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Example sentences for "hollowed"

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  1. At the head and centre of the vast amphitheatre, and at the foot of one of its enormous rocks, there is a cavern of proportional size, hollowed out by the hand of nature.

  2. These hollowed mountains dazzle us with the lustre of their marble circles, on which are engraved figures that point out, by the position of their hands, the part of the body which each fountain is proper to cure.

  3. Venice alone remained faithful to flat decoration with hollowed or merely darkened outline in the cameo-like medallions of classical scenes painted on groundwork whose design was borrowed from the gorgeous stuffs of the East.

  4. This block, mounted on pasteboard or wood, will form a die with which the design can be hollowed out of the leather by pressure in a copying-press, and the result subsequently perfected by cutting or modelling.

  5. The camp above is an admirable typical example of the Norseman fortress, consisting of a tump, hollowed out in the middle, that sustained a wooden superstructure; and a base-court.

  6. On a height is the camp of Dzillon near Kerimard, circular with a tump hollowed out within, certainly a Norseman burh.

  7. We passed a great flat rock, whereon were strange markings and a hollowed basin, which stood behind the menhir near the cliff, and to this the path led, but not beyond, from the glen.

  8. The last are exactly similar to the chunkey stones so abundant in the States, except that none of them have concave or hollowed faces, and they are used in the same way.

  9. Lying above the skull, in contact with it but supported by the ashes on both sides, was half of a large mortar hollowed on both sides.

  10. The bar on which the parent salmon had hollowed their round gravel nest was far up the Great South Branch of the Quahdavic, not many miles from the little cold spring lake that was its source.

  11. Its base was hollowed into a series of low caves, where masses of softer rock had been eaten out from beneath a slanting stratum of more enduring material.

  12. The poor are driven to a "Kondukwe," a yard of plantain leaf, hollowed with a wire, and charged at the thicker end.

  13. With tears in their eyes the trappers hollowed out a grave for the lone refugee.

  14. Here they built another hut, passed the winter in peace, and in March, 1813, started down the river in canoes which they had made from hollowed stumps of trees.

  15. They paddle along the rivers and lake in canoes hollowed out of the trunks of single trees; take fish in nets made of a weed which abounds on the banks; and kill hippopotami with harpoons attached to ropes.

  16. From them they ran tunnels into deep caves hollowed out far under the ground.

  17. There are likewise arrow-heads with transverse or hollowed edges in the form of the fruit of the maple (Turks and Tunguses of Siberia, Negroes of the Congo).

  18. A little channel is thus hollowed out of the log, and in the end the operator succeeds in obtaining incandescent particles of pulverised wood, which gather at the bottom of the channel.

  19. Twirling the stick rapidly between the hands in both directions, a little hole is hollowed and the dust of the wood which gathers around the point becomes incandescent.

  20. According to the Dingwall records knowledge of "future events in reference especialle to lyfe and death" was obtained by performing a ceremony in connection with the hollowed stone.

  21. A pestle or stone was used to pound grain in hollowed slabs or rocks before the mechanical mill was invented.

  22. In some hollowed stones Highland parents immersed children suspected of being changelings.

  23. Another had the remains of an outrigger attached to it: beside another, which had been partly hollowed by fire, lay two planks that appear to have been wash-boards like those on a Sussex dug-out.

  24. This piece of furniture was hollowed out, crescent-wise, at the base, and partially concealed a carved oaken door, which had evidently in former times been the means of communication with an adjoining apartment.

  25. They rowed in small boats, which were made of a single tree stem, hollowed out, and could just carry a man each.

  26. Small boats are often hollowed out of a single tree-stem, and may notwithstanding, thanks to the size which some of the pines attain in those regions, be very roomy, and of a very beautiful shape.

  27. The hollowed line permits protuberances, details of ornamentation that soften and harmonize with the line of the ensemble.

  28. After this Rodin skilfully altered these features; he gave them the scars of the interior effort, he made them soft and hollowed them, he made them old and grave.

  29. We were also constantly meeting canoes, generally hollowed out of tree-trunks, and larger boats of a more solid construction.

  30. All over that region quaintly-shaped rocks were also to be found, some like small cubic or rectangular boxes, others not unlike inkstands, others in hollowed cylinders or spheres.

  31. The same jagged cliffs surrounded the smaller islet with an even steeper rampart, which itself was hollowed out underneath like the hoop of a crown.

  32. He had brought them to the very end of the crypt, in the darkest shadow, where the lantern showed them a recess hollowed at the foot of the wall and plunging into the rocks in a downward direction.

  33. Cut off the top of each roll; pick out the crumb carefully, and set the hollowed rolls, with their tops, in a slow oven to dry to crispness.

  34. Set the tomatoes you have hollowed out in a pudding-dish.

  35. Put a great spoonful of mince in the hollowed centre of each; enclose by folding the rice upon it; roll each in flour; then in raw egg; lastly in pounded cracker, and fry to a fine yellow brown.

  36. I have forgotten what else was interesting, except that we were shown a stone coffin, recently dug up, in which was hollowed a place for the head of the corpse.

  37. These steps were much hollowed by the feet of those who had come to the well; and they reach beneath the water, which is very high.

  38. The houses in the village were hollowed out underground, and the walls only raised three or four feet, and then covered by a flat roof, formed of beaten clay, where the inhabitants spent much of their time.

  39. They are cut length-wise down the middle, and hollowed out, in the fashion of a box.

  40. Under the Eleventh Dynasty, the mummy-case is frequently but a hollowed tree-trunk, roughly sculptured outside, with a head at one end and feet at the other.

  41. Her head is well lifted above the water, and her outstretched arms support a duck, the body of which is hollowed out, while the wings, being movable, serve as a cover.

  42. A third, hollowed out of the body of an energetic little hedgehog, is of a changeable green (fig.

  43. A little case at Gizeh is carved in the shape of a couchant calf, the body being hollowed out, and the head and back forming a removable lid.

  44. She came out of the buvette to serve some workmen, and Archie stopped dead in the act of swirling a cobalt-laden brush round and round in the hollowed yellow soap he held.

  45. The houses, still half closed, appeared all but deserted; the aged negresses, staring after us under their hollowed palms, looked as if they had stood there forever.

  46. To keep their canoe afloat the poor, naked Ogula oarsmen, shivering with cold and fear, baled furiously with their hands, or bowls of hollowed wood, and called back to Alan to save them as though he were the master of the elements.

  47. At this evening hour, for a little while, the level rays of the setting sun poured straight up the huge, water-hollowed kloof.

  48. There were some rocks hollowed out, in a fantastic way, as if the hollows had been formed by some softer matter having been enclosed in the rock and having gradually disappeared, and also a perfect cast of a large tibia bone.

  49. We found on the ground a very curious large hollowed stone like a big mortar, which seemed very ancient.

  50. Stones reduced by nature into queer shapes, hollowed for instance by the action of sand or water, perfectly spherical, or strikingly coloured were favourite offerings.

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