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Example sentences for "antimony"

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  1. When antimony is administered, as it was in that case, the liver becomes fatty and gristled.

  2. When you gave your opinion that Cook died from the effects of antimony had you any reason to think that an undue quantity had been administered?

  3. It is impossible to form an exact judgment as to the time when the antimony was administered, but it must have been within two or three weeks, at the outside before death.

  4. I said that antimony in the form of tartar emetic might occasion vomiting and other symptoms of irritation, and that in large doses it would cause death, preceded by convulsions.

  5. There was no natural cause to account for death, and finding antimony existing throughout the body, we thought it might have been caused by antimony.

  6. Antimony is a component of tartar emetic, tartar emetic produces vomiting, and you will judge from the vomiting at Shrewsbury and Rugeley whether antimony may have been administered to Cook at those places.

  7. May not the injudicious use of a quack medicine containing antimony, the injudicious use of James’s powders, account for the antimony you found in the body?

  8. The longest period at which antimony can be found in the blood after death is eight days; the earliest period at which it has been found after death, within my own knowledge is eighteen hours.

  9. She was not then aware that the theory of the gradual preparation of the body by antimony was to fit into the theory of death from strychnine, but by the time she came here she had become acquainted with that part of the case.

  10. If a man takes antimony he first vomits, and then a part of the antimony goes out of the body; some may escape from the bowels.

  11. Have you not said that the quantity of antimony you found was not sufficient to account for death?

  12. A cook is a taster, she tastes everything, and Palmer must have known that as sure as ever he sent into the kitchen broth containing antimony the cook would take it and be ill.

  13. Antimony gives no reaction under these conditions, so that the method can be used to detect arsenic in the presence of antimony, but the test is not so delicate as either Reinsch's or Marsh's method.

  14. This may be distinguished from the similar antimony deposit by its ready solubility in a solution of sodium hypochlorite.

  15. Arsenic possesses a steel-grey colour, and a decided metallic lustre; it crystallizes on sublimation and slow condensation in rhombohedra, isomorphous with those of antimony and tellurium.

  16. On removing, washing and gently drying the metal and heating it in a glass tube, a white crystalline sublimate is formed on the cool part of the tube; under the same conditions antimony does not produce a crystalline sublimate.

  17. Utah Territory, being the first antimony received in the East from the mines of that section.

  18. The antimony was mined about 140 miles from Salt Lake City.

  19. All antimony heretofore came from Great Britain and the island of Borneo, and paid an import duty of 10 per cent.

  20. Amongst them may be mentioned antimony pentachloride, SbCl{5}, which splits up into chlorine and antimony trichloride when heated.

  21. This may be remedied by adding a small quantity of sulphuret of antimony or perro cyanide of potassium.

  22. The vermilion on her lips gave additional whiteness to her teeth, and the antimony on her eyelids greater length to her eyes.

  23. However indignant he might be at adulterations made to his own prejudice, when he perceived some parcels of nard which were being packed up for countries beyond the sea, he ordered antimony to be mixed with it so as to make it heavier.

  24. The percentage of antimony in the other objects is comparatively small, and the dates assigned to them are not clearly substantiated.

  25. For all diamagnetic substances, except antimony and bismuth, the value of [Kappa] was found to be independent of the temperature.

  26. We found no traces of antimony in any part of the body or its contents.

  27. The sensitiveness to antimony would not affect this opinion.

  28. The presence of antimony in the stomach was clearly shown.

  29. No antimony is, however, found; and from this and other circumstances, results a verdict of "Natural Death.

  30. So far as we could ascertain, there could not have been more than one, or at the most two grains of tartarised antimony in the arrow-root, of which not much more than three parts was eaten.

  31. Two grains is by no means an unusual dose when intended to act as an emetic; but the action of antimony varies greatly with different constitutions.

  32. The strictest and most thorough examination entirely failed in showing the very slightest trace of either antimony or arsenic; either in the contents of the various organs, or in the tissues.

  33. Take two Drachms of crude Antimony and as much Nitre, both finely powdered and very well mixed; dividing the whole into eight equal Doses.

  34. The milder Preparations of Antimony are often necessary in such Cases; and some Purges conduce in particular ones to allay and to abridge the Disorder.

  35. In the Mountains of Valais there are Men who take twenty, and even twenty-four Grains of Glass of Antimony for a single Dose; a Grain or two of which were sufficient to poison ordinary Men.

  36. She had taken various Medicines, and, among the rest, a considerable Quantity of a Ptisan, in which Antimony was blended with some purging Medicines, and a greasy spirituous Balsam had been rubbed into the Part.

  37. To serve as a check on the foregoing method, mercury was also determined in the following method, which also allowed systematic tests for silver, antimony and arsenic.

  38. As the advertising matter for “Syphilodol” referred to the synthetic compound of silver, antimony and arsenic, and also to its use in syphilis by Fournier, the above compound was first suspected.

  39. No antimony was deposited on platinum foil in the presence of granulated zinc.

  40. This reduces the mercury salt to mercury and any silver salt to silver; antimony would probably be likewise reduced.

  41. Now as the sulphur and oxides of zinc and antimony could furnish no earthy matter, no other source remains but the water with which the plants were fed, and the atmosphere with which they were surrounded.

  42. Antimony forms three oxides: now it is the protoxide alone that is useful in medicine, and that enters into the composition of tartar-emetic; the other two oxides are inert, or nearly so.

  43. His notions respecting the antimonial preparations best fitted to form it, are not accurate: nor, indeed, could they be expected to be so, till the nature and properties of the different oxides of antimony were accurately known.

  44. Gray copper ore, which has hitherto appeared so difficult to be reduced to any thing like regularity, is composed of 1 atom sulphide of antimony or arsenic 2 atoms sulphide of copper or silver.

  45. Dark red silver ore is composed of 1 atom sulphide of antimony 1 atom sulphide of silver; and light red silver ore of 2 atoms sesquisulphide of arsenic 3 atoms sulphide of silver.

  46. Zinkenite is composed of 3 atoms sulphide of antimony 1 atom sulphide of lead; and jamesonite of 2½ atoms sulphide of antimony 1 atom sulphide of lead.

  47. Feather ore of antimony, hitherto confounded with sulphuret of antimony, is a compound of 5 atoms sulphide of antimony 3 atoms sulphide of lead.

  48. He then planted these different seeds in flowers of sulphur, and in oxides of antimony and zinc, watering them regularly with distilled water.

  49. One of the reactions which he said he obtained antimony does not conform to.

  50. If the excretions of Mr. Van Ness had been put in the hands of a properly-qualified chemist, by finding the metal antimony or by proving its absence he would at once have settled the case.

  51. Taylor, in his work on medical jurisprudence, says: "Antimony in the metallic state is so easily procured from a small quantity of material that on no account should this be omitted.

  52. They did not save the matters vomited: they did not save the secretions, which would certainly have contained antimony if Mr. Van Ness had been poisoned as alleged.

  53. The evidence that antimony was really there was not satisfactory, and that twenty grains were in the stomach wholly unproven.

  54. Antimony follows closely in the track of gallium and indium, the upper ring of spheres being identical.

  55. Antimony Orange, Golden Sulphur of Antimony, or Golden Yellow, is a hydro-sulphuret of antimony of an orange colour, which is destroyed by the action of strong light.

  56. The oxides of lead, barium, zinc and antimony are found perceptibly to retard the rays.

  57. Bismuth and antimony chlorides are decomposed by water with production of oxychlorides, whilst titanium tetrachloride yields titanic acid under the same conditions.

  58. The majority of the metallic chlorides are solids (stannic chloride, titanic chloride and antimony pentachloride are liquids) which readily volatilize on heating.

  59. The attempts at beautifying the face are often referred to by the poets as marks of beauty, as when Fuzuli dilates upon the "Eyes with antimony darkened, hands with henna crimson dyed.

  60. For this beautifying process a powder was used consisting of antimony and charcoal, powdered fine and applied with so much skill that the skin by contrast is made to stand out in soft whiteness.

  61. If we connect antimony and bismuth bars together and apply heat at the junction of the metals and then connect the free ends of the two bars to a galvanometer, it will indicate a current.

  62. Antimony and bismuth having a great difference of potential are commonly used.

  63. An apparatus called the thermo-electric pile has been constructed out of a great number of pairs of antimony and bismuth bars.

  64. The industries include brewing, saw-milling, lace-making and antimony mining and founding.

  65. The bronzing of gun-barrels may be effected by the use of a strong solution of antimony trichloride.

  66. Anti-friction metals," also used in bearings, are copper-tin alloys in which the amount of copper is small and there is antimony in addition.

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