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fricassees; fricht; friction; frictional; frictionless; fridaie; fride; frie; fried; friend
  1. These Frictions have more than double the friction surface of the older styles, and give considerably more power and are proving the most efficient Frictions ever invented.

  2. Restored by frictions and warmth, he had no recollection of anything connected with his situation beside the dream above recorded.

  3. If the whole body be chilled, frictions of the surface with stimulating lotions are of benefit, wrapping the person in woollen or fur coverings or garments afterward.

  4. Frictions dry and alcoholic, hot bathing, friction with hot water, kneading of the affected parts, will be found beneficial and pleasant.

  5. During convalescence he was treated with iron, strychnia, and preparations of cinchona, and by cold douches and frictions to the paralyzed arm.

  6. Before that event there is reason to believe that the cold bath is preferable, or, still better, frictions of the whole body with cold water, or even with ice, after which the patient should be wrapped in dry and warm blankets.

  7. In the event of inability to procure ice, douches of cold water, followed by frictions with coarse towels, may be substituted.

  8. For the latter purpose it is preferable to the frictions with flannel or with stimulating liniments which are generally employed.

  9. Frictions are applied to patient in the bath, and he is wrapped in blankets when taken out to avoid danger of chill, and then given a warm drink or stimulant.

  10. These ends may be best attained by the daily employment of stimulating baths and frictions upon the surface.

  11. If the Swooning seems likely to continue, the Patient must be put into a well heated Bed, which has before been perfumed with burning Sugar and Cinnamon; the Frictions of the whole Body with hot Flanels being still continued.

  12. Frictions are also useful in these Cases.

  13. Mr. Townshend then repeated some frictions which increased my sleep, yet I was always conscious of what was passing around me.

  14. He then asked me if I wished to become lucid, at the same time continuing, as I felt, the frictions from the face to the arms.

  15. Byarus and others approve frictions of the outward parts, and to bathe them with warm water.

  16. Frictions of the head and outward parts, sacculi of henbane, wormwood at his pillow, &c.

  17. Dominique ceased his frictions for a moment and smote his forehead, as if a sudden thought had risen to his brain.

  18. And, laying the gourd by his side, he recommenced his frictions with renewed ardour.

  19. The painting of a rubefacient solution of iodine occasionally on the swelling is also useful, and preferable to frictions with iodine ointment.

  20. Frictions with all kinds of oils and compound liniments, plasters, ointments, &c.

  21. Cold applications are of little or no service at any period of the disease, and frictions with mercury and camphor had better be dispensed with.

  22. When swelling exists without pain, considerable advantage may be derived from frictions and liniments of various kinds, with careful bandaging.

  23. Some practitioners have used mercurial frictions along the spine, or on other parts of the surface; while others administer stimulants, and enemata with tobacco and turpentine.

  24. When the skin is rather cool and dry, an affusion of cold water and frictions with the bare hands should be used, and the patient packed afterwards in a dry blanket, to assist in producing a reaction.

  25. These frictions may be repeated twice a day for the first two days.

  26. Colder water is only applicable before the appearance of the eruption, which may be favored by frictions with bare hands dipped in it.

  27. Of course the white world's internal frictions have been legion, and at certain times these frictions have become so acute that white men have been led to disregard or even to deny their fundamental unity.

  28. Treatment: Artificial respirations, cold douche, frictions with stimulating substances to the surface of the body.

  29. They saw the need of blocking intra-race frictions in order to maintain our inter-race supremacy.

  30. It led to the disrupting American Revolution, to the Canadian Rebellion of 1837, and to frictions less in importance only because they were more promptly remedied.

  31. Inter-Pan-Angle frictions in the past have been numerous, the American Revolution being merely the most disastrous.

  32. As long as the seven nations remain in real or hazily defined independence of each other frictions are bound to arise.

  33. These frictions may grow from the competitions of commerce.

  34. Interference even when actuated by the best of motives leads, as Pan-Angles have repeatedly experienced, to disastrous frictions and ruptures.

  35. If we are to preserve our civilization and its benefits to our individual citizens, we must avoid frictions among ourselves and take a united stand before the world.

  36. Nor is it alone in the realms of legislation and administration where partisan politics may be factors that such frictions arise.

  37. To-day's inter-Pan-Angle frictions are the inevitable results of the international conflicts of local national policies.

  38. The above are purgative and vermifuge, applied as frictions to the abdomen.

  39. Employed in frictions on the abdomen in cases of worms in children.

  40. Stimulant and rubefacient frictions and liniments, the vapour bath, and other like remedies, also frequently prove useful.

  41. Used in frictions on the abdomen as a hydragogue purgative, in mania, dropsy, &c.

  42. The French soldiers had soon constituted themselves nurses, performing frictions and other offices the Italians feared, and saving many.

  43. Stimulating frictions were applied to all, but in neither case with any salutary effect.

  44. Blisters and frictions to the spine are also serviceable.

  45. Castor oil and turpentine is a good purge: where the malady depends upon costiveness, purges of aloes should be administered in connexion with warm enemata, stimulating frictions along the spine, and hot baths.

  46. As a consecutive treatment, he prescribes frictions with alum, laurel berries, and aristolochia.

  47. This affection is to be combated with internal remedies and local treatment (frictions with medicated powders; application of an ointment of very complicated preparation).

  48. The cure varies according to whether the malady be of recent or of old date; it consists in the use of internal remedies (pills, potions), or of frictions on the part where the pain is situated.

  49. This malady is to be treated by means of draughts, pills, mouth washes, and frictions of various kinds.

  50. Both of the above have been recommended as frictions in obstinate cutaneous affections, and in rheumatism of the joints.

  51. Mixed with 2 or 3 times its weight of orris powder, it has been used in frictions on the tongue and gums, and an ointment made with 1 gr.

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