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  1. Fifty grammes of the soap are dissolved in water and 20 c.

  2. The "saponification equivalent" is the amount of fat or oil in grammes saponified by 1 equivalent or 56.

  3. From 10 to 15 grammes of the fat are dissolved in petroleum ether with frequent stirring, and passed through a tared filter paper.

  4. The best method is to incinerate 5 grammes of the soap in a platinum dish, dissolve the residue in water, boil and filter, making the volume of filtrate up to 250 c.

  5. Total alkali is estimated by dissolving 2 grammes in distilled water, and titrating when cold, with N/1 acid, using methyl orange as indicator.

  6. The amount of the boric acid radicle may be determined by incinerating 5-10 grammes of soap, extracting with hot dilute acid, filtering, neutralising this solution to methyl orange, and boiling to expel carbon dioxide.

  7. About 2 grammes of the sample are dissolved in 50 c.

  8. From 2-3 grammes are heated for thirty minutes in a crucible over a gas flame, and weighed when cold, the loss in weight representing the moisture.

  9. The oil saponifies readily on being heated with potash in presence of alcohol, and the amount required to convert it entirely into potash soap was 211 grammes of caustic potash per thousand grammes of oil.

  10. It was thus found that 100 grammes of the oil require 0.

  11. By the method indicated, it was found that 100 grammes of oil required 0.

  12. Pour into 12 litre flask the two hundred grammes of chloride of lime and five litres of ordinary water, shake vigorously for a few minutes and leave in contact for six to twelve hours, one night for example.

  13. Two grammes per 100 of dry powder of crystallised chromic chloride, CrCl3.

  14. Sixty grammes of phenolsulphonic acid were partly neutralised with 100 c.

  15. He then carefully filtered the liquid, dissolved in it about fifty grammes of sugar to the litre, and added to it some chalk.

  16. There is not the same objection to concentrated solutions of boric acid, which, at the ordinary temperature, contain from thirty to forty grammes of acid to one litre of water.

  17. For the Syrian districts Darius had a special large silver coin of about 28 grammes struck, in addition to the royal currency.

  18. We found that it contained less than two grammes, so that 198 grammes (4.

  19. In these experiments we employed the following weights of yeast, expressed in grammes (1 gramme=15.

  20. This was the maximum amount of oxygen, supposing the greatest possible quantity to have been absorbed, that was required by the yeast formed in the fermentation of 150 grammes (4.

  21. The following are the results of our experiment; 5 grammes of yeast caused the fermentation of 12.

  22. The soluble portion of a like quantity of 5 grammes of the same yeast caused the fermentation of 10 grammes of sugar in nine days, after which the yeast developed by the sowing was likewise exhausted.

  23. These consist of two varieties, the first being 10 grammes of extract of male fern, the second a mixture of 8 grammes each of raspberry juice and castor oil.

  24. Grammes and cubic centimetres may be employed, instead of grains and grain-measures; but for convenience 1/10th of the numbers should be taken.

  25. Grammes and cubic centimetres may be employed instead of grains and grain-measures, but for convenience 1/10th of the numbers should be taken.

  26. The fluid contains in 100 grammes the soluble portion of about .

  27. Faisst and Knauss, who have re-examined the subject, the following are the results when 15 grammes of oil are mixed with 5 grammes of the acid: Rise of Temperature.

  28. Pills weighing 2 grammes rolled in lycopodium, the essential ingredients of which are quinine sulphate, gamboge, jalap, resin, and a little rhubarb.

  29. The doctor's directions for use are to mix 30 grammes of the extract with the castor oil and raspberry compound, and 30 drops of the mixture to be taken every quarter of an hour, until purging occurs.

  30. If twelve grammes of amorphous carbon be burnt to carbon dioxide under constant volume, the heat evolved (96.

  31. A standard sodium hydrate solution can be prepared by dissolving 42 grammes of sodium hydrate, making up to a litre, and diluting until one cubic centimetre is exactly equivalent to one cubic centimetre of the sulphuric acid.

  32. Pure sodium carbonate is prepared by igniting the bicarbonate, and exactly 53 grammes are dissolved in water, forming a strictly normal solution.

  33. In general analytical work the standard solution contains the equivalent weight of the substance in grammes dissolved in a litre of water.

  34. This gave no perceptible flame (70 grammes of roburite was the charge in these experiments).

  35. The charge was 105 grammes (nearly 4 oz), and it brought down large quantities of stone.

  36. The first shot had a charge of 90 grammes (one-fifth of a pound) placed in a hole drilled to a depth of about 4 ft.

  37. The charge was 65 grammes of roburite, which brought down a large quantity of coal, not at all too small in size.

  38. Therefore a hole was bored into a strong wall of coal, and a charge of 45 grammes inserted, and very slightly tamped, with the view of producing a flame if such were possible.

  39. Mix in a clean wooden tub twenty litres peroxyd of hydrogen (Koenigswaeter & Ebell) with four hundred and fifty grammes ammonia 20 deg.

  40. The bleached feathers are carefully removed from the bleaching bath and laid down, for an hour and a half, in a cold bath of one hundred litres water containing one hundred grammes sulphuric acid 66 deg.

  41. Solution of caustic soda of 120 grammes Na H O, in a litre; 3.

  42. It is best to use for this purpose a urine glass marked in grammes and containing two litres, in which the urine of twenty-four hours is to be collected.

  43. Hoppe-Seyler, after having eaten 225 grammes of sugar, could find no trace of it in his urine.

  44. Of the collected quantity of twenty-four hours, about 200 grammes should be poured into a small phial, well corked, and used for analysis.

  45. Four grammes of Seignette salts are dissolved in 100 cubic centimetres of soda lye of the sp.

  46. Each prisoner receives 42-1/2 grammes of cigarettes and two boxes of matches every week; two lbs.

  47. As soon as a steady state is reached, the difference of temperature between the outflow and inflow thermometers, multiplied by the current of water in grammes per minute gives the heat per minute supplied by combustion.

  48. Bianchi found in thirty grammes (four hundred and sixty-seven grains) from the Adriatic, six thousand of these shells.

  49. Orbigny found in three grammes (forty-six grains troy) of sand from the Antilles, four hundred and forty thousand shells of Foraminifera.

  50. No mineral water, if we except that of the Salt Lake of Utah, is so largely impregnated with saline substances; the quantity of bromide of magnesia is 0ยท35 grammes to the litre.

  51. Allinson's experiment on a wheatmeal dietary, it will not do to assume that less than 82 grammes of proteid would have been insufficient.

  52. That of the London sewing girl contained 53 grammes of proteid, which should have been ample, according to some of the authorities we have given; yet she was badly nourished.

  53. The inference drawn from the research is that about 26 grammes of proteid per day was sufficient.

  54. In the succeeding example the calories are considerably higher, being not far from the usual standard, yet 54 grammes of proteid sufficed.

  55. The daily average in grammes was, proteid 44.

  56. The following table gives three standard dietaries, and a few actual ones, in grammes per day.

  57. Alexander Haig considers that 88 grammes of proteid is required by a man leading a decidedly active life.

  58. Twenty grammes of bacon daily, a dish of rice on Sunday, a dish of beans on Thursday, eatable bread; what would you ask more?

  59. The American Board of Relief distributed provisions similar to those we had enjoyed in Morny--250 grammes of bread a day, a little rice, dry vegetables, from time to time a bit of bacon.

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