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  1. It is not exactly easy to get a regular coat of the fluorescent material, but it may be done with a little care.

  2. The preparation of calcium tungstate for fluorescent screens is very simple.

  3. The greater part of X-ray examination is conducted by photographic methods, as the image given by the rays on a dry plate or film show far more detail than can be seen by visual examination with the fluorescent screen.

  4. The chief risk is entailed by visual examination with the fluorescent screen.

  5. He'd fired directly at the fluorescent fixture that glowed in the center of the ceiling.

  6. One of the men suggested that they should photograph its feet, but before doing so they darkened the room and set us to work upon the fluorescent screen.

  7. How electrons made a fluorescent screen send out light.

  8. One grand lady placed her hand behind the fluorescent screen, whereupon we produced an image of the bones of her hand and very dark images of all the many rings upon her fingers.

  9. As the electrons on the screen produced an aether disturbance different from that which fell upon it, man called this a fluorescent screen.

  10. We lost no time in producing X-rays which could penetrate the flesh of the hand, and reach the fluorescent screen on the other side.

  11. The operator is examining the bones of the lady's hand, which she places between the X-ray tube and the fluorescent screen.

  12. An aperture B is provided in the partition, and this space is filled with a fluorescent screen.

  13. Comandon does not radio-cinematograph directly in the manner of Monsieur Carvallo, but has recourse to the fluorescent screen, thereby obtaining his results much more simply and easily.

  14. Consequently, the radiograph is projected upon the fluorescent screen and this image is then photographed by the camera.

  15. On one side of the partition A centrally in regard to the fluorescent screen, and a little distance therefrom, is placed the Crookes tube C, the subject under investigation being placed between the tube and the screen.

  16. By using this fluorescent screen the exposure is reduced to about one-tenth of what would be required were the subject radiographed direct.

  17. This is caused by fluorescent light generated in the eye itself.

  18. Long before its physical origin was understood this fluorescent light attracted attention.

  19. Over a thousand meters long and illuminated by fluorescent lighting, its cinderblock walls were wide and high enough to accommodate a standard Greek truck or two small lorries.

  20. The fluorescent lights glared down on a depressing sight--the staff disheveled and living in stark fear--one armed hood at the computer, another lounging by the doorway.

  21. Next it swung open and the fluorescent lights came on to reveal a perfect high-tech fabrication shop, with rows of precision machine tools lined up in neat rows, the floors spotless.

  22. As he did, fluorescent lights clicked on to reveal an array of radar screens and a main computer terminal.

  23. She led the way down the abandoned corridor, its lighting fluorescent and its floor covered with gray industrial carpet.

  24. The diagnosis is made by the history, and by the use of the fluorescent screen, or X-ray photographs (Figs.

  25. In difficult cases the removal of solid objects is facilitated by carrying out the manipulations in the dark room with the aid of the X-rays and the fluorescent screen.

  26. By the use of the fluorescent screen, the best positions from which to obtain a clear impression of the fracture may be determined before the radiograms are taken.

  27. Now there really were fluorescent lights, and she turned away and tried to shield her eyes.

  28. The stair had metal steps and was lit by a single fluorescent bulb.

  29. He glanced up at the fluorescent light over his head like a pitiless hovering spaceship, and wondered if this was going to be the break he had been praying for.

  30. It's the fluorescent lights," she mumbled "There's too much glare.

  31. At the moment it appeared to be entirely deserted, though the fluorescent lights bathed the space in a stark, pitiless light.

  32. They stepped off the elevator and entered a high-security area, a long hallway illuminated only with fluorescent bulbs.

  33. Next a bright fluorescent light clicked on, all by itself.

  34. He pointed with his antennae to the fluorescent hieroglyphs on the undersurface of the saucer-ship.

  35. By night a screen was used which transmitted only the ultraviolet rays, and the observer's telescope was provided with a fluorescent screen in its focal plane.

  36. A distant observer picks up the invisible ultraviolet "light" by means of a special optical device having a fluorescent screen of barium-platino-cyanide.

  37. Reflectors of a fluorescent red dye have been used with some success, but such a method reduces the luminous efficiency of the lamp considerably.

  38. A fluorescent liquid was prepared in large quantities.

  39. Fluorescent substances, such as bisulphate of quinine, can also be employed.

  40. The following is a curious and interesting experiment, based upon the peculiar property possessed by fluorescent substances of altering the refrangibility of the chemical light rays.

  41. The room itself was spacious, with a row of white bassinets along one side and subdued lighting provided by small fluorescent bulbs along the walls.

  42. The place was nearly empty and the pharmacy at the rear, with its spectral fluorescent lighting, looked like an out-take from a low-budget Wes Craven movie.

  43. The room where they kept Sarah was painted a pale, sterile blue, and made even more depressing by stark fluorescent lights.

  44. Consequently, by creating a beam of complete darkness, I bring into clear visibility the fluorescent gas that coats the airships; in other words, the airships become visible.

  45. The fluorescent screen appears at first sight to be an easy way of recognizing abnormalities.

  46. Next, after the drapes were opened again and the overhead fluorescent lights switched on, Mr. Swift painted a pattern of black-and-white stripes on a large piece of cardboard.

  47. As light from the overhead fluorescent tubes flooded the room, the boys gave laughing cries of relief.

  48. Defn: A glucoside obtained from the Æsculus hippocastanum, or horse- chestnut, and characterized by its fine blue fluorescent solutions.

  49. Defn: Esculin; -- so called in allusion to its fluorescent solutions.

  50. Defn: A beautiful fluorescent crystalline substance, intermediate in composition between thionol and thionine.

  51. Defn: A small instrument containing a minute particle of a radium compound mounted in front of a fluorescent screen and viewed with magnifying lenses.

  52. Defn: Examination of an object, as the human body, by exposing it to the X rays and observing the shadow cast upon a fluorescent screen; cryptoscopy.

  53. The light emitted by fluorescent substances is in general of lower refrangibility than the incident light.

  54. It is capable of passing through many bodies opaque to light, and producing photographic and fluorescent effects by which means pictures showing the internal structure of opaque objects are made, called radiographs, or sciagraphs.

  55. Röntgen rays are noted for their penetration of many opaque substances, as wood and flesh, their action on photographic plates, and their fluorescent effects.

  56. First the eyes rested upon a broad band of fluorescent amethyst, ringing the entire rocky wall.

  57. It stabbed up from the shadows across the valley at the foot of the opposite crater wall, a beam of vaguely fluorescent light.

  58. The fluorescent tubes lighted with their lurid glare; they painted purple the body of the giant duty man who lay sprawled at my feet.

  59. In the silence and dim, lurid glow of the fluorescent tubes, we stood holding our breaths, peering and listening.

  60. It may be remarked that this collection includes the eighteen hundred or more fluorescent salts made by Edison during his experimental search for the best material for a fluoroscope in the initial X-ray period.

  61. In other words, the retina acts as a fluorescent screen.

  62. It was speedily seen that the absorption of the layer of air three feet thick could not be detected either by photographs or the fluorescent screen.

  63. The passage of the dark mass down the long neck of the bird could be traced on the fluorescent screen, and the peculiarities of its motion in the gullet could be studied.

  64. The use of the fluorescent screen, too, has been greatly extended.

  65. Besides the photographic, the phosphorescent, and fluorescent effects, there are still more singular properties of these rays.

  66. Examination of an object, as the human body, by exposing it to the X rays and observing the shadow cast upon a fluorescent screen; cryptoscopy.

  67. All of the cabin lights were off except for the fluorescent glow of the instruments.

  68. There maybe could be a box of instruments there with fluorescent dials.

  69. In order to find other fluorescent substances he set four men to work and thus collected upward of eight thousand different crystals of various chemical combinations, of which about eighteen hundred would fluoresce to the X-ray.

  70. He also invented a new lamp for giving light by means of these fluorescent crystals fused to the inside of the glass.

  71. It may be remarked that this collection includes the eighteen hundred or more fluorescent salts made by Edison during his experiments for the best material for a fluoroscope in the early X-ray period.

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