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Example sentences for "helices"

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heled; helfen; heliacal; heliacally; helical; helicoidal; helicopter; helicopters; helio; heliocentric
  1. As she spun the "Albatross" was carried along by the spout, which pirouetted along the waves with a speed enough to make the helices jealous.

  2. And the screws--the Saint Helices that had been thrown in his teeth at the Weldon Institute--had sufficed for all the needs of his flying machine.

  3. At a second gesture from Robur the suspensory helices revolved at a speed that can only be compared to that of a siren in acoustical experiments.

  4. And soon the fury of the storm reached such a height that Robur thought it best to reduce the speed of her helices as much as possible, so as to avoid disaster.

  5. In this way twelve helices were "superposed, each containing an average length of wire of twenty-seven feet, and all in the same direction.

  6. One of these helices was connected with a galvanometer and the other with a battery of a hundred pairs of plates four inches square, with double coppers and well charged.

  7. By both helices and magnets Faraday caused the plane of polarisation in perfectly neutral liquids and solids to rotate.

  8. Pasteur invoked the aid of helices and magnets, with a view to rendering crystals dissymmetrical at the moment of their formation.

  9. In other words, the sections of helices of the solenoid produce an accelerated motion of the projectile by acting successively on it, after a principle involved in the construction of electro-magnetic rock drills and dispatch tubes.

  10. I am not at this moment aware that there is any quantity of this wire anywhere else, except it may be in the helices of the big magnets which I have at Poughkeepsie.

  11. The capital thus shows its true profile, the helices upon front and back, and upon the subordinate sides rolls of their thickness.

  12. With all this diversity the land shells or helices may always be distinguished from their salt or fresh-water relatives.

  13. In this a number of compound helices were placed on the same bar, their ends left projecting, and so numbered that they could be all united into one long helix, or variously combined in sets of lesser length.

  14. The two helices are all snarled together, and at certain times our coil of time intersects her coil.

  15. I had my own idea about what the helices signified, but that was unimportant beside the fact that we were now able to predict at what times in the future the helices would coincide.

  16. There were two helices all right, as an explanation of how Pheola could be right and then wrong.

  17. The perfect condition of the large fragile helices (Helix vermiculata) afforded satisfactory evidence, says Dr.

  18. Brush armature, and between them are fixed as many wooden wedges, m m, by which the helices are firmly held in their place.

  19. Those watching saw the three helices begin to spin round, the centre one revolving in an opposite direction to the other two, with a soft whirring sound that gradually rose to a high-pitched note.

  20. These helices on the masts will lift the dead weight of the ship perpendicularly without the slightest help from the side-planes, which are used to regulate the vessel's flight when afloat.

  21. The helices on both axles are so connected that, when energized, they induce magnetic lines of force that flow in the same direction through the magnetic circuit.

  22. You will notice that each axle of the motor car is wound with a helix of insulated wire, the helices in the present instance being divided to permit the attachment to the axles of the motor connections.

  23. In the model before you, the helices are fixed firmly to, and revolve with, the axles, the connections being maintained by brushes bearing upon contact rings at each end of the helices.

  24. The experiments with the flat helices represent one of the simplest cases of the induction of electrical currents (1720.

  25. The galvanometer was immediately affected, and to a degree far beyond what has been described when with a battery of tenfold power helices without iron were used (10.

  26. I arranged two magneto-electric helices with iron cores end to end, but with an interval of an inch and three quarters between them, in which interval was placed the end or pole of a bar magnet.

  27. Four of the helices had their similar ends bound together by wire, and the two general terminations thus produced connected with the small magnetising helix containing an unmagnetised needle (13.

  28. The helices were connected together, and also with a galvanometer, so that these two currents should coincide in direction, and tend by their joint force to deflect the needle of the instrument.

  29. The two helices i and ii, made into one helix of twofold length of wire, produced a greater effect than either i or ii alone.

  30. The other four helices were similarly arranged, but their ends connected with a Leyden jar.

  31. These helices may be distinguished by the numbers i and ii.

  32. The introduction of plates of shell-lac, sulphur, or copper into the intervals between the magnet and these helices (1713.

  33. You see," Artie explained, while I was torching them to order from plate metal, "the helices will provide lift as the cones revolve.

  34. The connection between the helices and the auxiliary brush or brushes may be made by a wire of small resistance, or a resistance may be interposed (R, Fig.

  35. In the first case the current through the field-helices will be partly neutralized and the magnetism of the field magnets will be diminished.

  36. The field helices may be wound in the same direction, or a part may be wound in opposite directions.

  37. The main circuit D extends from the brushes a and b, as usual, and contains the helices M of the field wire and the electric lamps or other working devices.

  38. Instead of shunting the whole of the field helices, a portion only of such helices may be shunted, as shown in Figs.

  39. The field helices may be connected, as shown in Fig.

  40. With a view to proving this experimentally, Faraday constructed three flat helices and placed them parallel to each other a convenient distance apart.

  41. The pitch of the helices of each tooth is very elongated, and reaches about 7.

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