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  1. Fire gilding (Fine Arts), a mode of gilding with an amalgam of gold and quicksilver, the latter metal being driven off afterward by heat.

  2. The act of coating with an amalgam of tin foil and quicksilver, as in making looking-glasses.

  3. Defn: Overlaid with quicksilver, or with an amalgam of quicksilver and tinfoil.

  4. Spread over with an amalgam of tin and quicksilver.

  5. To cover with silver; to give a silvery appearance to by applying a metal of a silvery color; as, to silver a pin; to silver a glass mirror plate with an amalgam of tin and mercury.

  6. When it is well pressed against the glass there will be an amalgam formed of the tin-foil and the quicksilver that is left, which will firmly adhere to the glass.

  7. This amalgam you may apply with a cloth to any metal, even iron, though it be a rusty bar, and you have it neatly silvered over.

  8. If the singular amalgam called Blake's works should ever get published, and edited to any purpose, this will have to be done by an energetic editor with time enough on his hands and wits enough for the work.

  9. With tin and mercury, it constitutes amalgam for electrical machines.

  10. The ancient metallic mirrors, which were in use before the present mirrors, or the discovery of glass, and the mode of applying to its surface an amalgam of tin, were composed of two parts of copper and one part of tin.

  11. To prevent the recurrence of the latter kind of toothache, the cavity should be filled with an amalgam of gold, or with mineral marmoratum, or some other good cement.

  12. It has been formed artificially by the action of sodium-amalgam upon an alkaline solution of cane sugar.

  13. Davy by exposing hydrate of lithium in contact with mercury to galvanic action, and decomposing the resulting amalgam by distillation.

  14. Wash gilding, consists in applying evenly an amalgam of gold to the surface of a copper alloy, and dissipating the mercury with heat, so as to leave the gold film fixed.

  15. Forge for passing the amalgam over the piece.

  16. The wooden drawer is seen below, supporting the cast-iron basin, in which the tripod with its candelabra for bearing the amalgam saucers is placed.

  17. A compound amalgam of zinc and tin is probably the best exciter which can be applied to the cushions of electrical machines.

  18. Illustration: 1005] The amalgam is carried in bowls into the azogueria, where it is subjected to straining through the strong canvas bottom of a leather bag.

  19. The drawer a, being properly placed, and the plates under d being charged with balls of amalgam (weighing altogether 3 cwts.

  20. He flattered himself that he was the dominant influence over a girl who was a piquant, if puzzling, amalgam of Brooklyn and Bohemia.

  21. It then adds that the glass mirrors are made of a sheet of glass whose two surfaces are well polished, one of them having applied to it an amalgam of tin, nota bene, an amalgam of tin!

  22. The first are composed of brass or an alloy of different metals and the second of a sheet of glass, with its two sides well polished, one of which has an amalgam of tin adhering to it.

  23. It is, it is, and the word amalgam means that it is compounded with mercury, which is also a metal.

  24. It is also advisable to lay a little amalgam with tallow on the rubber, between the silk and the leather: a piece of tinfoil is also said to be of advantage when amalgam is not handy.

  25. He adds that 'the alchemists who prepared the amalgam could not be ignorant that it contained gold'; a statement which I am inclined to modify by suggesting that it may very easily have contained more gold than they supposed it did.

  26. Prometheus strove impiously to possess himself of Divine knowledge, and created man with a base amalgam of earth and the bones of animals, vivified by the celestial fire he had obtained.

  27. Fire-gilding or Wash-gilding is a process by which an amalgam of gold is applied to metallic surfaces, the mercury being subsequently volatilized, leaving a film of gold or an amalgam containing from 13 to 16% of mercury.

  28. In the preparation of the amalgam the gold must first be reduced to thin plates or grains, which are heated red hot, and thrown into mercury previously heated, till it begins to smoke.

  29. Next, the surface is rubbed over with mercury which forms a superficial amalgam with the copper, after which it is left some hours in clean water, again washed with the acid solution, and dried.

  30. Put this Amalgam into a glass retort; set this retort in the sand-bath of a reverberating furnace; cover it quite over with sand; apply a glass receiver half full of water, so that the nose of the retort may be under the water.

  31. When you can force out no more Mercury by this means, open the bag, and in it you will find the Amalgam freed from the superfluous Mercury; the Gold retaining only about as much thereof as nearly equals itself in weight.

  32. Ores containing Gold must be washed before an Amalgam is attempted; that the metalline parts, being freed from the numerous particles of earth with which they are encompassed, may the more readily incorporate with the Mercury.

  33. So that if you desire to know more exactly, by this method, the quantity of Gold or Silver contained in any earth, the Amalgam must not be squeezed through chamoy, but distilled altogether.

  34. Mix perfectly, by trituration in a marble mortar, an amalgam of two ounces of fine Tin, and two ounces and a half of Quick-silver, with as much Corrosive Sublimate.

  35. We make use of the amalgam of Tin with Quick-silver, because we are thereby enabled to mix the Corrosive Sublimate perfectly therewith, as the success of the operation requires it should be.

  36. Repeat this several times; then dry what remains in the mortar with a sponge, and by the help of a gentle heat: you will find it an Amalgam of the Mercury with the Gold.

  37. Sodium amalgam reduces it, in aqueous solution, to melilotic acid.

  38. By the action of sodium amalgam it is readily converted into melilotic acid, which melts at 81 deg.

  39. Here in this Lowland pocket of territory, no larger than a good-sized American county, was compounded for five hundred years this remarkable amalgam of races.

  40. More than any other race they served as the amalgam to produce, out of divergent races, a new race, the American.

  41. But the foreman, who was not a slave, but a faithful employe, had cleaned up the arrastras and hidden the amalgam until he could find a favorable opportunity to come down to Simití with it.

  42. So he and the foreman retorted the amalgam and melted the gold into bars.

  43. Such an amalgam could therefore be obtained under an electro-motive force of about four volts.

  44. This process has the advantage of producing not only a hydrogen amalgam, but also at will an amalgam of hydrogen combined with any metal electro-positive to this latter.

  45. He made the amalgam in a concentrated form, and it was added in various proportions to the mercury used for gold amalgamation.

  46. When the current passes there is formed according to the nature of the electrolyte, a hydrogen amalgam, or an amalgam of hydrogen with a metal electro-positive to hydrogen.

  47. Silver Plated Amalgam Plates, for Saving Gold in Quartz and Placer Mining.

  48. The Only Perfect Amalgam of Tin, Copper, Antimony and Lead.

  49. The following method secures the complete separation of these metals: An amalgam of sodium and mercury is introduced into the flask A, (Fig.

  50. An amalgam is next prepared by uniting the mercury and sodium.

  51. The filtered solution is then introduced into Marsh's apparatus, sodium amalgam being employed for generating the hydrogen, and tested for arsenic and antimony by means of the reactions previously given.

  52. Rocks that gave safe foothold an hour earlier were now glazed with an amalgam of sleet and snow.

  53. The former are still preferred in those countries, because they are not so liable to break, and can be preserved better in a dry hot climate than the amalgam of the latter.

  54. Instead of an amalgam of tin, some one had proposed to cover the back of the mirror with an amalgam of gold, with which the ancients were certainly acquainted, and which they employed in gilding[177].

  55. And the nucleus, as well as the amalgam of all these elements, was the resident families of old Washingtonians.

  56. For Richmond women had long been noted for society ease and aplomb, as well as for quickness of wit; and now the social amalgam held stranger dames and maidens who might have shown in any salon.

  57. The only difference between ammonium amalgam and sodium amalgam consists in the instability of the ammonium, which easily decomposes into ammonia and hydrogen.

  58. The analogy admitted between ammonium and metals is probable, owing to the fact that mercury is able to form an amalgam with ammonium similar to that which it forms with sodium or many other metals.

  59. Ammonium amalgam may be prepared from sodium amalgam.

  60. If an amalgam of zinc be shaken up with an aqueous solution of platinum chloride, without access of air, then a spongy mass is formed which easily decomposes, with the evolution of hydrogen.

  61. Thus, for instance, water on which sodium amalgam is acting contains hydrogen in a nascent state.

  62. A similar amalgam is very easily obtained if a 3 p.

  63. A few hours later, when they had cleaned up and retorted the amalgam he came galloping up again on the old mule to stop proceedings, as they got very little of value from the amalgam, and that mostly silver.

  64. Very soon the amalgam began to pile up on the copper plates as I had never before seen it.

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