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Example sentences for "hoodwinked"

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hoodlums; hoodoo; hoodooed; hoods; hoodwink; hoodwinking; hoof; hoofbeats; hoofed; hoofmarks
  1. There lying in a box partially covered was a sculptured figure of a Digger Indian, which some enterprising mortal must have buried, unearthed, and sold to the hoodwinked man, for genuine petrified aboriginal meat.

  2. But the spider has hoodwinked even the wise heads in many other ways, and even to-day is an unsolved mystery to many of us.

  3. Strange it never occurred to me, when I saw him waiting upon her, that she was Mona Montague, and they must have had a quiet laugh by themselves over having so thoroughly hoodwinked us.

  4. Whittington is not the only one of Walpole's men who has hoodwinked us the while he filled his pockets.

  5. The man hoodwinked his sentries, climbed his two walls, crossed the unfriendly streets, and took refuge in a cellar, where he was discovered.

  6. Blind Bell A game formerly common in Berwickshire, in which all the players were hoodwinked except the person who was called the Bell.

  7. He carried a bell, which he rung, still endeavouring to keep out of the way of his hoodwinked partners in the game.

  8. It may therefore be conjectured that the person who was hoodwinked assumed the appearance of a goat, stag, or cow by putting on the skin of one of those animals.

  9. The loyal colonists had also been trifled with and hoodwinked by the Honourable Mr Schreiner and his traitor gang.

  10. And having thus hoodwinked my beloved with a bouncer, I proceeded to extract the Bible from its shelf.

  11. But, I repeat, it was unwillingly that we adopted this incognito, which moreover hoodwinked nobody.

  12. The French people have permitted themselves to be hoodwinked in the most outrageous manner.

  13. Young Gaylord was too smart for him; he hoodwinked him as well as the Colonel into believing the bonds were stolen while he was out of the house.

  14. How Radnor had got drawn into the muddle of the ha'nt, I could not fathom; but I suspected that Mose had hoodwinked him as he had the rest of us.

  15. Am I, then, a person to be hoodwinked by the first big-bosomed huzzy that elects to waggle her fat shoulders and to grant an assignation in a forest expressly designed for stabbings?

  16. The authorities were furious at the failure of their schemes, and the clever fashion in which Wright had hoodwinked them.

  17. The serpent, with the age-long wisdom of its kind, was not to be hoodwinked in this simple manner.

  18. But the huge brute, which was now hardly a dozen feet away, was not going to be hoodwinked in this manner.

  19. I don't like the thought of those simple, unsophisticated people being hoodwinked by a scoundrel.

  20. If he were not so infatuated on the subject of his cousin's merits, I thought scornfully, I should be no more sanguine about my success; but Miss Darrell had hoodwinked him completely.

  21. The editor had now presented a complete case before the women of America as to the character of the Paris-designed fashions and the manner in which women were being hoodwinked in buying imitations.

  22. I should have liked to see the fellow chuckling to himself as he thought how cleverly he had hoodwinked you.

  23. Why are they so easily hoodwinked into imagining that the elaborate reports detailing the immense and growing wealth of the country represent their own well-being and affluence?

  24. If he thinks he has hoodwinked everyone there will be a better opportunity of discovering him.

  25. Am I, then, a person to be hoodwinked by the first big-bosomed huzzy that elects to waggle her fat shoulders and to grant an assignation in a forest expressively designed for stabbings?

  26. It is by putting on their style that he has hoodwinked them.

  27. We can trust to your being led out, hoodwinked as you were brought, to maintain our secret.

  28. There is, of course, no danger of his arrest, but nevertheless the eyes of the police are upon him, and he will not believe it, any more than be will believe he is being hoodwinked by the Foreign Minister.

  29. But, my dear woman, don't you see how you've been hoodwinked by this man Johnson?

  30. Does anyone pretend that they were hoodwinked any more than Ledru Rollin was hoodwinked, or the minority, which, roused by his vigorous speech, voted against the grant?

  31. He had been tricked and hoodwinked so often, that he would not yield one iota of the advantage which he had contrived to gain.

  32. He had been tricked and hoodwinked more often than he cared to remember, and he knew that his superior officers would never blame him for following up a clue, even if thereby he was somewhat overstepping his powers.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hoodwinked" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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