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Example sentences for "illuminates"

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illumes; illuminant; illuminants; illuminate; illuminated; illuminating; illumination; illuminations; illuminative; illuminator
  1. And if the sun illuminates the leaves without their coming between it and the eye and without the eye facing the sun, then the reflected lights and the transparent lights are very strong.

  2. The restricted is that which being admitted through an opening or window illuminates them on that side only.

  3. That portion of an opaque body will be more in shade or more in light, which is nearer to the dark body, by which it is shaded, or to the light that illuminates it.

  4. A light which is smaller than the body it illuminates produces shadows of which the outlines end within [the surface of] the body, and not much compound shadow; and falls on less than half of it.

  5. The diffused is that which freely illuminates objects.

  6. And the atmosphere at the left illuminates on the right at c, and the lines intersect at the point m.

  7. At midnight, the flower opens to its fullest extent, and illuminates everything around.

  8. It is by developing the soul from within until it illuminates the brain with that flood of light called genius.

  9. They had reached the Street of the Christ, and the radiance discernible at one end seemed to come from the small lantern which illuminated then and illuminates still the image that gives the street its name.

  10. Nothing illuminates a man’s heart save the radiance which shines forth from the Kingdom of God!

  11. There is," he says in his Philosophia sagax, "a Light in the spirit of man which illuminates everything.

  12. Baptism in its true significance is the reception of cleansing power, it is an inward process which purifies the heart, illuminates the conscience, and is not only necessary for salvation but in fact is salvation.

  13. This mystery, outside of which all is to man dark and incomprehensible, illuminates everything and explains it in the sense that it is the cause, the principle and the end of all things.

  14. Beauty purifies the sense, Truth illuminates the mind, Virtue sanctifies the soul.

  15. That which illuminates or gives light; brightness; splendor; especially, intellectual light or knowledge.

  16. They are illuminated by the same remote sun which illuminates Saturn, while our moon is illuminated by a sun giving her as much light as we ourselves receive.

  17. At the time of new moon the sun illuminates the face of the moon turned from us; at the time of full moon he illuminates the face which has been gradually brought round to him as the moon has passed through her first two quarters.

  18. While we are illuminated by the Holy Spirit, it is Christ who illuminates us: when we drink in the Spirit, it is Christ we drink.

  19. War even illuminates the abstruse and difficult subject of foreign exchanges, and shows that no nation grows rich by printing promises to pay on pieces of paper.

  20. War also teaches the supreme national value of life, and illuminates Ruskin's saying, "There is no wealth but life.

  21. When the soul perceives the light thus shed by the Good on the intelligible entities, she flies towards them, tasting an indescribable bliss in the contemplation of the light that illuminates them.

  22. Each intelligible entity owes its nature to none but to itself; but it only becomes desirable when the Good, so to speak, illuminates and colors it, breathing grace into the desired object, and inspiring love into the desiring heart.

  23. After worshipping the goddess of Speech, the lamp that illuminates countless objects, [3] I compose this collection which contains the pith of the Vrihat-Katha.

  24. But the king of Magadha, when he arrived with the queens, was as joyous as the god of love when the moon illuminates the night.

  25. It is a heavenly spark--animating the immortal soul with the fire of purity that illuminates the path of rectitude.

  26. Like a blazing luminary--his refulgence dims the surrounding stars and illuminates the horizon of biography with a light ineffable.

  27. When the sun illuminates a human body, in the same manner as the ball, the focus of the illumination in that body will partake of the yellow; and the luminous or transparent tint, will have the orange and the red.

  28. It also illuminates the little fountains of water.

  29. The clear sun illuminates their green leaves, and makes the cool rocks emit a sensible warmth.

  30. In which Doctor Toole, in full costume, stands upon the hearth-stone of the club, and illuminates the company with his back to the fire 230 LVI.

  31. The whole of the light, with the exception of a small part in the neighbourhood of the D lines, is practically undeviated, so that it illuminates only a very short piece of the slit and is spread out into the ordinary spectrum.

  32. It is one central fire, which, flaming now out of the lips of Etna, lightens the Capes of Sicily, and now out of the throat of Vesuvius, illuminates the towers and vineyards of Naples.

  33. It is hard to turn a leaf in any book of Emerson's writing without finding some pithy remark or some striking image or witty comment which illuminates the page where we find it and tempts us to seize upon it for an extract.

  34. It illuminates exactly one half of our earth; the other half lies in shade.

  35. Owing to its dazzling whiteness, snow is a great reflector of light, and singularly illuminates the darkness of the winter nights.

  36. There is light enough in the encampment of the prairie pirates; for the great fire kindled for cooking their dinners still burns, a constant supply of resinous pine-knots keeping up the blaze, which illuminates a large circle around.

  37. A ray of joy illuminates his countenance, as both respond to his examination.

  38. Its discernments are made in the light of all the truth which in any way illuminates the understanding.

  39. A flame leaps from the embers and illuminates the ash-tree, bringing into view, at the spot Sieglinde had indicated to him with her eyes, a sword-hilt.

  40. With returning calm, a flash of the truth illuminates her, to the extent that she suspects in the unnatural developments of the last hour the work of sorcery.

  41. An incandescent light placed above the head at the front illuminates the chamber very well, and as a matter of fact the food-aperture is so placed that one can lie on the cot and actually look outdoors through one of the laboratory windows.

  42. For convenience in reading, the ivory needle at the base of the instrument and the meniscus are well illuminated with electric lamps behind a white screen, and a small lamp illuminates the vernier.

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