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Example sentences for "gored"

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gooth; goots; gopher; gophers; gore; gores; gorge; gorged; gorgeous; gorgeously
  1. If some fierce beast have gored him, he must needs Speak with a strange voice.

  2. He gored it with his tusks, he trampled it with his feet, he got it round the neck with his trunk, dragging nearly the whole bulk of it out of the water.

  3. An old bull had just been driven out from a neighboring herd, deposed from his lordship and hideously gored by a younger and stronger rival.

  4. One hunter, whose pony had stepped into a badger-hole and fallen with him, was gored and trampled by a wounded bull.

  5. Besides, it is not long since one bullock nearly gored the cowherd to death.

  6. He also gored Sidsel a great hole in her arm just lately: you remember the girl with her eyebrows grown together?

  7. Whether it has gored a son or has gored a daughter, according to this judgment it shall be done to him.

  8. Shortly after, he was found by his companions lying bathed in blood, being gored in several places; and the bison was couched beside him, apparently waiting to renew the attack, had he shown any signs of life.

  9. They can inflict terrible blows, both with their hoofs and antlers; and hunters who have come too near them on such occasions have with difficulty escaped being gored to death.

  10. I hed seed them mattydoors fling thur red cloaks over a bull's head, jest when you'd a thort they wur a-gwine to be gored to pieces on the fierce critter's horns.

  11. The utmost agility and vigilance was needed on their part to escape being gored by the horns of their adversary, and to seize his ear before he ripped up their sides.

  12. The hounds were again gored to death, and the Emperor shouted anew, "Loose three.

  13. The bulls turned upon him and gored and trampled him to death.

  14. But once the cattle got him down he would be gored and trampled to death.

  15. He was quite dead, and had been not only gored but had been trampled hundreds of times.

  16. Two years ago the people demanded a change and horses were gored in the style of Spain's best brutality.

  17. Another matador, Padilla, was gored in the throat by the fifth bull and for a time it was thought that he was injured mortally.

  18. Shortly afterwards he was found by his companions, lying bathed in his blood, being gored in several places, and the Bison was couched beside him, apparently waiting to renew the attack, had he shown any signs of life.

  19. Equally Semitic is the overthrown Northerner on the other side of this well-known monument which we are describing; he is being trampled under the hoofs and gored by the horns of a bull, who, like the hawk, symbolizes the king.

  20. But if a bull had already gored a man, and, although it was known to be vicious, the owner had not blunted its horns or shut it up, in the event of its goring and killing a free man, he had to pay half a mana of silver.

  21. In a flash the animal charged and gored him in the neck.

  22. Of the three matadores, Serenito, a hulking fellow whose place seemed last of all in the bullring, was gored across the loins by his first bull and forced to abandon his task and fee to the sobresaliente.

  23. Moreno lay half buried under his dead horse, in more than imminent danger of being gored to death by the bull raging above him.

  24. He would have been gored to pieces before our eyes, had not the herdsmen and some other good fighters, drawn away the beast with their cloaks.

  25. Made fiercer by the wound, he instantly attacked the next pikeman, whose horse, less obedient to the rider, was so deeply gored in the chest that he fell dead on the spot.

  26. At last the hart, driven to desperation, stood at bay, and gored the king's horse as he came up in such a manner that it reared and threw its rider.

  27. They do not kill the bull, nor are any horses gored to death; for the horns of the animal are tipped with large wooden balls.

  28. But it is a sickening sight; and, after you have seen one or two poor old horses gored to death by the bull, you will not care to have any more of it.

  29. But the audience applauded heartily, and appeared to be satisfied now that a horse had been gored so terribly.

  30. Buffalo cows rarely, if ever, turn on the assailant, but bulls oftentimes will, and are so dangerous that many a fine hunter has been gored and killed, as well as his horse.

  31. She struck where the white and fleecy waves Looked soft as carded wool, But the cruel rocks, they gored her side Like the horns of an angry bull.

  32. When she is gored or in great danger she bawls also, but that is different.

  33. She never bullied or gored her mates, but literally ruled them with the breath of her nostrils.

  34. One horse was gored by a bull and killed on the spot: two other horses fell over it and were disabled.

  35. At length a bull gored one of the dogs; his head got entangled in the harness, and he went off at a gallop, carrying the dog on his horns, the other suspended by the traces, and the sled and child whirling behind him.

  36. Instead of three, you may have a plain five or seven gored skirt.

  37. Why is the five-gored pattern a good one for the petticoat?

  38. Then the center front will be placed on a lengthwise fold, and there will be two gores each side of the front for the five gored skirt, and three each side of the front for the seven gored.

  39. It was a couple of hundred yards up to where we had made our sudden turn, and there in the trampled and broken brush patch we found the two pack horses, frightfully gored and trampled, both dead.

  40. Mink Woman had led them by a single, strong rawhide rope, and the buffaloes striking it had dragged them, gored them, knocked them off their feet.

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