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Example sentences for "amalgamated"

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  1. At the beginning of 1918 the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Force were amalgamated and the Royal Air Force came into existence, and during the year achieved a supremacy more complete than that at any time since the Somme.

  2. The director was willing enough to exhibit a retrospective of her work with a few new paintings of Sapporo and Tijuana amalgamated into it all.

  3. The indignation she, an American homeowner, experienced at such intruders occupying and thereby desecrating "her" hallowed domain amalgamated with her Puritanical eagerness to excoriate all moral unregenerates.

  4. K” Company Bank of England (before it was amalgamated with “A” Company).

  5. Affairs were not to remain for long in the semi-amalgamated corps in a state of perfect harmony.

  6. A” and “B” Companies were amalgamated under Lieutenant L.

  7. Many of the Corps formed in 1860 had become defunct or had been amalgamated with others.

  8. West, and at an early date to have been amalgamated with that of his next resemblance, the Vedic Rudra; while Krishna-worship flourished along the Ganges.

  9. On the other hand, the equation of Varunic power with Indraic never amalgamated the two; and these are the best instances that can be chosen of the older gods.

  10. The zinc plates should be amalgamated by plunging them into the bichromate solution, then sprinkling on a minute quantity of mercury, rubbing it about by means of a swab, until the entire exposed surface is covered with mercury.

  11. It is formed of two plates, a, of carbon arranged on opposite sides of an amalgamated plate, b, of zinc, and separated from the zinc by strips of wood.

  12. Soon after the transfer of the administration of the Education Acts to the London County Council, the medical work of the late School Board was amalgamated with that of the London County Council.

  13. All kindred organizations in the states gradually became amalgamated with this national body, and the federation was completed in 1839 by the adhesion of the Philadelphia Society (which now changed its name to the Pennsylvania Bible Society).

  14. These were finally amalgamated in 1861 into the National Bible Society of Scotland.

  15. I am addressing a meeting of the representatives of the Amalgamated Railway Workers--that is, if Peter Dale doesn't manage to stop it.

  16. In 1576 they were amalgamated with the independent surgeons, and by Queen Elizabeth with the barber surgeons and wig-makers.

  17. Its membership, however, was select, and when the physicians declined an alliance with it, it amalgamated with the barber companies in 1540.

  18. On the other hand, the persons theoretically amalgamated into a family by their common descent are practically held together by common obedience to their highest living ascendant, the father, grandfather, or great-grandfather.

  19. Strangers amalgamated with the brotherhood were doubtless admitted to these sacrifices; and when that was once done we can believe that it seemed equally easy, or not more difficult, to conceive them as sharing in the common lineage.

  20. It was a large and valuable collection of books on juridical subjects, which remained under the care of a salaried librarian till 1899, when it was amalgamated with the library of the College of Lawyers.

  21. Hence the Russians and Servians have diminished the number of their letters considerably; although the Russian has still some which could be amalgamated with others, or entirely omitted.

  22. Many foreign words were adopted and amalgamated with the language; still more were formed from native roots, after the model of those two idioms.

  23. We have seen from the preceding, that the Old Slavic had altered considerably; nay, was in a certain measure amalgamated with those dialects.

  24. The Amalgamated Society of Engineers had also been a part of the American Federation of Labor.

  25. United Brotherhood of Railway Employees, the Amalgamated Society of Engineers and the International Musical and Theatrical Union.

  26. This type is illustrated here by the Amalgamated Society of Engineers; (b) national unions of any particular trade like the iron molders, wherein the constituent unions are more subordinated to the national body than in the amalgamation.

  27. A] Amalgamated Association of Street Railway Employees, Division No.

  28. The struggle that is raging in Baltimore between the Amalgamated Clothing Workers, on the one side, and the American Federation of Labor and the Bummery I.

  29. The former department at the outset comprised two groups of metal workers: the United Metal Workers International Union and the Amalgamated Society of Engineers.

  30. The break-up of the Metal and Machinery Department and the bolting of that (chief) subdivision of it which was formerly and now again became the Amalgamated Society of Engineers has been referred to above.

  31. American Federation of Labor to crush out the Amalgamated Clothing Workers.

  32. Engineers, Amalgamated Society of, secedes from I.

  33. The Chayos are the first that disappear from history, probably from having become amalgamated with the Yaros.

  34. That is the key to my safe deposit box at the Amalgamated National," replied Hampstead, naturally enough.

  35. The pride of the Elder and the son of the Angel, the social ambassador of the Amalgamated National, was prepared once more to do his duty by his fortune.

  36. Here," said Hampstead, "is the key to my safe deposit box in the Amalgamated National vault.

  37. It was the post of secretary of the committee of the amalgamated agency of the southern railways, and of certain banking companies.

  38. The Amalgamated Spinners' Association must know at once his further plans.

  39. A few months later he married, and the union amalgamated the proud old Essex stock of Ames, whose forbears fought under the Conqueror and were written in the Doomsday Book, to the wealthy and aristocratic Van Heyse branch of old Amsterdam.

  40. Then he sat down and dictated the general policy to be followed by the Amalgamated Spinners' Association throughout the country in support of his own selfish ends.

  41. The quondam leaders, indeed, retain their rancor and principles; but their followers are amalgamated with us in sentiment, if not in name.

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