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Example sentences for "hollowly"

Lexicographically close words:
hollow; hollowe; hollowed; hollower; hollowing; hollowness; hollows; holluschickie; holly; hollyhock
  1. The captain's footsteps died hollowly away on the turf and Dolph settled himself comfortably in his chosen ambush, almost within reach of Jim's hand.

  2. The floor echoed hollowly under their quick tread.

  3. Once, in the forest, an overburdened pine dropped its load of snow, and the echoes reverberated hollowly down the gorge; but neither stirred.

  4. A stray wild-fowl honked somewhere to seaward, and the surf broke limply and hollowly on the sand.

  5. His steps rang hollowly as he came out into the hall below and called up to her: "Daughter, are you asleep?

  6. The echoes of the report had not ceased to roll hollowly through the Tower before the door flew wide again, and the Vicomte reappeared, his eyes glittering, his weapon shaking in his excitement.

  7. The tramp of their feet, inaudible on the soil, rumbled hollowly as they mounted the bridge, which creaked beneath them.

  8. He hollowly laughed, and thus explained the wonder.

  9. At last Lansa spoke, his voice coming hollowly from the shadows of his hood.

  10. The two prisoners were carried down, and the door dropped hollowly into place above them.

  11. The river had spread from side to side of the constricted valley, and the crash of the ice it brought down rang hollowly from rock to rock until it was lost high up amidst the climbing pines.

  12. Alton said nothing further, and when his steps rang hollowly down the stairway the girl sat down and sighed.

  13. A long time afterward, when Kenelm was standing beside his window looking out into the starless dark, Felicia's special knock sounded hollowly at his door.

  14. They could hear his footsteps sound hollowly in the back rooms, and shafts of dusky light, preceded by hammerings and thumpings, began presently to band the inside of the house.

  15. He resolved to sound the floor, and see whether any secret entrance existed; and hollowly and dully did the hard flagging return the stroke of his heel as he pursued his scrutiny.

  16. He paced the tomb like one distracted; he stamped upon the iron plate; he smote with his hands upon the door; he shouted, and the vault hollowly echoed his lamentations.

  17. Hearken to me," said he, hollowly whispering in his grandsire's ears.

  18. Their tread sounded hollowly on the flagged floor; no other sound was heard.

  19. Whilst I, the only murmur in this grove Of death, thus hollowly break forth.

  20. I groaned audibly as I traversed the streets, and it seemed as if the pavements groaned hollowly in answer beneath my hurrying footsteps.

  21. With the stern strength of desperation I stood above the grave, and heard the heavy clod ring hollowly upon the coffin.

  22. Yeigh," replied Jem, his voice coming hoarsely and hollowly up like the accents of a ghost.

  23. The storm had wellnigh ceased, the thunder rolled hollowly at intervals, and a flash of lightning now and then licked the walls.

  24. Their footsteps echoed hollowly overhead, and more than once, deceived by the sound, Alizon turned to see if any one was behind them.

  25. The procession moved slowly along,--the passing-bell tolling each minute, and a muffled drum sounding hollowly at intervals.

  26. Sally," he said at last, and coughed hollowly into the receiver.

  27. His broken-hearted gulps echoed hollowly down the shaft.

  28. They poised an instant at that, lurched clumsily against the stove and sent it toppling from its legs while the pipe sections rattled hollowly down about them, and a cloud of soot rose to fill their eyes.

  29. It's time," he said aloud, his voice reverberating hollowly in the place.

  30. It was gathering towards dark when the rain and lightning began to abate, and the sullen thunder drew away into the distance, echoing hollowly along the furthest horizons.

  31. And as if for welcome, a gleam of lightning danced at the window, illumining us there, and a crackling peal of thunder rolled hollowly off over the roof-tops of the square.

  32. And I cried hollowly out of my concealment, "Adam, what have you there?

  33. The younger generation of men announced that they had applied for front seats at the telling, while many of the older generation of men joked hollowly about the conversion of Alice.

  34. Kumuhana pressed his hand to his chest and coughed hollowly at intervals, bidding for encouragement; but in the end, of himself, spoke out.

  35. It is not yet time," replied the gipsy in a low tone, that sounded still more hollowly from the mask.

  36. I loved you, as I now abhor you," was hollowly murmured from beneath the pillows.

  37. No sign that he was aware came from the busied boy, though he coughed again, hollowly now--a proof that he was an artist.

  38. The echo of that laugh resounded hollowly in the dismal place and must have notified the supreme master of this underground world that his domain had been invaded.

  39. Even the weird laughter of Eva's stricken father, echoing hollowly through the house, seemed to be mocking their efforts.

  40. We crossed this place, my heel taps echoing hollowly and before a curtained door took pause.

  41. My footsteps echoed hollowly from wall to wall of the overhanging buildings, as I approached the door giving access to the courtyard from which a stair communicated with the studio above.

  42. There were drums that throbbed in steady unison, that echoed hollowly along resounding walls, that approached in loudly increasing cadence.

  43. Only an echo, sounding hollowly from below, replied to break the vast silence.

  44. He had been gone five minutes before the first shot sounded, and quite ten before the last rang out dully, and was echoed and re-echoed hollowly by the jungle trees.

  45. He cried out hollowly to see his brothers blind and helpless.

  46. Here every word they said came hollowly back in echo.

  47. A startled bird flew up on beating wings, and far and near the Jack-Alls were hollowly barking one to another in their hunting-bands.

  48. He waited on and on, tossing on his mat, springing up to listen, hearing now some forest beast tread hollowly overhead, and now a distant cry as if of fear or anguish.

  49. And as he listened Thimble shuffled from foot to foot, his heart uneasy, to hear her cry so hollowly the beauty of that Rose.

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