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Example sentences for "amalgamating"

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  1. The arastra is sometimes used for amalgamating tailings which have passed through stamping-mills.

  2. Among them are amalgamation in the battery, amalgamation with the copper plate, amalgamating bowls, and patent amalgamation of many kinds.

  3. The cost of quarrying, crushing and amalgamating a ton of rock, is six dollars.

  4. Some amalgamating bowls or basins are little Chilean mills and arastras, made of cast iron.

  5. The methods of managing the rock and amalgamating with the Chilean mill, are very similar to those of the arastra.

  6. The methods of amalgamating are numerous.

  7. In regard to the best and most effectual methods of dressing and amalgamating these rich ores, it seems to be conceded that the modes hitherto in use in Nova Scotia have been very defective.

  8. It does not, with the former, regard logic as purely formal in the sense of abstracting thought from being, nor does it follow the latter in amalgamating metaphysics with logic by identifying being with thought.

  9. So hot is it that it partially melts the ends of the rails, and then, amalgamating with them, it forms a perfectly homogeneous connection between them.

  10. In some cases the crushed ore straight from the crushing mill is cyanided, in others it is simply the remains left over from the previous amalgamating process which is thus treated.

  11. The pulp now flows over an amalgamating surface, 14 ft.

  12. This appliance, working somewhat slowly, swings on rockers from side to side, and is usually employed in mills where, owing to the complexity of the ore, difficulties have been met with in amalgamating the gold.

  13. The multiphase electric motor can be directly applied to the stamp battery and ore-breaker driving-shaft and to the shaft of the amalgamating pans.

  14. The purer the water the better it will be for amalgamating purposes, and in cold climates it is desirable to make provision for heating the water supplied to the battery.

  15. To make an amalgamating assay that will prove the amount of gold which can be got from a ton of your lode, take a number of samples from different parts, both length and breadth.

  16. If anything the amalgamating surface should be widened to give the particles of gold a better chance to settle.

  17. But amalgamating Napoleon with her is not diminishing her.

  18. The grandfather, haughty, with head held high, amalgamating more than ever in his toilet and his manners all the elegances of the epoch of Barras, escorted Cosette.

  19. The arrastres and all the amalgamating apparatus is cleaned up once a month.

  20. A public meeting was held at the Guildhall, Norwich, to consider a Bill then before Parliament introduced for the purpose of amalgamating the Norwich Gas Company with the British Gas Company.

  21. This necessitates amalgamating the pay officers and also those engaged in the technical work of producing the finished ship.

  22. Mozart's writing for the orchestra is distinguishable for amalgamating as well as for contrasting the earlier polyphonic methods with the monophonic style that was being cultivated by his contemporaries.

  23. Beethoven was especially happy in discovering the ideal potentialities of the wood-wind, and from him originated the practice of reuniting the higher species both in contrasting and amalgamating choirs.

  24. If anything, the amalgamating surface should be widened to give the particles of gold a better chance to settle.

  25. Browne's whole time was to be occupied in amalgamating and weighing the gold; and, if practicable, casting it into ingots.

  26. For some years previous to this the question of the abolition of the various Wei and amalgamating them with the appropriate Hsien had been eagerly discussed in civil and military circles.

  27. As soon as I read this passage I perceived that Mr. Threlkeld was amalgamating such a goblin as the Kurnai call 'Brewin' with the high God of the Mysteries.

  28. While Mohammedan Negroes still gave trouble and were in some cases sent back to Africa, yet on the whole emancipation was peaceful, and whites, Negroes, and Indians are to-day amalgamating into a new race.

  29. Race is a dynamic and not a static conception, and the typical races are continually changing and developing, amalgamating and differentiating.

  30. As we have seen, amalgamating to extract gold and silver, and the making of bronze from tin and copper were very early followed.

  31. The amalgamating process was also known to the ancients, and Vitruvius (B.

  32. These, the cyanide and chlorination processes, have almost entirely superseded the old washing and amalgamating methods of treating free gold--and the cyanide seems to be now taking the lead.

  33. This is, perhaps, the best mode of amalgamating cast zincs.

  34. The tinas or amalgamating vats constitute the prominent feature of the Francke process; they are large wooden vats, shown in Figs.

  35. After amalgamating with another agricultural order, known as the Brothers of Freedom, the Wheel began to roll into the adjoining States.

  36. Amalgamating a zinc causes it to act as a somewhat more positive substance than before, therefore the voltage of a cell containing amalgamated zinc is slightly higher than that of a cell constructed with unamalgamated zinc.

  37. By others it is thought that amalgamating the zinc protects it from local action by causing a film of hydrogen gas to adhere to it.

  38. You must reach grade three in the scale of concentration, by concentrating, from five to six o'clock, every morning, on amalgamating yourself with the ether.

  39. Sit with it pressed against your forehead for an hour every morning, and concentrate hard on amalgamating yourself with it--i.

  40. For the purpose of explanation we select an ordinary amalgamating table fitted with mercury riffles.

  41. Mr. Molloy has designed a special form of amalgamating machine to be used in conjunction with the above process, and with or without the aid of water.

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