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Example sentences for "garbs"

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  1. All the cleaning these garbs get is a little brushing with soap and water, and when it gets discolored, it is dyed to its original color.

  2. We are allowed two garbs at a time, but a sister wears one nearly all the time until it is worn out.

  3. One of these garbs I had for twelve years, and when I discarded it, there was only a small piece of the original left.

  4. Galvano Lancia supplemented him in a tunic of deep red, with black hose and leather belt and pouch, and the other nobles were all attired in garbs suitable for travel.

  5. Strange, half-formed impressions of the new life he was about to enter upon, haunted him; strange forms in monkish garbs seemed to pass him in the gloom of the night and vanish silently as ghosts.

  6. The distorted faces and the garbs of the victims of this mass-execution left little to the mere surmise, regarding the nature of their crime.

  7. The enslavement of Italy and the invasion of foreigners could be read in the garbs of the Romans.

  8. The garbs were of orthodox Brotherhoods which had been most bitter in their denunciation.

  9. Vows cannot alter nature; neither can monkish garbs nor years; and it is knowledge of this which makes every woman willing to last sacrifices for the gift; it is power to her, vulgarizing accessories like wealth, coronets and thrones.

  10. The garbs in the arms of Comyn, which figure as a quartering in so many Scottish coats, are really of cummin, as presumably are the garbs in the arms of Cummins.

  11. Garbs naturally figure, therefore, in the arms of many families who originally held land by feudal tenure under the Earls of Chester, e.

  12. In all cases some Royal connection can be traced which has caused the Royal Arms of England to be conjoined with the earlier devices of fish, ships, or garbs which had been employed by the towns in question.

  13. It did not seem to occur to these worthies that the Earl of Chester, who was their ancestor's uncle, never bore the garbs in his arms, but a wolf's head.

  14. Garbs therefrom became identified with the Earldom of Chester, and subsequently "Azure, three garbs or" became and still remain the territorial or possibly the sovereign coat of that earldom.

  15. And let us make for men new garbs of justice, mercy, righteousness and love, that they may hide their nakedness when shines the light of coming day.

  16. When men array themselves in showy garbs to indicate that they are servants of the gods, and strut about like gaudy birds to be admired by men, because of piety or any other thing, the Holy One must surely turn away in sheer disgust.

  17. The crimson garbs of the officiating priests showed like huge stains of blood against the dark-veined marble.

  18. Both wore long monkish garbs and were muffled from head to toe.

  19. We blow in without a falter For most every thing in sight, From the dawn of Monday morning Till the dark of Sunday night; And we dinner on the dainties, Robe in garbs of gorgeous hue, But it's all another story When the bills came due.

  20. A thousand garbs she wears: a thousand ways 490 She whirls her giddy empire.

  21. A thousand garbs she wears; a thousand ways She wheels her giddy empire.

  22. Round a long oval table in the great hall sat a score or more of belated revellers, their Patrician garbs in disorder, and soiled with wine, their faces inflamed, their eyes red and fiery, their tongues heavy and beyond the bounds of control.

  23. The invasion of foreigners and the enslavement of Italy could be read in the garbs of the Romans.

  24. The young ones and I brought these swan garbs up here.

  25. Rich silks and costly stuffs, mixed with garbs of various-coloured serge, with jerkins and caps of steel, caught the eye.

  26. I have a way of complimenting better, To win thy love with comely garbs and looks.

  27. Nature twists you both together And makes thy soul two garbs confess, Both petticoat and breeches dress.

  28. The new-comers were dressed in the garbs of every nation under the sun.

  29. The presence of the men of all colors and of strange garbs was still a mystery to the Vicar-General; but at last he saw among them a bent old priest with a long beard and a crucifix in his girdle.

  30. Gules; a balance between three garbs or; on a chief, a hand supporting the balance, &c.

  31. Gules; on a chevron argent between three pair of barley garbs in saltire or, three tuns sable, hooped of the third.

  32. But the most interesting of all the garbs of convention, because the most supremely personal, is the bridal costume, dedicated primarily to white, and permitted to enjoy the distinctions of silver or lace decoration.

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