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  1. What there was before that time more than miniatures and illuminations is not known.

  2. The oil medium came into vogue when the miniatures and illuminations of the early days had expanded into panel pictures.

  3. The rest of the day is usually devoted to pious merrymaking, such as processions by day and illuminations by night.

  4. These Arctic illuminations are transcendent; nothing can equal them, and neither pen nor pencil can describe them.

  5. The snowy mountains of Lappmark were transmuted into pyramids of scarlet flame, beside which the most gorgeous sunset illuminations of the Alps would have been pale and tame.

  6. Let us see," continues Bonaventura, "how the other illuminations have to be reduced to the light of Holy Scripture.

  7. The intellect of man needs other aid, and so the holy patriarchs and prophets, who first gave the sciences to the world, received inner illuminations and did not stand on sense alone.

  8. Mamma and Feodore remained to see the illuminations and only came in later, and Mamma went away before I did.

  9. Spoke of the Illuminations and Uncle Ernest's wish to see them.

  10. Far more than the illuminations of the noisy streets, it was a fitting end to so solemn and momentous a day.

  11. At last the fire-engines got the victory, a roof fell in, the glare began to fade, the bereaved demons returned from the ceremony, and the illuminations were extinguished.

  12. Certainly the grandeur of the London illuminations paled before the intense picturesqueness of those in the old royal city.

  13. Nothing could exceed the orderliness, good-nature, and merriment of the immense crowd at the illuminations on the evening of the Jubilee day.

  14. On a small chest of drawers three candles were guttering, two more stood flaring in the high window ledge, and a lamp upon a table by the bed rendered these minor illuminations unnecessary by its diffusive glare.

  15. On that path it will rise higher and higher into Divine illuminations which have touched it but very feebly as yet, even after countless ages of existence.

  16. In his Illuminations we read that "so soon as the Idea of the Deluge had sunk back into its place, a rabbit halted amid the sainfoin and the small swinging bells, and said its prayers to the rainbow through the spider's web.

  17. The Gammadion, as well as the Swastika, enters largely into the illuminations of the Celtic Book of Kells and those of the Lindisfarne MSS.

  18. So then, according to these two differing illuminations or originals, knowledge is first of all divided into divinity and philosophy.

  19. Furthermore, it was to be a great feast day, with brilliant illuminations at night, in all the towns of the good Netherlands.

  20. That evening there were great rejoicings and brilliant illuminations in all the towns and villages of the dear Netherlands.

  21. But there is a new charm in its even, grey desert tint, sprinkled with illuminations of gold and luxury.

  22. Or how can we distinguish the supposed divine illuminations or ideas from those of our own which are natural to us?

  23. But the fantastical illuminations of the credulous and superstitious part of mankind, proceed from weakness, and as far as they take place in the world subvert the religion of reason, nature and truth.

  24. In the Book of Kells the illuminations consist of three portraits of the Evangelists, three scenes from the life of Christ, three combined symbols of the four Evangelists, eight pages of the Eusebian canons, and many initials.

  25. The volume is beautifully written on fine vellum with many illuminated letters, but many of the leaves are now missing, and some of the illuminations have been cut out.

  26. In 1633 the Suprema is scolding it for its extravagance in illuminations and bull-fights and, in the same year, it is seeking investments for its spare funds.

  27. Two illuminations precede, as before; one of which represents the sailors throwing the prophet Jonas into the sea, the other depicts the prophet in the attitude of preaching to the people of Nineveh.

  28. On the arrival of the First Consul at Havre, the city was illuminated; and the First Consul and his numerous cortege passed between two rows of illuminations and columns of fire of all kinds.

  29. The illuminations were more brilliant even than on the evening before; and I remember especially that the largest number of transparencies bore the inscription, 18th Brumaire, year VIII.

  30. Gun-firing, music and illuminations are the general accompaniments of the great fiestas.

  31. Bright illuminations adorned the houses, triumphal arches the streets; everywhere music and gaiety and bright faces.

  32. If the wheel should consist of ten cases, you may let the illuminations and Chinese fire begin with the second cases.

  33. In Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide, and in the cities of New Zealand, the day was kept as a general holiday, the decorations and illuminations being splendid in every case.

  34. As daylight faded so faded the storm, and at a quarter-past nine o'clock, when the signal for lighting up the ships was given by a single gun, the conditions for viewing the illuminations were as perfect as possible.

  35. It contains fifty-seven illuminations and several folios of violet parchment with golden ornaments and lettering.

  36. Paris, in which the illuminations and foliages are purely French, but which are the type of all the English work of the same date.

  37. Even yet the illuminations of the Grimani Breviary are attributed in part to Hans Memling--and no wonder!

  38. The drolleries are very funny, and the other illuminations very instructive and curious.

  39. One other of the illuminations of this exceedingly interesting MS.

  40. They all worked in the same minutely, careful manner, and one could almost take a corporal oath on the identity of illuminations and panels which are really the work of different artists.

  41. This brought them into the category of illuminations, for while miniatures may be executed without the use of gold or silver, illuminations may not.

  42. The illuminations of the streets beyond are always magnificent.

  43. During all the remainder of the day the Chateau and the Tuileries were crowded; the illuminations were magnificent.

  44. Fireworks and illuminations were not spared.

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