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Example sentences for "genteelly"

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gent; gente; genteel; genteeler; genteelest; genteely; gentem; gentes; genti; gentian
  1. The first was genteelly dressed, and his general appearance was superior to that of his companions.

  2. His own appearance, as to clothes, was genteelly neat and plain.

  3. He seemed early sensible of human weakness in this respect; he brought a person genteelly dressed to every assembly.

  4. Learn to seat genteelly in different companies; to loll genteelly, and with good manners, in those companies where you are authorized to be free, and to sit up respectfully where the same freedom is not allowable.

  5. There were beside two gentlemen in the coach, genteelly dressed; and they all appeared to know each other.

  6. Mr. Micawber, genteelly adjusting his chin in his cravat, presently proceeded with his composition.

  7. Miss Trotwood was good enough to mention that she had a nephew who was her peculiar care, and for whom she was seeking to provide genteelly in life.

  8. So that in a word, expecting a plain diet, coarse lodging, and mean clothes, we were brought up as mannerly and as genteelly as if we had been at the dancing-school.

  9. We were very Genteelly entertained here in the Court House.

  10. I then had him genteelly laid out, and decently dressed with some of his clean and best things; had a coffin made the best the place could produce.

  11. He was genteelly dressed in black, and perfect composure marked his countenance and manner.

  12. John Chivery, in his best clothes, with his tall hat under his arm, his ivory-handled cane genteelly embarrassing his deportment, and a bundle of cigars in his hand!

  13. The ring-leaders in the mutiny were two scoundrels, Christian and Young, who had great influence with the crew, because they were genteelly connected.

  14. At this moment Jenkinson and the gaoler's two servants entered, hauling in a tall man very genteelly dressed.

  15. Worst of all, the gentlemen who had managed everything and subscribed by hundreds very genteelly forgot to pay, and it was all left at my master's door.

  16. This he had adapted from the prospectus of a correspondence school, which had come to him through the mail, very genteelly worded.

  17. Of the other I could only say, that he was plainly, but genteelly dressed, and was considerably advanced in years.

  18. The old lady might be seen of a morning, with iron pattens on her feet and her clothes tucked up, mopping the floor of the shop; but in the afternoon much more genteelly attired in silks of an ancient fashion.

  19. Mr Smiles, the shop-walker in Rose and Storey's general drapery mart, discussed it genteelly with the ladies who sat before the counter on the high wicker-seated chairs.

  20. The ringleaders in the mutiny were two scoundrels, Christian and Young, who had great influence with the crew, because they were genteelly connected.

  21. The spot is still called locally Louse, or more genteelly Slough, Lane.

  22. The fellows in the smock frocks threw off their disguises, and proved to be two genteelly dressed waiters from one of the inns.

  23. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "genteelly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    decently; gracefully; properly; quietly; simply; tastefully