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Example sentences for "fringing"

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frinds; fringe; fringed; fringes; fringilline; fringy; fripperies; frippery; frisch; frise
  1. Along the channel that leads by the pretty island, we steamed at full speed; and as we swept beyond its groves, the twinkling lamps of Pesth suddenly came into view, fringing the bank of the river with a lace-work of artificial light.

  2. For a moment she rushed madly around in a half circle, then crashed headlong into the cliff, gave one violent shudder, and slowly sank to a fringing reef about two fathoms down.

  3. At sight of this trail, so startlingly fresh, the man crouched instantly back into the fringing bush, half lifting his rifle, and peering with vigilant eyes into the heart of every covert.

  4. Off to the left, some hundred yards or so away, ran a line of round-topped dike, with a few stiff mullein stalks fringing its crest.

  5. The worn gray rocks and fringing grass grew nearer, and the details began to separate themselves to his fierce little eyes.

  6. It stands upon a high part of the alluvial flat fringing the river, and which extends from half to one mile from it on either side.

  7. We landed in a small sandy bay at the western end of a growth of mangroves, fringing the shore behind the islands.

  8. The brook dwindled to a rivulet, the fringing willows were smaller and met above the stream.

  9. It was a picturesque crowd massed on the dock and fringing the river bank.

  10. Fleshy roots, pithy branchlets, and milky, or sometimes caustic or watery juice, belong to the sumachs, which are oftenest seen as roadside thickets or fringing the borders of woods.

  11. It grows at high altitudes, fringing upland meadows, watered by glaciers, with groves of the most exquisite beauty.

  12. The Indian village of Stadacona was here when Cartier found it, a cluster of wigwams fringing the shore in front of the bold cliff, its people bearing allegiance to the Montaignais chief, Donnacona.

  13. Off to the northeast stretches the long glistening streak of Lake Champlain, low-lying, the telescope disclosing the sails of the vessels like specks upon its bosom, and the Vermont villages fringing the farther shore.

  14. The courier's face, a clean-cut mask of brown cunning, grinned at them from the fringing tamarack.

  15. Marshy beaver meadows, fringing the Bay, hedged the timber line, spreading across to Mooswa ridge and giving no solid footing except what was afforded by a dam traversing the black water.

  16. Barrier reefs may be regarded as fringing reefs on a large scale.

  17. Coral formations may be classed as fringing or shore reefs, barrier reefs and atolls.

  18. Fringing reefs are platforms of coral rock extending no great distance from the shores of a continent or island.

  19. At first the coral growth would form a fringing reef clinging to its shores.

  20. The outer edge of a barrier reef is much farther from the shore than that of a fringing reef, and the channel between it and the land is much deeper.

  21. This curious grass-like fern may be frequently seen fringing the stems of the trees in the scrubs of tropical Queensland, in which situation the fronds are usually very long.

  22. The dark selvage of casuarinas fringing its bank.

  23. She raised herself and guided her horse along the trail, bright eyes restlessly scanning ground and fringing underbrush.

  24. The flying coals flew in every direction, streaming like shooting-stars across the fringing darkness.

  25. The teal knew that his only chance of escape from this long-winged pursuer was to reach the water, plunge beneath it, and swim for some hiding-place under the fringing weeds.

  26. He watched while the man urged his horse deep into the fringing timber.

  27. From the windows of the hotel I looked out upon tall drooping willows, fringing the blue water; and sometimes at sunset saw a wonderful display of crimson and gold behind grim purple mountains towards the head of the lake.

  28. Most of these dialects are found fringing the coast-line of China, and penetrating but a comparatively short way into the interior.

  29. Beholding them in their native haunts, adorning the rugged cliffs, gracefully fringing the water-courses, or waving their stately fronds on the borders of woodlands, he feels their call to a closer acquaintance.

  30. Illustration: "Fringing the stream at every turn, Swung low the waving fronds of fern.

  31. Every now and again we came to villages, each of which was situated on a heap of clay and sandy soil, presumably the end of a spit of land running out into the mangrove swamp fringing the river.

  32. But, fringing the rivers, there is always a hedge of younger mangroves whose lower branches get immersed.

  33. Below, and beyond this is a denser band of high forest, and again below this stretches the vast mangrove-swamp fringing the estuary of the Cameroons, Mungo, and Bimbia rivers.

  34. However that is the path you have got to go by, if you're not wise enough to stop at home; the little bay of shrub overgrown swamp fringing the river on one side and on the other running up to the mountain side.

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