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Example sentences for "harpsichord"

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  1. Was it the same harpsichord that you showed me?

  2. It was the harpsichord which Alice Pyncheon had brought with her from beyond the sea.

  3. Maria Theresa's son, afterward the Emperor Joseph, also sang well, and played both the harpsichord and the violoncello.

  4. Capellmeister Roser, who happened to be with him, went to the harpsichord and played and sang the song, which appeared greatly to cheer Mozart.

  5. If its tone approaches that given by the finger as nearly only as the harpsichord does that of the harp, it will be very valuable.

  6. It is placed on the floor, and the harpsichord or other piano-forte is set over it, the foot acting in concert on that, while the fingers play on this.

  7. They play on the harpsichord and sing together admirable; and Theo composes, and sings songs of her own.

  8. I step up to the harpsichord with old Miss Humby (our neighbour from Beccles) and try and listen as she warbles her ancient ditties.

  9. Hetty jumped for joy, and Theo performed some uncommonly brilliant operations upon the harpsichord that night; and when Dr.

  10. Lady Maria rose from the harpsichord and walked away.

  11. I am sure I hated the harpsichord when a chit at Kensington School, and only learned it to please my mamma.

  12. This morning, was not Maria playing the harpsichord whilst my Fanny taught him the minuet?

  13. She often gently remonstrated with me for putting her harpsichord out of tune by playing the bells upon it; but I was never in a serious scrape with her except once.

  14. What a stride from that harpsichord to one of Broadwood's last grand-pianos!

  15. She will begin Spanish in a few days, and has lately begun the harpsichord and drawing.

  16. Your sister does not hesitate to prefer it to any harpsichord she ever saw except her own; and it is easy to see it is only the celestini which retains that preference.

  17. Mind your Spanish and your harpsichord well, and think often and always of, yours affectionately, TH.

  18. However, the archicembalo was probably not the first instrument of the harpsichord kind which contained an enharmonic arrangement of intervals.

  19. John Bull, another English musician of some reputation, was a virtuoso on the harpsichord and organ.

  20. This is a kind of harpsichord with four rows of keys, made after the invention of Nicolo Vicentino, and described in his work "L'Antica Musica ridotta alla moderna prattica.

  21. Harpsichord with two keyboards, six stops, and two pedals.

  22. Most of our great composers were pianists, harpsichord players, or organists.

  23. This harpsichord has six stops and two pedals, and is provided with a Venetian swell.

  24. A Kirkman harpsichord stood near the fireplace, scattered with loose sheets of music from the newest opera and oratorio.

  25. In the harpsichord the strings were set in vibration by points of quill or hard leather.

  26. He began his career by practicing Scarlatti's harpsichord sonatas; he lived to be acquainted with the finest piano-forte works of all time.

  27. It is not a matter of wonder that the lovers of the harpsichord and clavichord did not take kindly to the piano-forte at first.

  28. A young man is seated at the harpsichord playing the accompaniment of a song from the manuscript before him.

  29. Mattheson had written an opera called 'Cleopatra,' in which he himself took the part of Antony, and it had been his custom after the death of this character to take his place at the harpsichord and conduct the rest of the opera.

  30. It is hardly to be wondered at that the people of Berlin should have regarded as a prodigy a child of eleven who was capable of composing music for Church services, as well as of playing the organ and harpsichord in a masterly fashion.

  31. Empress Maria Theresa (of whom we have already heard in our story of Haydn), had from an early age shown a fondness and talent for music; whilst the Emperor Joseph not only sang well, but played the harpsichord and violoncello.

  32. Some time before the period at which our story has arrived, Haydn had been engaged to teach the harpsichord to the two daughters of a wig-maker named Keller.

  33. All this was deliciously lighted up by the rays of the sinking sun, which penetrated into the room, sparkling on the steel ornaments of the harpsichord and the gold beading of the picture-frames.

  34. That if he wished for a harpsichord he must hire it, and that as to pencils, he could get them at the shop at the corner of the Rue de Clery.

  35. Opposite the window was an open harpsichord between two music stands, some crayon drawings, framed in black wood with a gold bead, were hung on the walls, which were covered with a Persian paper.

  36. The principal airs were sung throughout the land, and published as harpsichord pieces; for in these halcyon days of our composers the whole atmosphere of the land was full of the flavor and color of Handel.

  37. At the representation of Arsinoe and the other earliest operas, he played the harpsichord and Haym the violoncello.

  38. She was thrown sideways, staggering; and while she staggered, saw the great flagstones of the terrace raise themselves on end, as notes of a harpsichord when the fingers withdraw their pressure.

  39. So too the harpsichord held music, though Miss Quiney's touch upon it was formal and lifeless.

  40. Though, however, a harpsichord stood in the dining-room, as yet no music had issued from the lodge.

  41. Doubtless he recalled with amusement his boyish attempts to portray a storm at sea on the harpsichord in the days of Kurz-Bernardon!

  42. The spinet and virginal differed from the harpsichord only as to shape; and in England, virginal was the general term for spinet and harpsichord.

  43. The strings of the dulcimer were played upon by hammers held in the hand; the clavichord strings were mechanically pressed up; those of the harpsichord were plucked by quills; whereas the pianoforte is supplied with hammer-action.

  44. In combination with these, lutes, guitars, organs, the clavichord and the harpsichord were still employed.

  45. Only the violoncello was as yet subservient, and the harpsichord was still retained.

  46. The clavichord was derived from the monochord, the harpsichord from the psaltery, the pianoforte from the dulcimer.

  47. Despite this fact, both the clavichord and the harpsichord continued to hold their own beyond the boundaries of that century.

  48. Or, to put it the other way, Mozart's scoring for the string band made further employment of the harpsichord superfluous.

  49. Finally, at this period the harpsichord was fortunately losing its fallacious value as a musical component of the orchestra, being retained rather as a means for conducting.

  50. The harpsichord which he bought for Nellie Custis is still at Mount Vernon.

  51. Madam de Broglie complimented me upon my work, and going to her harpsichord proved to me she had already given it some attention.

  52. But, one day, when a harpsichord player was wanted, he allowed himself to be persuaded to take his place, and showed himself a man, when no one but I expected it.

  53. On his disappearing, the person who before had played the second harpsichord demanded the first.

  54. On what reasons Handel grounded his claim to the first harpsichord I do not understand.

  55. On the 20th of October, Mattheson brought out his fifth, or sixth opera, called Cleopatra, on which occasion Handel played the harpsichord under the direction of the former.

  56. Sometime previously Haydn had been engaged to give lessons on the harpsichord to two daughters of a wig-maker named Keller.

  57. Pretending to test his musicianship, Buononcini composed a very difficult piece for the harpsichord and asked him to play it at sight.

  58. Frederick Zachau, organist of the cathedral at Halle, was the teacher chosen to instruct the boy on the organ, harpsichord and violin.

  59. In his comfortable Weimar home the musician had the quiet and leisure that he needed to perfect his art on all sides, not only in composition but in organ and harpsichord playing.

  60. Numerous compositions for the harpsichord belong to this period, among them the air and variations known as "The Harmonious Blacksmith.

  61. On the harpsichord were several pieces of music, one of which, though apparently simple, was really very difficult.

  62. Here she lived apart from all the household, and with no companion save that old harpsichord which startled the stillness sometimes late in the evening, accompanying a contralto voice of exceptional power even in its decay.

  63. The central portion of the room was occupied by the finest harpsichord of modern manufacture, and by a choice collection of older instruments of the same type, from the primitive dulcimer to the more developed spinet.

  64. Mademoiselle touched the harpsichord exquisitely, with a light airy style which harmonised perfectly with that old French music she mostly affected.

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