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  1. He turned to his soldiers, and gave orders that the granaries of Egypt should be opened for their suffering foes.

  2. Whatever was stored in granaries or hoarded in chambers, to answer the hopes of the avaricious husbandman, or the covetousness of the miser, all was deserted, or bartered for military equipments.

  3. And they took away the sickness, and filled the granaries with rice, and increased the chickens, the pigs, and the children.

  4. He was a wealthy man, possessing four rice granaries and a very large house; but he was not a priest.

  5. The inclosures 76 to 78, extending to the cave roof, are more like granaries for the storage of corn.

  6. She could hear the continuous clatter of carts on the quay, and the voices of the men working in the great granaries across the river.

  7. Although it was dusk, the granaries were still at work.

  8. Private granaries were generally in pairs (see fig.

  9. The maltster does not always keep in his granaries a stock of malt, which it will require a longer time to dispose of than the stock of beer and ale which the brewer frequently keeps in his cellars.

  10. There was much to be done in way of building sheds, granaries and corn-cribs and in this work father was both carpenter and stone-mason.

  11. Both regions have a vast sweep of monotonous tundras at the north and both become fertile granaries in the center.

  12. South of the great granaries of North America and Eurasia the plains are broken, but occur again in the Orinoco region of South America and the Sahara of Africa.

  13. In favorable years they gathered large quantities of acorns, which formed their principal food, and stored them for winter use in granaries raised above the ground.

  14. A gateway of tangled boughs led into the inclosure, while in one part of the village were the curious woven wickerwork granaries in which the community store of kaffir corn is kept.

  15. In time of siege the holders of this cave, with granaries filled and with herds of cattle and lakes of water, could hold the place for ever.

  16. The most noteworthy feature of his era was the establishment of State granaries in great numbers, a proof that the Imperial power found large extension throughout the provinces.

  17. Besides this, taxes of wine and grain, especially first fruits, were levied upon communities, and stored in granaries attached to the temples.

  18. She opened her granaries and the gifts of the lovers she had not loved went to relieve the hungry she pitied.

  19. The thing is reduced to a cruel mockery when stores and granaries are over-gorged, while people clamor in vain for clothing and food, and drop dead within reach of these prime elements of warmth and sustentation.

  20. What does it avail us that our stores and granaries are overstocked, if the people are unable to buy?

  21. Thus John, ere yet his pontificate was a year old, had succeeded in creating a new heresy--that which held it unlawful for Franciscans to wear flowing gowns or to have granaries and cellars.

  22. Spiritual Franciscans, and how Michele da Cesena enforced obedience within the Order as to the question of granaries and cellars and the wearing of short and narrow gowns.

  23. Many of the natives had put in their granaries what would have tided them over an ordinary season, but the prolonged drought led them to want.

  24. Later these were replaced by larger and better buildings and these early rude structures were used for granaries and storehouses.

  25. They fertilized the soil, let it recover from exhaustion by lying fallow, irrigated by means of canals, surrounded the fields by adobe walls and aloe hedges, and built granaries in which to store the harvests.

  26. When the traveller has visited the Cathedral and the granaries he has seen all the lions--not very formidable lions, truly--of the place.

  27. The grain is brought by the peasants from great distances, and stored in large granaries by the merchants, who send it to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

  28. Within the park, the most densely populated area was along Salt Canyon and its tributaries in the Needles district, but many prehistoric dwellings and granaries are also found just south of the park in Beef Basin and Ruin Park.

  29. And thus the once flourishing merchant and Mayor and what not stood as a day-labourer in the barns and granaries he formerly had owned.

  30. Henchard went down Corn Street till he came to Farfrae's house, where he knocked, and left a message that he would be glad to see his employer at the granaries as soon as he conveniently could come there.

  31. On other sides of the yard were wooden granaries on stone staddles, to which access was given by Flemish ladders, and a store-house several floors high.

  32. When his granaries were full to choking all the weather-cocks of Casterbridge creaked and set their faces in another direction, as if tired of the south-west.

  33. The Roman Port insensibly swelled to the size of an episcopal city, [90] where the corn of Africa was deposited in spacious granaries for the use of the capital.

  34. After collecting a store of half-burnt corn from the ravaged granaries of the Illinois, the whole party began to ascend the river, and on the sixth of January reached the junction of the Kankakee with the northern branch.

  35. This fact accounts for the great barn-like granaries which occupied much of the plot near the high road.

  36. At the eastern end of the property a cottage and part of the granaries were converted into a small house of an attractively individual character, for which I think tenants have hitherto been easily found among personal friends.

  37. His zeal for the emperor was at the cost of the Alexandrians, and to save the public granaries he lessened the supply of grain which the citizens looked for as a right.

  38. When, during the famine, the public granaries seemed unable to supply the whole city with food, even the humane Germanicus ordered that the Jews, like the Egyptians, should have no share of the gift.

  39. The grain was brought from the Nile by barges on a canal to the village of Chaereum, and thence to a part of Alexandria named Phialæ, or The Basins, where the public granaries stood.

  40. At the same time it became necessary to fortify the public granaries against the rebellious mob.

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