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audiphone; audire; audit; audita; audited; audition; auditions; auditive; audito; auditor
  1. Before the final business session of the Annual Meeting of the Association, the accounts of the Treasurer shall be submitted for examination to the Auditing Committee appointed by the President at the opening session of the Annual Meeting.

  2. May we hear from our Auditing Committee, Mr. Silvis.

  3. Two other important party organs function under the supervision of the Standing Presidium and the Secretariat: the Central Auditing Commission and the Central Collegium, formerly known as the Party Control Commission.

  4. The Chief of the Auditing Department shall be elected by the Senate.

  5. The Chief of the Auditing Department may attend sittings of both Houses and report on the Audit with explanatory statements.

  6. Orders on the Treasury for payments on account of the annual expenditures of the Government shall first be passed by the Auditing Department.

  7. Accounts of the annual expenditures and annual receipts for each year should first be referred to the Auditing Department for investigation and then the Executive Department shall report the same to the National Assembly.

  8. The method of organization of the Auditing Department and the qualification of the Auditors shall be fixed by law.

  9. Every attempt to forecast the future is subject in the end to the auditing of present concrete impulse and habit.

  10. It would make accounting and auditing a subordinate factor in discovering the meaning of present activity.

  11. In Ireland the same provisions apply, that is, library accounts are to be kept and audited like those of the local authority, and copies of the accounts are to be sent within one month after auditing to the Lord Lieutenant.

  12. The cost of auditing accounts is laid down in the “District Auditors’ Act, 1879,” according to the following scale.

  13. The charges for auditing by a firm of chartered accountants are generally according to an agreed scale.

  14. His powers and duties include the auditing of all accounts of each state department, institution and agency, and he acts as chief auditor and accountant of the Auditing Committee of the General Assembly.

  15. Each time the regular session of the legislature is held, the General Assembly appoints a standing committee, called the auditing committee which consists of two members of the Senate and three members of the House of Delegates.

  16. In addition, he is responsible for exposing unauthorized, illegal or unwise handling of state funds to the Governor, the Auditing Committee of the General Assembly and the Comptroller.

  17. The system of auditing the public accounts had been complained of as being insufficient for ensuring the proper application of the revenue.

  18. In this suggestion the Colonial Secretary expressed his concurrence, and he transmitted various documents explanatory of the system of auditing the public accounts of the Kingdom.

  19. In the former capacity the duty was imposed upon him of taking part in the auditing of his own accounts.

  20. After auditing the accounts the committee was to count the money in the royal treasury.

  21. In addition to auditing the records of the office, he had to pursue inquiries as to the truth of these charges.

  22. The acuerdo concerned itself with the maintenance of prisons and the care of prisoners, the residencias of provincial officials, the auditing of accounts, the collection of the revenue, and the supervision of the officials of the treasury.

  23. In connection with the latter was the duty of auditing the accounts of benefices which were subject to the royal patronage whenever a transfer of occupants was made.

  24. The residencia was conducted by a judicial official, and it combined the features of a general survey of the career of the official under investigation, an auditing of his accounts and a formal trial.

  25. I obtained it from them, in order to set it down in his Majesty's books in this auditing department of the royal exchequer, and to make these copies.

  26. Of those posts, and of all others that his Majesty has sustained and sustains in these Filipinas Islands, there is a full account in this auditing department of the royal exchequer which is in my charge.

  27. I think perhaps the first thing we should do might be to proceed with the election of a Nominating Committee and the Auditing Committee.

  28. President Davidson: Am I correct in saying that the Auditing Committee is elective, rather than appointive by the Executive Committee?

  29. The auditing committees on the several departments, for example, have now for some time exercised little more than a merely nominal oversight over executive expenditures.

  30. There are, therefore, no unclosed accounts to obscure the view of the auditing authorities.

  31. REED: Mr. Chairman, I believe I am the sole member of the Auditing Committee who is present.

  32. I believe that is usually referred to an auditing committee.

  33. I believe we have a report of the auditing committee that should come up.

  34. The auditing committee's certificate to the correctness of the account should be written on the statement.

  35. The auditing committee's report being accepted is equivalent to a resolution of the society to the same effect, namely, that the treasurer's report is correct.

  36. The details of dates and separate payments for the same object, are a hinderance to its being understood, and are useless, as it is the duty of the auditing committee to examine into the details and see if the report is correct.

  37. Every disbursing officer should be careful to get a receipt whenever he makes a payment; these receipts should be preserved in regular order, as they are the vouchers for the payments, which must be examined by the auditing committee.

  38. Formerly Lecturer on Auditing at the Evening School of Accounts and Finance of the University of Pennsylvania, and the School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance of the New York University.

  39. Now, if you should take the money out and put it in some depository in St. Louis or elsewhere to your credit you would be put to the expense of organizing an auditing system, the same as we have been.

  40. Auditing is taken up from the business man's point of view rather than from the point of view of the practitioner.

  41. Organized in the same way as the Party, the union has parallel basic organizations, district and city committees, a Central Committee, a Politburo, and a Central Control and Auditing Commission.

  42. Among these were Liri Belishova, a member of the Politburo, and Koco Tashko, head of the Party's Auditing Commission; these two were also cited by Khrushchev as examples of the alleged reign of terror that prevailed in Albania.

  43. On the fourth day the auditing of the marshal's accounts took place at the high table of the marshal of the province.

  44. Sviazhsky comically imitated the tearful discourse of the marshal, and observed, addressing Nevyedovsky, that his excellency would have to select another more complicated method of auditing the accounts than tears.

  45. The Bank has now actually become the only budget-auditing savings account machinery of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic.

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