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Example sentences for "hiving"

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hive; hived; hiven; hiver; hives; hizieron; hizo; hizzie; hleborn; hlen
  1. They will just be hiving hame frae the conventicle.

  2. I doubted not that it was from him that the original information had come, which, being carried to the enemy by Birsay and overheard by me in the house of Balmaghie, had sent us all hiving to the mountains.

  3. This is a fruit, that I should not ask for a rash effect from meditations, counsels, and the hiving of truths.

  4. This surely is an odd way of hiving truths.

  5. When this stage of swarming is reached the bee-keeper has but to take his hiving skep, hold it under the swarm, and shake the bees into it, preparatory to transferring them into a frame-hive already prepared for their reception.

  6. The first time old Deacon Gibson, a local preacher, had been hiving a swarm of bees when Nicodemus arrived on the scene.

  7. Nicodemus had failed to assist in hiving that swarm.

  8. He could also, indeed, tame wasps and hornets, with almost the same ease as he could Bees, and an instance is mentioned of his hiving a nest of hornets which hung at the top of the inside of a high barn.

  9. They require attention only when swarming, and hiving a swarm is interesting rather than troublesome.

  10. In fact I feel that if I had been stung while hiving these bees there would be more ginger in this article.

  11. Some put on boxes at the time of hiving the bees.

  12. Two were lost, the other was followed to a tree, half a mile off; I assisted in cutting the tree, and hiving them.

  13. The hiving ought not to be delayed, especially with a hot sun, or the bees would soon again take wing, perhaps for a long flight, and be hopelessly lost.

  14. He partly suspected the reason of John Grimbal's offer of work, and the possibility of sudden temptation provoking from him utterance of words best left unsaid could not be ignored after his former experience at the hiving of the swarm.

  15. Clement feared nothing, but he had seen few face a hiving without some distrust.

  16. It should allow of the easy hiving of a swarm, without injuring any of the bees, or risking the destruction of the queen.

  17. Old method of hiving should be abandoned, 166.

  18. In large Apiaries managed on the swarming plan, where a number of swarms come out on the same day, and there is constant danger of their mixing,[16] the speedy hiving of swarms is an object of great importance.

  19. Before leaving this subject, I will add to the directions for hiving already given, a method which I have practiced with good success.

  20. When small trees, or limbs fastened into the ground, are placed near the hives, and there are no large trees near, there will seldom be found any difficulty in hiving swarms.

  21. A very large number of persons who keep bees, or who wish to keep them, are so much afraid of them that they object entirely even to natural swarming, because they are in danger of being stung in the process of hiving the bees.

  22. If, however, an old queen is removed a short time after hiving the swarm, she will not be able to distinguish her own hive from any other, and will thus show that she has not left it, since the swarm was hived.

  23. In hiving swarms, and transferring stocks, care must be taken to prevent the bees from getting mixed with those of other colonies.

  24. When the bees cluster again on the tree, the process of hiving must be repeated.

  25. These hives are admirably protected, and at the time of hiving at least four times the number of bees are lodged in them, that are ordinarily put into one of our hives.

  26. I can see him now, with his high stove-pipe hat, and his gnarled, wrinkled visage, which he shrouded in a green veil when hiving a swarm.

  27. Hiving bees was the old fellow's hobby and pride, and he dived into his cottage, smashing his clay pipe on the way, with the haste of an attacked soldier seizing his weapons.

  28. I therefore, recommend letting the bees into the drawers at the time of hiving them, in all cases, except when the swarms are small, then the rule should be strictly adhered to.

  29. The hive containing the old Queen may swarm for want of room; but, at any rate, in performing the operation, it has saved the trouble of hiving one swarm, and prevented all danger of their flight to the woods.

  30. Well, as I was saying, the meanness of these mothers in hiving up their young ones and cheating 'em out of the very best years of life, is enough to make a saint mad.

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