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  1. The house is surrounded by a lustrous lawn and a garden of flowers and foliage plants, and behind it is a series of large hothouses in which he is raising orchids and early fruits and vegetables.

  2. Phoebe had a good deal of opportunity for these observations, for as soon as her stream of information was exhausted, Rashe jumped up and insisted on conducting the guests round the hothouses and pleasure-grounds.

  3. They are aware that in greenhouses and hothouses these insects are a trouble to gardeners, and that they probably injure flowering or fruit-bearing plants in such situations.

  4. In England they are less troublesome in the open air, though in greenhouses and hothouses they abound; but, in places under glass, every gardener ought to be able to get rid of them without difficulty.

  5. In hothouses and greenhouses all sorts of plants are liable to attack.

  6. There we have one of Nature's hothouses on an immense scale, with a luxuriance of vegetation that is not surpassed in any part of the known world.

  7. These insignificant little yellow flowers attract scant notice from human observers accustomed to associate their generic name with some particularly beautiful relatives from the West Indies grown in hothouses here.

  8. Many charming ruellias from the tropics adorn hothouses and window gardens in winter; but so far north as the New Jersey pine barrens, and westward where killing frosts occur, this perennial proves to be perfectly hardy.

  9. How many of us ever pause to test the sensitiveness of this exquisite foliage that borders the roadsides, and in appearance is almost identical with the South American sensitive plant's, so commonly cultivated in hothouses here?

  10. The notion that his hothouses and gardens had furnished the flower-sellers of Nice with materials for their myriads of bouquets, irritated him disproportionately.

  11. A careful estimate puts the area of industrial hothouses in England at about 1200 acres, but it is probably much more than this.

  12. Mr. Tate, however, still devoted the hothouses and greenhouses to the raising of curious and rare exotics.

  13. It will at once strike the reader as desirable that specimens of cinchonas should be cultivated in hothouses under the influence of the electric light, in addition to that of the sun.

  14. There are also three hothouses for the growth of tropical and Cape plants.

  15. I immediately proceeded to the nursery garden of Mr. Calvert, where I found an extensive range of hothouses rapidly falling into a state of dilapidation for want of paint and other repairs.

  16. There are several small hothouses for the growth of Cape and tropical plants, which are also cultivated for sale; but the space of ground is much too limited, as well as confined by houses to do justice to a collection of hardy species.

  17. The hothouses are rather in a decayed state; but M.

  18. The hothouses are in five divisions, and contain an extensive collection of Ferns and Graminea; many of the stove plants were in a very luxuriant state, and looked very healthy.

  19. The hothouses allotted for the growth of exotics and Cape plants are about five hundred feet in length, with a range of pits nearly four hundred feet long for the low and half-hardy species.

  20. There are numerous other hothouses on different elevations well stocked with healthy plants, one of which is devoted to Succulentae, where I observed several fine specimens of Cacteae.

  21. In this establishment there are several very good hothouses for plants.

  22. I next proceeded to the Brussells Botanic Garden, which contains the most ornamental range of hothouses that I have seen, and some noble specimens of palms.

  23. The extent of hothouses for the growth of exotic and Cape plants, is rather limited, and did not seem to be more than about two hundred and fifty feet in length.

  24. What but the Poinsettia, paltry scions of which, like the Dracaena, adorn our hothouses and dinner-tables.

  25. Up it, and down again, a climbing fern {133d} which is often seen in hothouses has tangled its finely-cut fronds.

  26. The hothouses had been almost emptied of their choicest treasures in order to fill jardinières and vases for all the rooms.

  27. The chief gardener, with a temporary indifference to his own interests, had stripped his hothouses for the decoration of the rooms, and great vases of exotics made the atmosphere odorous, and contrasted pleasantly with the wintry fires.

  28. Fruit from the Court hothouses and flowers from the Court conservatories were on the table.

  29. Then he said: "Why, Pauline, with gardens and hothouses full of flowers, have you chosen a broken one?

  30. It is very gorgeously furnished, and the hothouses and conservatories are not much, if any, inferior to Chatsworth.

  31. He has a pretty cottage and hothouses four or five miles from the city; and his family resides partly there and at the hotel.

  32. The concentration of bloom in Northern hothouses deceives people.

  33. He might have the hothouses to put in order, too; he might have implements, plants, shrubs, even some of the newer books to consult.

  34. The old Markis used to walk round the hothouses an' gardens talking to him by the hour.

  35. As those grown in the hothouses are superior in flavor to those shipped from Florida and from the West Indies, and as they command good prices, great quantities are grown in this way.

  36. In discussing the subject assigned me, I will only speak of hotbeds and hothouses as used for the purpose of growing vegetables and early vegetable plants.

  37. The cost of hothouses varies so greatly for the size of the house that it is hard to draw a comparison.

  38. I'm going away with Mr Brownsmith's brother, to learn all about hothouses I suppose.

  39. It is also met with in the hothouses of Europe.

  40. The specimens here delineated were gathered in one of the hothouses of the Agricultural Department and first described and figured in Food Products, No.

  41. Outside of the houses they have some hothouses (or estufas) of dirt mud, where they take refuge from the cold in the winter—because this is very great, since it snows six months in the year.

  42. The country is cold, as is shown by their houses and hothouses (estufas).

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