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  1. One writer has ventured to deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, and to question the necessity or utility of the Christian system, without being considered universally as a monster, which would have been the case a few years ago.

  2. He had been offered professorships of divinity at Saumur and Marburg.

  3. But though many of the early Quakers seem to have shunned the doctrine of the Trinity, Penn really affirmed the divinity of Christ, and was not a Socinian but a Sabellian in his theology.

  4. Herder, as before noted, found divinity students grounding their unbelief on Kant's teaching.

  5. It seems to be proved by conclusive evidence that Mr. Lincoln shared the sentiments of his companions, and that he was never a member of any Church, a believer in the divinity of Christ, or a Christian of any denomination.

  6. The doctors of divinity had to inform them that this was a mistake.

  7. He says, "translating the epistle of St. John with the Moonshee, I asked him what he thought of those passages which so strongly express the doctrines of the Trinity and of the divinity of Christ.

  8. When I quoted some passages which proved the Christian dispensation to be the final one, he allowed it to be inconsistent with the divinity of the Koran, but said, 'Then those words of the gospel must be false.

  9. Reasoning upon the science of divinity will equally have its weight, and all men of letters would long ago have got rid of all superstitious notions of a Deity, but that men of letters are frequently men of weak nerves; such as Dr.

  10. Yet this grand hypothesis, of the unalterable felicity of mankind hereafter, is insufficient to justify the Divinity in permitting the present sleeting and transitory marks of injustice and disorder.

  11. To all of us, with the blasphemy of destroying still upon us, she stands for the divinity of womanhood.

  12. University Lecturer in Aramaic, Lecturer in Divinity and Hebrew at Wadham College.

  13. Formerly Hulsean Lecturer in Divinity and Lady Margaret Preacher, University of Cambridge.

  14. Besides these mystical persons there are in the Tibetan church other ranks and degrees, corresponding to the deacon, full priest, dean and doctor of divinity in the West.

  15. The presence of an educated clergy made the place a centre of culture, and famous schools of divinity and law flourished under the shadow of the cathedral.

  16. In nothing does the church of God manifest the divinity of her origin and mission more than in the care which she bestows on her children, the adopted brethren of Jesus Christ, at the awful hour of death.

  17. This, gentlemen, is my mate, Jeremy Sparrow by name, who hath a taste for divinity that in no wise interferes with his taste for a galleon or a guarda costa.

  18. Arius of Alexandria (died 336), who denied the divinity of Christ.

  19. Was it necessary that the Divinity should entertain a great desire that man might sin, since he would thereby have an opportunity of providing the means of making him sinful?

  20. They prove that works emanating from the Supreme Being, are obscure, unintelligible, and need human assistance in order to be understood by those to whom the Divinity wished to reveal his will.

  21. How can I be certain that he who professes to be inspired by the Divinity does not promulgate his own reveries or impostures as the oracles of heaven?

  22. Of the Ideas which Religion gives us of the Divinity Every religion is a system of opinions and conduct founded upon the notions, true or false, that we entertain of the Divinity.

  23. Besides, the Divinity being a being whose impenetrable essence is veiled from mortal sight, it has been commonly admitted by the ignorant, that what could not be seen by mortal eye must necessarily be divine.

  24. Each year divinity schools attract fewer students, graduate and normal schools more.

  25. Foremost among these corruptions were both the Catholic doctrine of our Lord's divinity and the Arian notion of His pre-existence in a state far above the human.

  26. Their divinity was never the Methodist doctrine.

  27. The worship of Christ, he said, is so plainly set forth in the New Testament, that not even the opposers of His divinity deny it; yet nothing is so much condemned in Scripture as worshipping a creature.

  28. No scheme of morals, and no practical divinity can be wholly satisfactory in which virtue and holiness are not equally mated with prudence and heavenly wisdom, each serving but not subservient to the other.

  29. He has declared against the consubstantiality and proper divinity of Christ as well as His co-eternity.

  30. Clarke thought that the divinity of Christ was analogous to the royalty of some petty prince, who held his power under a supreme monarch.

  31. Controversy was his abhorrence; he thought 'God made practical divinity necessary, but the Devil controversial.

  32. The Father alone is the one supreme God; the Son is a Divine being as far as divinity is communicable by this supreme God; the Holy Ghost is inferior both to the Father and the Son, not in order only, but in dominion and authority.

  33. But he held that this true Divinity of Christ consisted in 'the indwelling of the Eternal Word in Christ,' which 'became united to His human nature, as our souls dwell in our bodies and are united to them.

  34. Queen Anne was the last sovereign of these realms round whom still lingered something of the 'divinity that doth hedge a king.

  35. Nothing can madden the reason of the disembodied soul, else the view of the desirableness of God and the inefficacious attractions of the glorious Divinity would do so.

  36. Egbert was the sole descendant of those first conquerors who subdued Britain, and who enhanced their authority by claiming a pedigree from Woden, the supreme divinity of their ancestors.

  37. A distinguished Doctor of Divinity said: "Your book leavens my sermons.

  38. I have avoided all technical terms of Divinity or Philosophy, and where, as in Chapters II.

  39. Writers on Divinity have not so much opposed them, as failed to notice the points on which I dwell.

  40. I felt as if the divinity had been found for that altar which already for long I had erected to 'woman,' and the dense clouds of tobacco appeared to me to be the ambrosial firmament which hovers above a Madonna.

  41. He ventured, after many misgivings, to propose, and was accepted, much to his surprise and delight, as he had hardly dared to hope that such a divinity would link herself with an ordinary mortal.

  42. The unearthly Child is a sublime vision of power and grandeur, and seems not so much supported as enthroned in her arms, and what fitter throne for the Divinity than a woman's bosom full of innocence and love?

  43. They held, as we are told, that there was but one imam, and they ascribed the qualities of divinity to Ali.

  44. Nay, Unitarians are often quoted by the Orthodox to prove that even those who deny the divinity of Jesus, are compelled to admit "that there never was another like unto Him.

  45. This divinity is almost always winged, and often flying (see Frontispiece).

  46. Alexander the Great even in his lifetime gave himself out as the son of Zeus Ammon, and after his death the idea of his divinity gained ground year by year.

  47. The great Egyptian divinity of the Ptolemaic age is also very like Zeus, but his head is always surmounted by a lofty modius (a measure for corn), which is often richly ornamented.

  48. In consequence of a vision seen in a dream he had the divinity brought from Sinope, on the shores of Pontus, to this town.

  49. When such a divinity as this should rise from his throne the earth indeed might quake and the heavens tremble!

  50. Had she indeed become one with God and had her earnest seeking for the Divinity ended in glorification?

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