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acidi; acidic; acidification; acidified; acidify; acidity; acidosis; acids; acidulate; acidulated
  1. The bounds of analysis have been greatly enlarged by modern discoveries[36]; the acids are shown to be composed of oxygen, as an acidifying principle common to all, united in each to a particular base.

  2. The boracic radical is hitherto unknown; no experiments having as yet been able to decompose the acid; We conclude, from analogy with the other acids, that oxygen exists in its composition as the acidifying principle.

  3. The fourth phenomenon is, that metals are absolutely insoluble in such acids as have their bases joined to oxygen by a stronger affinity than these metals are capable of exerting upon that acidifying principle.

  4. Berthollet did not consider oxygen as the acidifying principle.

  5. This new doctrine immediately overturned the Lavoisierian hypothesis respecting oxygen as the acidifying principle, and altered all the previously received notions respecting the muriates.

  6. It is now admitted that Berthollet was accurate in his opinion, and that oxygen is not of itself an acidifying principle.

  7. These facts led him to conclude, that oxygen is an essential constituent in all acids, and that it is the principle which bestows acidity or the true acidifying principle.

  8. This was another reason for rejecting the notion of oxygen as an acidifying principle.

  9. Prussian blue may be detected by dissolving it from the sediment with hot caustic alkali, acidifying with hydrochloric acid, treating it with a drop of ferric chlorid.

  10. Leach makes the same test by slightly acidifying a portion of the lean meat, then extracting with ether, and evaporating to dryness and testing the residue with a drop of ferric chlorid solution.

  11. Confirm by acidifying the filtrate with acetic acid and adding potassium ferrocyanid.

  12. They can be used alone if artificially acidified, but without acidifying or blending would give a rather flat leather, though possibly firm.

  13. A suitable volume of liquor is titrated with N/10 thiosulphate after acidifying with hydrochloric acid and adding potassium iodide.

  14. Both of these chemical fertilizers are made with sulfuric acid and have a powerful acidifying reaction when they dissolve in soil.

  15. The truth of the matter is that worms eat decaying organic matter and any soil amendment that increases plant growth without acidifying soil will increase earthworm food supply and thus worm population.

  16. The conception of an acidifying principle, although that principle was identified with a known element, was still tainted with the vices of the alchemical school.

  17. One outcome of this teaching regarding acids and bases was to overthrow the Lavoisierian conception of oxygen as the acidifying element.

  18. In spite of the low temperature the coupling proceeds quickly and the sparingly soluble product can in most cases be precipitated from the solution by acidifying and diluting with water.

  19. Na By acidifying the concentrated solution the didepside is obtained as a white crystalline substance; a solution of which precipitates gelatine without, however, exhibiting any tanning effect upon animal hide.

  20. On this idea, he thinks that muriatic acid may be considered as having hydrogen for its base, and oxymuriatic acid for its acidifying principle.

  21. If the routine process given at page 51, where the organic fluid is distilled in a vacuum after acidifying with tartaric acid, is employed, phenol or cresol, if present, will certainly be found in the distillate.

  22. For estimating the sulphuric acid thus found, it will only be necessary to take a known bulk of the same liquid, heat it to boiling after acidifying by hydrochloric acid, and then add a sufficient quantity of baric chloride solution.

  23. Chloral (or chloroform), when boiled with resorcinol and the liquid made strongly alkaline with NaHO, gives a red colour, which disappears on acidifying and is restored by alkalies.

  24. The nitro-benzene may itself be identified by collecting it on a wet filter, dissolving it off the filter by alcohol, acidifying the alcoholic solution by hydrochloric acid, and then boiling it for some time with metallic zinc.

  25. It is soluble in alkaline liquids, and can be recovered from them by acidifying and shaking up with ether, chloroform, or benzene; it is almost completely insoluble in water.

  26. Mercury cyanide may be detected in a liquid after acidifying with tartaric acid, and adding a few c.

  27. To estimate the amount of phenyl-sulphate or cresol-sulphate in the urine, the normal sulphates may be separated by the addition of chloride of barium in the cold, first acidifying with hydrochloric acid.

  28. From the urine,[506] atropine may be extracted by acidifying with sulphuric acid, and agitation with the same series of solvents.

  29. For it is not acids floating in the air, but the oxygen or acidifying principle, which injures or enlarges pulmonary ulcers by combining with the purulent matter.

  30. This remarkable circumstance led him to suspect, that water, instead of oxygen, may be the acidifying principle; but this he threw out rather as a conjecture than as an established point.

  31. The strength of an acid seems to depend upon the nature of its basis, and its mode of combination, as well as upon the proportion of the acidifying principle.

  32. But is there no method of acidifying phosphorus in a slighter manner, so as to form phosphorus acid?

  33. It is because it unites with oxygen, which is the acidifying principle.

  34. But is not the acidifying principle of the acetous acid the same as that of all other acids, oxygen?

  35. The presence of mercury or of copper may be detected by acidifying the urine with 2-3 c.

  36. With antimony it is advisable to precipitate it first as sulphide, but it can be detected directly, though not so satisfactorily, by acidifying the urine with 2-3 c.

  37. The lower grade of celluloses thus dissolved are only in part precipitated in acidifying the alkaline solution.

  38. On acidifying with sulphuric acid and distilling, traces only of volatile acid were produced.

  39. The bismuth is precipitated by the addition of ammonic carbonate, and the solution, after filtering and acidifying with nitric acid, is re-electrolysed.

  40. It is separated from baryta by dissolving in a little hydrochloric acid, adding ammonia in excess, and then acidifying with acetic acid, and precipitating the baryta with potassium bichromate, as described under Baryta.

  41. Ammonia, soda, or potash destroys the colour, but it is restored on acidifying with nitric or sulphuric acid.

  42. Albumin, if present, must be removed by acidifying a considerable quantity of urine with acetic acid, boiling, and filtering.

  43. The proteid should first be removed by acidifying with acetic acid, boiling, and filtering.

  44. Bromids can be detected by acidifying about 10 c.

  45. If, however, it is desired to make a white plantation sugar, or granulated sugar, it will be advisable to subject the juice to an acidifying or bleaching treatment, as well as to the lime treatment.

  46. In the acidifying of any cane juice, care must be exercised that too high an acidity is not reached, since acids have an inverting effect upon sucrose, thus causing a noticeable loss.

  47. It is generally best to administer the acidifying agent before the application of the lime, since this raises the acidity and permits a larger amount of the lime to be used.

  48. But still the propensity to acidifying remains, and a cautious attention to diet, and to the evacuations is always necessary.

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