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Example sentences for "abilities"

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  1. The old squire offered no opposition, considering that George Brandon was too old to begin a profession in England, and that he might employ his time and abilities advantageously in the New World.

  2. She suggested economies at the factory, stopped the custom of closing the plant in midsummer, studied the abilities of the workmen, and on several occasions superintended the field-trials in Europe.

  3. He stopped, and, being a man of unusual abilities and discernment, he at once saw the value of the Marsh machine, even in its disabled state.

  4. It is impossible to question the greatness of his abilities or the sincerity of his patriotism.

  5. His abilities were of a very high order, and though he loved the world and its pursuits, he had great powers of application.

  6. The inventor, who had not foreseen these difficulties, was not prepared to surmount them; but he took the hint in good part, and promised to task his abilities anew, in altering the construction of his design.

  7. That the reader may have a just idea of this sport, and of the abilities of those who carried it on, I shall repeat the sallies of this evening, according to the order and succession in which they escaped.

  8. I have heard much of Lord Nelson's abilities as an officer and statesman, but the account of the latter is infinitely short.

  9. He has abilities which, under safe guidance, may serve his country; and I have no right to reject from vain pride whatever will promote the career of one whom I undertook, and have failed, to serve.

  10. You are a good judge of the practical abilities and merits of men, as regards worldly success.

  11. Had such qualities, aided as they were by abilities of no ordinary acuteness, been applied to objects commonly honest, one would have backed Randal Leslie against any fifty picked prize-men from the colleges.

  12. But his conversation was nowhere so brilliant and striking as when he was surrounded by a few friends, whose abilities and knowledge enabled them, as he once expressed it, to send him back every ball that he threw.

  13. Michael's abilities and attainments seem to have been considerable.

  14. Much was pardoned, however, to a youth so highly distinguished by abilities and acquirements.

  15. The fame of his abilities and learning continued to grow.

  16. This would seem a meagre stipend now; but it would at that time have enabled Burns to support his family in comfort, though not in the way his abilities entitled him to do.

  17. He well knew his own limited abilities and understood how at Vienna he had been the victim both of Metternich and the Kruedener woman.

  18. Such sober minded people as Castlereagh, Metternich and Talleyrand fully understood the limited abilities of the sentimental Baroness.

  19. But his abilities were overpowered and his character tainted by the possession of wealth so enormous.

  20. In general, men of transcendent abilities have been remarkable for their knowledge.

  21. It is painful to see such abilities wasted on such unsubstantial objects.

  22. Willoughby was all that her fancy had delineated in that unhappy hour and in every brighter period, as capable of attaching her; and his behaviour declared his wishes to be in that respect as earnest, as his abilities were strong.

  23. Like half the rest of the world, if more than half there be that are clever and good, Marianne, with excellent abilities and an excellent disposition, was neither reasonable nor candid.

  24. But he was neither fitted by abilities nor disposition to answer the wishes of his mother and sister, who longed to see him distinguished as--they hardly knew what.

  25. Marianne's abilities were, in many respects, quite equal to Elinor's.

  26. His abilities in every respect improve as much upon acquaintance as his manners and person.

  27. In proportion as man is great, as his interests are world-wide and his abilities high, is he injured by constant contact with a smaller mind.

  28. The forms of their judicial proceedings likewise, where there are no established advocates and each man depends upon his own or his friend's abilities for the management of his cause, must doubtless contribute to this habitual eloquence.

  29. In between come the mass of men of ordinary abilities who, if they choose resolutely to practice, can by sheer industry and judgment make themselves fair rifle shots.

  30. Transcendent as were his abilities as inventor and discoverer, we are persuaded that our readers will feel that his qualities as a man in all the relations of life were not less so, nor less worthy of record.

  31. His supreme abilities we can neither acquire nor emulate.

  32. At last we have Watt permanently settled alongside the great works to which he was hereafter to devote his rare abilities until his retirement at the expiration of the partnership in 1800.

  33. This circumstance seems to prove that his abilities must have been great indeed, to have kept such crowds silent.

  34. Dryden's complete works form the largest body of poetry from the pen of a single writer in the English language; yet he gave no public testimony of poetic abilities till his twenty-seventh year.

  35. The great Corneille having finished his studies, devoted himself to the bar; but this was not the stage on which his abilities were to be displayed.

  36. The entertaining Marville says that the generality of ladies married to literary men are so vain of the abilities and merit of their husbands, that they are frequently insufferable.

  37. The story of his escape and wonderful abilities was spread over England.

  38. Physically he was a superior man, and his mental abilities were quite above the average of his class.

  39. I humbly solicit the literary abilities of those kind Correspondents who have hitherto come forward in support of this publication; and, shall always gratefully acknowledge the productions of the candid and sentimental writer.

  40. Women are females, and that's all; their working abilities are limited to personal service.

  41. Why do you suppose that your abilities are superior?

  42. This four months of study by that class is regarded as a period of probation, which will furnish some test of the abilities of its several members.

  43. The pecuniary assistance afforded by the State for the education of boys in the Cadet Schools is dependent solely on the circumstances and services of the father, not on the abilities of the candidate himself.

  44. His great abilities would necessarily have made him one of the first citizens of Rome; but, disdaining the condition of a subject, he could never rest till he made himself a Monarch.

  45. They perfect nature, and are perfected by experience; for natural abilities are like natural plants, that need pruning by duty; and studies themselves do give forth directions too much at large, except they be bounded in by experience.

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