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Example sentences for "historiography"

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historien; historiens; histories; historiographer; historiographers; historique; historiques; historische; historischen; historiske
  1. This philological study of ancient Japan owed much, in its early stage, to the stimulus given by the growth of historiography in the seventeenth century.

  2. It is not, therefore, on account of the publication of the history, but of the researches themselves and their by-products, that the historiography of the Mito school greatly influenced the rise of the nationalistic spirit of the Japanese.

  3. It is only in the writings of the most primitively prejudiced of those German historians who eliminate ethics from historiography that the "God" factor is latterly emphasized in ostensibly expert historiography.

  4. This has been regarded as a proof that Q belongs to an older stage of development of Hebrew historiography than JE.

  5. The transition was next made to the writing of prose history with the aid of legal documents and family reminiscences; a large portion of this early historiography has been preserved to us in the Books of Judges, Samuel, and Kings.

  6. Moreover the traditions of pragmatical historiography had by no means disappeared.

  7. But historiography cannot permanently evade the questions raised by these theories.

  8. The judgments passed on him vary greatly: the official Chinese historiography rejects him entirely--naturally, for he tried to exterminate Confucianism, while every later historian was himself a Confucian.

  9. Some, such as that by Hume, entitled The Spanish people, display excellent attributes, but these are accompanied by omissions to which modern historiography can no longer consent.

  10. Historiography received a great impulse in the 6th century.

  11. The outstripping of the Latin West by the Greek East, which after the close of the 4th century was a self-evident fact, is reflected in historiography also.

  12. He made use of European sources, and with him Arabic historiography may be said to cease, though he had some unimportant successors.

  13. At about the end of the eighteenth century historiography underwent a profound change due primarily to three influences: 1.

  14. There is one general token by which, in spite of its apparent insignificance, we can at once recognise with tolerable certainty the whole distinctive character of Hebrew historiography in relation to a special science of history.

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