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  1. In France less than anywhere else is it likely that even such a powerful force as modern realism will long dominate the constructive, the architectonic faculty, which is part of the very fibre of the French genius.

  2. It is indeed in this symbolical figure that we see the outline of the pointed arch plainly developed at least a century and half before the appearance of it in architectonic form.

  3. From the commencement of the thirteenth century up to the Reformation sedilia became a common appendage to a church, and the styles are easily distinguished by their peculiar architectonic features.

  4. The churches of this country were anciently so constructed as to display, in their internal arrangement, certain appendages designed with architectonic skill, and adapted purposely for the celebration of mass and other religious offices.

  5. At the same time, it is too architectonic to have either evolved or been put together from style manuals.

  6. The structure is much too architectonic to have evolved and in many respects much too advanced for its day to have been designed by a local carpenter-builder.

  7. Let that not be held too much against him, for many an English dramatist, like almost every English novelist, is weak in the architectonic qualities of his work.

  8. Hildebrand may be mentioned with these, as having drawn attention to the nature of art as architectonic rather than imitative, with special application to the art of sculpture.

  9. It might be placed as a motto on the first page of Plato's Republic, for justice is the architectonic virtue which maintains the health and safety of the State.

  10. That Aristotle so regarded one of their most important aphorisms on the architectonic supremacy of justice, we have already seen.

  11. The defect of these schools is that they fail to see the architectonic Homer, the poet who builds the crude materials furnished by his people into an enduring structure of the noblest art.

  12. Still the architectonic principle is powerful in the Iliad, though more instinctive, and far less explicit than in the Odyssey.

  13. Homer is the builder, the architectonic genius; he organizes the floating, disparate songs of his age into a great totality, into a Greek Temple of which they are the stones.

  14. From this point of view the misleading influence of Kant's architectonic may again be noted.

  15. Kant delights to insist upon the confirmation given to his teaching by the fulfilment of architectonic requirements; he is for the most part silent when they fail to correspond.

  16. Loyalty to his architectonic scheme prevents such doubt and disquietude from finding further expression.

  17. Doubtless, had he been sufficiently bent upon it, he could have worked out some sort of fourfold division; but there were limits even to Kant's devotion to the architectonic scheme.

  18. This Introduction[639] which falls into four divisions, is extremely diffuse, and contributes little that is of more than merely architectonic value.

  19. Architectonic forbids that the extreme radical consequences of the teaching of the Analytic should be allowed to show in their full force.

  20. This architectonic was a hobby sufficiently serious to yield him keen pleasure in its elaboration, but was not so vital to his main purposes as to call for stronger measures when shortcomings occurred.

  21. This departure from the demands of strict architectonic is made without comment or explanation of any kind.

  22. The architectonic has in this connection two very unfortunate consequences.

  23. It is the expression only of a preconception, and has eluded the scrutiny of his Critical method largely because of the protective colouring which its admirable adaptation to the needs of his architectonic confers upon it.

  24. Critique= contains the principles of all a priori synthetical knowledge, tracing an architectonic plan which guarantees the completeness and certainty of all the parts.

  25. All palaces and churches have laths nailed on their architectonic lines, upon which the lamps for the festive illuminations are to be fastened.

  26. Since the architectonic conditions were unfavorable to the creation of a magnificent whole, an attempt was made to ornament the individual parts with brilliancy and magnificence.

  27. In all cases there is an evident aim at improving upon the somewhat inartistic Corinthian forms, in the direction of grace, lightness, and architectonic symmetry.

  28. THE FIS ADAMNÁIN The general plan of the Fis Adamnáin is distinguished from that of the other similar writings that have come down to us by an architectonic character to which they can make no claim.

  29. If nature has furnished the architectonic beauty, the soul in its turn determines the beauty of the play, and now also we know what we must understand by charm and grace.

  30. There is no danger that the architectonic features ever become changed by the play of voluntary movements, and never would liberty trouble the functions of vegetative life.

  31. But this can only be true respecting the architectonic beauty of man, where the necessary laws of physical nature are sustained by another necessity, that of the teleological principle which determines them.

  32. By the permanent configuration of animals through their fixed and architectonic features, nature expresses the aim she proposed in creating them; by their mimic traits she expresses the want awakened and the want satisfied.

  33. So happy a concord between animal nature and the will cannot but be favorable to architectonic beauty, and it is there that we can observe this beauty in all its purity.

  34. The architectonic beauty of man is then, in the way I have explained it, the visible expression of a rational conception, but it is so only in the same sense and the same title as are in general all the beautiful creations of nature.

  35. But his physical nature is determined, we know, by the idea of his humanity; from which it follows that his architectonic beauty is so also mediately.

  36. Attic figures - August Jaegers Standing decorative figures of architectonic feeling, in the attic above the preceding figures.

  37. The Fountains of the Rising and the Setting Sun are most impressive by their architectonic quality, and Weinman's clear style of modeling is seen at its best in the Tritons in the fountain bowl.

  38. Great painters would not, of course, be bound by architectonic rule in the same degree as the mere workmen who painted vases.

  39. The Greek artist not only adhered to the architectonic laws of balance and symmetry, but he thought in schemes.

  40. A complete disassociation of ideas, harmonies, rhythmic life, architectonic is demanded.

  41. Such a combination could not long exist in architectonic systems in which the stone column played its true part.

  42. The aesthetic faculty is concerned with architectonic beauty.

  43. The essay then goes on to make a distinction between architectonic and technical beauty.

  44. The architectonic beauty of the human form and its technical perfection are two ideas, which we must take good care not to confound.

  45. Imitative grace is to true grace what beauty of toilet is to architectonic beauty.

  46. A noble soul spreads even over a face in which the architectonic beauty is wanting an irresistible grace, and often even triumphs over the natural disfavor.

  47. The sculpture is properly subordinated to the architectonic principle, and one can understand how it is not only the work of a goldsmith, but of a painter.

  48. Every little turret is different in architectonic form, and statues of saints are to be seen standing within these.

  49. These primordial entities are the substratum, or ground, of all the mediate architectonic creation which is effected by the moving and informing presence and agency of the Spirit of God.

  50. Horizontal lines are as far as possible annihilated; walls are lost in windows; aisles and columns, apses and chapels, are multiplied with a view to complexity of architectonic effect; flat roofs become intolerable.

  51. We must not seek for severe discipline and architectonic design.

  52. There is indeed something almost architectonic in these masterpieces of the great Sebastian.

  53. For the same reasons the succession of phrases, periods, and sections which constitutes the architectonic principle of form in modern music does not appear.

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