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Example sentences for "annoys"

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annoyance; annoyances; annoyed; annoying; annoyingly; anns; annua; annual; annuall; annually
  1. If the sophisms of Pyrrho and of the Academics are what annoys (troubles), we must apply the remedy to them.

  2. If it is habit which annoys us, we must try to seek aid against habit.

  3. But whatever it is that annoys (troubles) us, to that we ought to apply a remedy.

  4. Always disliking him, she has still been able to read him very clearly, and his determination to now propose to Joyce amuses her nearly as much as it annoys her.

  5. The silence that ensues annoys Tommy, who dearly loves to hear the human voice divine.

  6. Yet on the whole the window annoys us, especially one picture of a young thing with an arum lily (ghastly plant!

  7. It annoys me to find the laissez-faire attitude of our relatives.

  8. What annoys me is that other folk--the brainless, heartless mob, as Schopenhauer remarks, still continue to regard me as one of themselves.

  9. Yes; sometimes it annoys me to have somebody who does not know anything about conditions anywhere else in the world attack while he is himself actually a Communist.

  10. So it annoys me that somebody Bircher will tell me, "George, we are for freedom here.

  11. But what supremely annoys us in the work just now under review is, that the schoolboy method of translation already noticed is therein exhibited in constant operation throughout.

  12. It annoys me to be obliged to add that I cannot even find out the history of Scholz's mistake.

  13. That which pricks or annoys as a thorn; anything troublesome; trouble; care.

  14. That which annoys or gives trouble and vexation; that which is offensive or noxious.

  15. To be brief, madonna, business annoys the Duke.

  16. And it is that which annoys me so, for where does the money come from that they spend, you foolish fellow?

  17. It annoys me excessively to have any one round.

  18. It annoys me that, not content with writing about my music, they must also write about my personal appearance.

  19. I have taken such a dislike to the society of my fellow-passengers that the very sight of them annoys and irritates me.

  20. It is the general tone of his remarks that annoys me; the insinuation that I have borrowed everything from other composers and have nothing of my own.

  21. One thing annoys me; I am absolutely incapable of taking up my work.

  22. Firing a revolver, preferably with smoky black powder, just in front of the hole annoys the wart-hog exceedingly.

  23. This vacillating policy," he swept on, "annoys me.

  24. I am afraid that I can guess them: she doesn't like to see me; my presence annoys her; I will obey, she shall not see me.

  25. I must make you understand me better: my noble pupil does not want it to be known now that he remained out at nurse until he was sixteen; that annoys him terribly.

  26. I will not say this frightens me, but it annoys me.

  27. But what annoys me more than anything, my dear Moliere, is, that I fear we shall not have our Epicurean dresses.

  28. That is true; but there is one thing that annoys me, Japhet, which is, we may have difficulty in leaving these people when we wish.

  29. And in another letter he says: "What annoys me is that the French have improved their taste just enough to enable them to listen to good music.

  30. But it annoys him that now in politics you again find it necessary to advocate measures he detests and attack institutions he reveres.

  31. I have become so irritable that everything annoys me.

  32. Every man annoys his wife, and enthusiasm for art is not the worst thing by a good deal.

  33. But, dear Vyvyan, do not put on such an impertinent and indifferent manner; it annoys Sir Rollo exceedingly.

  34. The only thing that annoys me is a contemptuous and supercilious denial of the facts.

  35. The determination which you all have to regard me as the most learned man on earth annoys me exceedingly," said Pepe, speaking in his former hard tone.

  36. If the light annoys you, all you have to do is to lower the shade with this cord; see, this way.

  37. Do you mean to say that I can’t consult you on a matter that annoys me, without your raking up all my follies of the last five and twenty years?

  38. But what annoys him most of all is the custom of the ladies leaving the table after dinner, and that of preferring cemeteries for the purpose of taking the air and refreshing oneself after business.

  39. What annoys him most of all is that he should have an uncomfortable feeling about the woman "comme si je l'avais aimée!

  40. I am so constituted that a cool look wounds me, a discourteous word annoys me, any disloyalty crushes and overwhelms me.

  41. Come, don't speak any more of this, Julita, for this sort of talk annoys me very much.

  42. And yet she receives him at her house, and treats him with a consideration which, frankly, shall we say, annoys me?

  43. Nothing annoys him more than to be spoken to in any other language.

  44. She hasn't returned yet, and that annoys you.

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