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Example sentences for "hulled"

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  1. The shot from the fort came pitching about us, and we were hulled several times.

  2. One of the shot came crashing into the mainmast, and two others hulled us.

  3. A small, black-hulled steamer was there taking on freight, but it was not our boat.

  4. This demand was prompted by the voyages of the Sirius and Great Western, wooden-hulled sidewheelers which thrashed along at ten knots' speed and crossed the Atlantic in fourteen to seventeen days.

  5. We were hulled twelve times in a short space--in fact, were being well raked.

  6. She was hulled twelve times in a few minutes, her deck was covered with the wounded who had been brought on board from the boats.

  7. English walnuts are most safely stored when they are hulled before being packed in burlap bags.

  8. Soon after the nuts had dropped to the ground and were still green, they were hulled and their hulls peeled off like those of the Persian walnut, leaving the nuts clean and free from remnants.

  9. When the farmer takes the hulls from the black walnuts he generally spreads his hulled crop to dry almost anywhere.

  10. In fact, I would say that 75 per cent of them at some time or other have gathered black walnuts, have hulled them.

  11. This led us finally to the decision that we should get out of the hulled nut business and sell only kernels, and with few exceptions, that's what we have been doing for the past 25 years.

  12. Rats will go over them, and these rats or mice infect the hulled walnuts with an organism called Bacillus coli that is on the outside of the shell.

  13. After we hulled all of these walnuts we had a mess of hulls on hand, and our farmers were a little reluctant to come and get them.

  14. About two bushels of hulled black walnuts were collected from fence-row trees; some were planted out in the ground that autumn, and some were placed in soil in a box and kept over winter on the outdoor porch of the packing house.

  15. For the first few years we dealt only in hulled nuts, shipping carloads of them to Omaha, Chicago, several points in Nebraska, and the West Coast.

  16. During these daily engagements the Essex was hulled twenty-three times, besides being frequently struck above her decks, and had received severe injury.

  17. The Switzerland was hulled repeatedly and received two shots in her boilers; but being a stronger boat survived her injuries and drifted down safely to her destination, where a week's labor put her again in fighting condition.

  18. But prehulled millet, sitting in the sack for weeks and months, loses a lot of nutrition and tastes very second-rate compared to freshly-hulled millet.

  19. Millet can be hulled at home in small batches.

  20. The brig had been hulled once, and two shots had passed through her sails.

  21. As soon as the sail was up, the pivot gun was again set to work; and the lugger was hulled several times but, seeing that her chance of disabling the brig was small, she was again brought before the wind.

  22. We were hulled twice, and had a man killed by a splinter.

  23. Inner City Camping Blues under a dusty-hulled moon out of an empty Hollywood lot placed there in the out-take of twilight.

  24. By a corncob moon they snaffle, silvery-hulled backs adrift & dolphin-arched in the mire.

  25. Thin shelled nuts, easily cracked, and hulled out in halves have been developed.

  26. I have hulled up to 40 bushels of clean nuts in 8 hours.

  27. My Crath #1 had over four bushels of hulled and unhulled nuts (as they are picked up, after shaking) this fall.

  28. MCKAY: Will you tell us something about how you handle the nuts in your plant, how they are hulled and cracked, and so forth?

  29. Take one cupful of ripe hulled berries; crush with a wooden spoon, mixing with the mass a quarter of a pound of pulverized sugar and half a pint of cold water.

  30. An old-fashioned way of preparing hulled corn was to put a peck of old, dry, ripe corn into a pot filled with water, and with it a bag of hardwood ashes, say a quart.

  31. Hulled corn was the staff of life in Iowa.

  32. He knew the white-hulled yawl was sharply outlined against the starlit waters.

  33. None of them saw the black-hulled power cruiser come in and drop its anchor nearby.

  34. Maize hulled and broken, and prepared for food by being boiled in water.

  35. Food made of hulled wheat boiled in milk, with sugar, plums, etc.

  36. Dried grain, as oats or wheat, hulled and broken or crushed; in high milling, cracked fragments of wheat larger than grits.

  37. Grandpa Keeler having asked the blessing after the approved manner of the morning, there was a general uprising and moving, bowl in hand, towards the cauldron of hulled corn on the stove.

  38. After the season of hulled corn, came the reign of baked beans.

  39. The Boxer had been hulled repeatedly, three balls had passed through her foremast, some of her guns were dismounted, her top-gallant.

  40. Hardly a shot struck the gun-boats, while the sloop and the frigate were hulled at almost every discharge.

  41. The Calder had been hulled in more than twenty places, but only three holes were betwixt wind and water.

  42. By this time the cruiser was hulled over and over again.

  43. It belongs to Blackbeard, and the great procession of pirates and roving buccaneers who swept these seas in tall-sparred, black-hulled craft, some hundreds of years ago.

  44. In spite of the early morning mystery, all our efforts to reinstate the French Corsair, the black-hulled phantom, and the headless sailor, fail.

  45. The river seemed clear, when about seven o’clock there suddenly loomed up from seaward a great, ugly, grey-hulled warship flying the German flag.

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