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  1. A simple modification of the process is to wet the design with sulphuric acid, and then to sprinkle on some finely pulverised fluor spar (fluoride of calcium), by which means hydrofluoric acid is set free and attacks the glass.

  2. Pour concentrated sulphuric acid on half its weight of fluor spar, carefully separated from siliceous earth, and reduced to fine powder.

  3. With ores that produce a thick slag the addition of 5 grams of fluor spar will be an advantage.

  4. Turner's test" is a mixture of 5 parts of bisulphate of potash and 1 part of fluor spar.

  5. A wide-mouthed clay pot is taken and a little fluor spar added.

  6. A pseudomorphous crystal, as a crystal consisting of quartz, but having the cubic form of fluor spar, the fluor crystal having been changed to quartz by a process of substitution.

  7. A massive variety of fluor spar, found in Derbyshire, England, and wrought into vases and other ornamental work.

  8. That property which some transparent bodies have of producing at their surface, or within their substance, light different in color from the mass of the material, as when green crystals of fluor spar afford blue reflections.

  9. The nonmetalliferous mineral or rock material which accompanies the ores in a vein, as quartz, calcite, barite, fluor spar, etc.

  10. Fluor spar, and some other substances, when raised to a temperature still under redness, emit light.

  11. This deportment of fluor spar determined Stokes in his choice of a name for his great discovery: he called this rendering visible of the ultra-violet rays Fluorescence.

  12. This is the fluor acid which volatilises the siliceous substance.

  13. That siliceous substance may be dissolved, or rendered soluble in water, by means of alkaline salt, and that it may be also volatilised by means of the fluor acid, is almost all that we know upon the subject.

  14. I visited the noted locality of fluor spar in Pope County, Illinois, and crossing the mountainous tract called the Knobs, rejoined the party at the Saline.

  15. Petalite (a silicate of aluminum and lithium) in powder mixed with twice its weight of fluor spar is heated with strong sulphuric acid as long as acid vapours are given off.

  16. Chrystal being beaten into very fine powder, and a dram of it taken at a time helps the bloody-flux, stops the Fluor Albus, and increases milk in Nurses.

  17. Serapio saith that it being infused in wine, and the wine drank, it stays vomiting and fluxes, as also the Fluor Albus.

  18. The leaves are of a cold earthly quality, drying and binding, good for fluxes, spitting and vomiting of blood; stop the Fluor Albus and menses.

  19. Oak Leaves: Are much of the nature of the former, stay the Fluor Albus.

  20. The drawing is made with a steel point, and the glass is afterwards laid in a lead trough in which a mixture of fluor spar and sulphuric acid is placed.

  21. As fluor spar, CaF{2}, and as hydrofluoric acid, HF.

  22. At 130° fluor spar is completely decomposed by sulphuric acid.

  23. Fluor spar occurs in mineral veins and rocks, sometimes in considerable quantities.

  24. Cryolite, like fluor spar, is also insoluble in water, and gives hydrofluoric acid with sulphuric acid.

  25. A double decomposition is also easily produced by fusing fluor spar with sodium or potassium hydroxides, or potash, or even with their carbonates; the fluorine then passes over to the potassium or sodium, and the oxygen to the calcium.

  26. Hydrifluoric acid, HF, cannot be obtained from fluor spar in glass retorts, because glass is acted on by and destroys the acid.

  27. This sign of virginity is rarely observed in such as are meagre or subject to the fluor albus; and, what evidently proves it to be fallacious, is the frequency of its repetition.

  28. When sterility does not arise from any defect in external conformation, it more frequently proceeds from the women than the men; for, besides the injurious effects of the fluor albus, I conceive there is another material cause.

  29. Three years before, Margraaf had attempted an analysis of fluor spar, but had discovered nothing.

  30. This acid he obtained in solution in water; it was separated from the fluor spar by sulphuric, muriatic, nitric, and phosphoric acids.

  31. His paper on the Substances produced in different chemical processes on Fluor Spar.

  32. His paper on the Substances produced in different Chemical processes on Fluor Spar.

  33. It is almost always accompanied by sulphuret of zinc, different salts of lead, heavy spar, fluor spar, &c.

  34. When the ores are very difficult to melt, a measure of about half a hundred-weight of fluor spar is added; but this must be done with precaution, for fear of increasing the scoriae too much.

  35. Sometimes also, when the composition of the ore requires it, lime, sand, or fluor spar is added; and particularly the last fluxing article.

  36. Scratches fluor spar; affords water by calcination in a glass tube; infusible at the blow-pipe; and effervesces slightly when fused with glass of borax.

  37. The roasted and washed schlich is mixed with small coal or culm, along with a little slaked lime, or fluor spar, as a flux; each charge of ore amounts to from 15 to 24 cwt.

  38. The gangue is quartz, chlorite, tourmaline, and sometimes decomposed granite and fluor spar.

  39. They consist of carious quartz, ferriferous limestone, heavy spar, fluor spar, and sulphuret of silver.

  40. But here the ores are less refractory, have the benefit of fluor spar as a flux, and are more exhausted of their metal, being smelted upon a less sloping hearth.

  41. These experiments were made with dry sulphuric acid and fluor spar, with the intention of proving that fluor spar is truly a compound of fluorine and calcium, and not of fluoric acid and oxide of calcium.

  42. A small quantity of chlorine was set at liberty during the experiment, the author thinks, from a little manganese in the fluor spar.

  43. Dry muriatic acid gas was passed over calcined fluor spar heated to redness in a tube of platina; the fluoride of calcium was decomposed, free hydro-fluoric acid was evolved, and chloride of lime remained in the tube.

  44. The nitrous acid may be exhibited in the form of air, as well as the vitriolic, the marine, and the fluor acids.

  45. Fluor acid air is procured by dissolving the earthy substance called fluor in vitriolic acid.

  46. Fluor spar is as favorable a gangue for lead as quartz is for gold.

  47. Cassiterite goes with boron and tourmaline, topaz, fluor spar and lithia-mica; all containing fluorine.

  48. The gangue or vein-rock in which the metal is found may be calcite or calc spar, fluor spar, heavy spar or baryta, or quartz.

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