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Example sentences for "incubate"

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  1. In order to demonstrate the presence of each of these classes it will be necessary to incubate the various cultivations at each of these temperatures.

  2. Prepare plate cultivations, as in the previous "light" experiments, and incubate controls.

  3. Prepare tube cultivations on solid media of optimum reaction; incubate forty-eight hours under optimum conditions as to temperature and atmosphere.

  4. Incubate all the subcultures and identify the organisms picked out.

  5. If no growth is visible, incubate the tube under optimum conditions as to temperature and atmosphere, and in this way determine the length of exposure to the action of the gas necessary to kill the organisms under observation.

  6. Incubate all three sets of cultivations under optimum conditions as to temperature and atmosphere.

  7. Inoculate tubes of media, and incubate together with control tubes.

  8. Incubate the culture flask under optimum conditions until the completion of seven days, if necessary; and determine the time exposure at which death occurs.

  9. Incubate under suitable conditions as to temperature and atmosphere.

  10. Incubate the cultivations and examine carefully from day to day.

  11. Make a subcultivation from both the control and the test suspension, upon the surface of nutrient agar; incubate under optimum conditions.

  12. Inoculate a tube of sterile bouillon with a similar quantity, and incubate under optimum conditions.

  13. When it is desired to separate a facultative anaerobe from a strict anaerobe, it is generally sufficient to plant the mixture upon the sloped surface agar, incubate aerobically at 37°C.

  14. Plant the organism in broth and incubate under optimum conditions.

  15. The hen hoopoe is said not to leave the nest from the time she begins to incubate until the young emerge from the eggs.

  16. The older writers believed that, on account of the length of its legs, the flamingo could not incubate its eggs in the ordinary manner.

  17. Its nesting habits, and the method by which a bird of such abnormal build could incubate its eggs, formed for generations a "vexed question" in bird-life.

  18. Insects, fishes, and reptiles lay eggs, and there are several rare species of mammals that lay eggs and incubate them.

  19. Turkeys and geese will often begin to incubate after having laid about the number of eggs that they could cover.

  20. In domestication the eggs of most kinds of birds are removed from the nests daily as laid, and the birds lay many more eggs before they stop to incubate than they do in the wild state.

  21. Because a hen pigeon often lays again and begins to incubate before a pair of young are ready to leave the nest, it is usual to arrange the pigeonholes in pairs.

  22. Crocodiles will either dig a hole about 30 cms deep or pile up leaves to incubate their eggs.

  23. Fully matured earthworms upon mating shed their clitellum (a small band like an overgrowth of skin) and produce cocoons which take about 14 days to incubate and hatch into juveniles.

  24. The birds incubate by turns, and when one returns from the feeding-ground it sings its loud notes, on which the sitting bird rushes forth to join in the joyous chorus, and then flies away, the other taking its place on the eggs.

  25. Of the Coccyzus melanocoryphus, the only one of our three Coccyzi whose nesting-habits I am acquainted with, I can say that it never begins to incubate till the full complement of eggs are laid--that its young are hatched simultaneously.

  26. The female spoonbill is thus seemingly content to merely lay the eggs, while she lets the male build the nest, incubate the eggs, and take care of the young.

  27. I have no data on the period of incubation and do not know whether both sexes incubate or not.

  28. Authorities seem to differ as to whether both sexes incubate or not.

  29. Both sexes incubate and are rather close sitters, as well as devoted and bold in the defense of their young.

  30. Both sexes are said to incubate the eggs and share in the care of the young.

  31. The eggs require about the same time to incubate as the goose egg (five weeks) and they do not hatch well in an incubator.

  32. A few porcelain eggs should be placed in the nest, and when a hen shows a strong desire to incubate she should be placed upon the nest and the slide closed, giving the bird all the air she needs.

  33. He who expects to incubate with old hens during the winter will surely get left.

  34. The birds must be got out early so that they will begin laying in the fall and be ready to incubate by the time you want them.

  35. How long does it require to incubate duck eggs?

  36. Hens show no desire to incubate when you want them to the most, or in time to command the high prices for ducks and chicks in the early spring, and this is attended with a loss of at least one-half of the season's profits.

  37. As I have said before, the couples took turn and turn about on the nest, one remaining to guard and incubate while the other went off to the water.

  38. The female builds the nest almost unassisted and appears, likewise to incubate and brood the young.

  39. Again, it is remarkable that these peculiarities of reproduction are not confined to particular families and genera; because some coronellas lay eggs, some incubate them, and others bring forth a live brood.

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