant; she had as many flirtations as she could carry, and an increasing waiting-list.

  30. She might have gone out and found one, as many a woman does, and might, in time, have taken her flirtations lightly.

  31. She has need of this skill; for, apparently, she and her mother have no male relations belonging to them, and if flirtations are common with the nomadic tribe, marriages are rare.

  32. As for flirtations indeed, these are always going on in hotel life.

  33. As there were often several young women to one man, most of the girls had to content themselves with the flirtations in the books, where, I dare say, the heroines were always prying the heroes' hands open.

  34. The young people are even openly gay, and the robustness of their flirtations adds sensibly to the interest of the spectator.

  35. In the interval, let me not neglect to mention, there had been other flirtations and minor affairs.

  36. Mutual congratulations, flirtations and fumigations without ceasing; for there was much lost time to be made up, and here was a golden opportunity.

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