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Example sentences for "indelicacy"

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  1. Many of his Satires, however, are written in a more genial vein, and are not much disfigured by coarseness or indelicacy of expression.

  2. But there seems an indelicacy in directing his attentions towards her so soon after this event.

  3. She saw the indelicacy of putting himself forward as he had done, and the inconsistency of his professions with his conduct.

  4. Edict on Duels, employs the expression of our dearest bedfellow to designate the queen; and there was no indelicacy attached to this singular expression.

  5. Chaucer bitterly reflects on his friend for the indelicacy of some of his tales: "Of all such cursed stories I say fy!

  6. I am told that Hogarth did not deserve the compliment I pay him of not descending to the indelicacy of the Flemish and Dutch painters.

  7. Until then it had seemed natural enough that she should make efforts to establish herself in life; but through the officious indelicacy of her friend she had learned that she was pursuing two husbands at once.

  8. She asked her father for an accounting and her father accused her of indelicacy and undutiful conduct.

  9. But there seems indelicacy in directing his attentions towards her, so soon after this event.

  10. There is no more difficulty or indelicacy in depositing a ballot in the urn than in dropping a letter in the post office.

  11. At that time delicacy was the choicest charm of woman and indelicacy was a crushing criticism.

  12. Yet he may be credited with a certain measure of discernment in pardoning the indelicacy of Fletcher and Massinger, while he condemns that of Dryden, Etherege, or Sedley.

  13. Indelicacy in the older dramatists does not ignore worthier interests.

  14. In the whole of the Elizabethan drama there was no piece which presented so liberal a mass of indelicacy as Fletcher's Custom of the Country.

  15. I upbraided myself as a monster of indelicacy for my touch of doubt before dinner; also for a devilish and malicious suspicion that flitted through my brain while she was cataloguing her possible reasons for putting on the old evening dress.

  16. Men would rather die than commit the indelicacy of appearing to notice my infirmity.

  17. Eudora turned away to conceal her blushes; for the indelicacy of their language was such as seldom met the ear of a Grecian maiden.

  18. That, if there was any indelicacy in the clashing of the proceedings of the legislature and executive, it was to the latter, not to the former, that this indelicacy was to be imputed.

  19. It was also an objection to the resolution that it prescribed the terms on which alone a treaty should be made, and was consequently an infringement of the right of the executive to negotiate, and an indelicacy to that department.

  20. Consider every species of indelicacy in conversation, as shameful in itself, and as highly disgusting to us.

  21. Besides the gross indelicacy of the sentiment, it is a false one, as thousands of women have experienced.

  22. There is no indelicacy in asking yourself these questions, nor in making the investigations which will enable you to answer them satisfactorily.

  23. I do not here refer to licentiousness of morals, or the coarse avowal of it; but to a species of indelicacy which might perhaps have been quite compatible with virtue, as the absence of it is unhappily no security against vice.

  24. It is hardly surprising, under the circumstances, that one of the most persistent false notes in the piece is that indelicacy of self-conscious virtue which we have before observed in the case of Tasso.

  25. His monologue may be passed over; it and still more the next scene serve to measure the cynical indelicacy of feeling which was tolerated in the Italian courts.

  26. They therefore lose all sense of the indelicacy of such a life.

  27. There is a considerable amount of indelicacy in the episodes in "Tom Jones," and also of hostility, which is exhibited in the rough form of pugilistic encounters, so as almost to remind us of the old comic stage.

  28. Indelicacy or irreverence is unpleasant in itself, and yet when complication is added to it few of us can avoid laughing, and I am afraid that some considerably enjoy objectionable allusions.

  29. Sterne exceeded Smollett[10] in indelicacy as much as in humorous talent.

  30. We have here no indelicacy or profanity, excepting the occasional oath, then fashionable; but we meet that satirical play on the manners and sentiments of men, which distinguishes later humour.

  31. We cannot even read the evidence which was produced without a sensation of disgust, although in those broader and less conscious ages the indelicacy was less obviously perceptible.

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