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Example sentences for "audibly"

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audax; audeat; audet; audibility; audible; audience; audiences; audiencias; audiens; audio
  1. However, he takes care audibly to hold up his hostess's opinions and condemn her lord's.

  2. And then and there the mother knelt, And audibly she cried- "Oh!

  3. All rose, and the articles were again read, at the end of which all audibly responded, "We do thus believe.

  4. In like manner they audibly assented to the covenant.

  5. Whereupon the Misses Redwood redoubled their clamour, and could only be allured back to the shelter of my fatigued wing by my going to them and audibly bawling in their faces, "Bravo, Redwood!

  6. I got a terrible blow on the eye, but I gave him two, and caused him to regret audibly that he had spoken disparagingly of my cruel fair.

  7. Meanwhile the murderer, impatient to receive his doom, was audibly calling to him 'CO-O-OME here!

  8. He might be better employed at such an hour than playing on the flute," replied the widow, sighing audibly and smoothing a crease out of her apron.

  9. It is ill-bred for gentlemen to congregate in the vestibule of a church and there chat familiarly, often commenting audibly upon the service or the congregation.

  10. In a public conveyance, a gentleman should offer his seat to any lady who is standing, and the lady should thank him audibly for the courtesy.

  11. Leaning forward he spat out a mouthful of blood, and another tooth clicked audibly upon the rocks.

  12. Shyuote whispered audibly to him, "Yes; you are very fond of the Koshare.

  13. At the sound of the words the Swiss spun on his heel, then gulped audibly and backed away, flinching almost as though a blow had been aimed at him.

  14. Beneath the cage a white man in overalls slumbered audibly upon a tarpaulin folded into a pallet.

  15. Also, do not have the linen covers put on the furniture, and the house audibly shut up for the night, before she has gone.

  16. Merely leave it on your plate, without audibly giving the reason; and then, in a low voice, desire the waiter to bring you something else.

  17. And then if they make a noise, some elder member of the family is subjected to the mortification of conveying them out of church--perhaps by desire of the minister audibly expressed from the pulpit.

  18. He can audibly give himself suggestions, or he can mentally give himself suggestions.

  19. Many feel if they audibly give themselves suggestions, they will "awaken.

  20. Oh, I pray God there is a hell," came audibly from as kind a heart as ever beat.

  21. The poor little housewife has many an anxious, tearful hour in striving to make both ends meet, while the most amiable husband cannot help wondering audibly "how it is they cannot live as cheaply as other people do.

  22. I stood too much in dread of her frankness to ask if sugar is never honest, or to speculate audibly why she chose parsnips with their length of fibre and peculiar cloying sweet, as types of daily living.

  23. The other day a friend shuddered audibly over the poem, admired by many, entitled--"The Little White Hearse.

  24. Explain audibly to your patients, as soon as they can bear it, the complete control which Mind holds over the body.

  25. Then as they came up with him, skilled in all deep and desperate wiles, he instantly commenced a whispered conversation, a tissue of mere nonsense, with here and there a word of seeming import clearly and audibly pronounced.

  26. The deep, sonorous voice of the abbot audibly faltered as he commenced the sacred service, and looked on the fair beings kneeling, in the beauty and freshness of their youth, before him.

  27. Near the other, her arms and feet pinioned, Alan, with a heart beating almost audibly with indignation, recognized his mother.

  28. Mr. Read watched the door, also; and his displeasure at the tardiness of his favorite was audibly vented.

  29. The words were so audibly breathed that the girl started in her delirious sorrow, and gazed wildly around.

  30. There sat Cinderella by the kitchen fire, very stiff and straight, but weeping audibly with her little fists in her eyes.

  31. After a pause, she audibly murmured the word-- "Manitou.

  32. The word "bauble" was audibly and curiously repeated.

  33. With a few more words Christie took leave, and scandalized the sable retainer by smiling all through the hall, and laughing audibly as the door closed.

  34. Augustine prayed audibly above her, and the fervor of his broken words comforted all hearts but one.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "audibly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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