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Example sentences for "austerely"

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ausser; aussi; aussitot; aussy; austere; austerer; austerest; austerities; austerity; ausus
  1. Cowell, has austerely decided that Omar's gaiety is "but a risus sardonicus of despair.

  2. These are log buildings, austerely square and ugly in the extreme.

  3. They were sitting austerely upright with grave faces as became the occasion, when it came upon them suddenly that the police stripling was intoxicated.

  4. There was an austerely serious, almost Puritanic, spirit in the Romans of the old stock and they seem sometimes to have felt the need to assure themselves that prostitution really was morally justifiable.

  5. It cannot be too austerely discriminated from mere ornament, and from every thing approaching a striking and sensational character.

  6. And you austerely single-minded amateurs, you experts that surely shall be, I revere if I may not follow you.

  7. For a moment, as he loomed in the archway, she indulged that especial pride which we reserve for that which we might possess but austerely deny ourselves.

  8. If I have too austerely punish'd you, Your compensation makes amends; for Have given you here a third of mine own life, Or that for which I live; who once again I tender to thy hand.

  9. Might'st thou perceive austerely in his eye That he did plead in earnest?

  10. The hall was big and austerely bare, except for the ribbons and flags and palms which decorated it.

  11. Hereto the abbess very austerely replying, Thou naughty wicked girl, why didst thou not cry, A rape, a rape!

  12. Several of the congregation had been roused from their beds to hear his lamentations, of whom the men sympathized with him, while the wives triumphed austerely over Bell Dundas.

  13. The congregation emerged austerely from the church, shaking their heads solemnly over the minister's remarks, and their feet carried them into the tent.

  14. For me she holds a singular appeal, because she is unlike the only woman I ever have the chance of meeting, and because we, that gentle, austerely attractive creature and I, have much in common.

  15. She did not seem to note his approach; she was gazing austerely off through the naked branches of the maples where two crimson sunset bars lay on the deep blue sky.

  16. But thirty years ago, before the platform was covered with modern shrines not all in harmony with aesthetic canons, it was still more gravely and austerely beautiful.

  17. We have austerely set our faces against gambling in every form, especially gambling with cards, and interfere not a little with this fascinating pastime.

  18. I have heard of such a person," answers Miss King, peering austerely over her spectacles at Hyacinthe.

  19. Illustration: Signature--Allan Melville] It was in Albany that Allan met Maria Gansevoort: a meeting of which his journal is austerely ignorant.

  20. Though at the beginning of the voyage he refused the friendly offer of a cigar, he less austerely eschewed tobacco by the time he again struck land.

  21. Her own, austerely rude, affords the rest To which her parting kiss consigns the guest.

  22. Chayter, who had waited on him, refused austerely to change his opinion with every change in his master's temperature; but the nurses took the cheering view that it would do their charge good for Mr. Dormer to sit with him a little.

  23. The third house on his list was more promising in appearance, for it stood austerely remote from its neighbors.

  24. He merely grinned, presented his card of admission in a paw washed clean only in spots, and accepted with equal equanimity the piercing gaze of the usher and the rear seat to which that outraged youth austerely conducted him.

  25. How long, too austerely taught that companionship with the things that die brings with it but sorrow in its sweetness, hast thou dwelt contented with thy majestic solitude?

  26. Then she fluttered off under the gloomy charge of Merle, who had remained austerely aloof from the night's gayety.

  27. Perhaps he felt that he had austerely played the flute too long.

  28. She had even conceived a clerk of forbidding aspect who would now austerely reply: "Woman, how dare you come in here and talk that way?

  29. They were close to the dining-room window, and Mrs Mountstuart preferred the terminating of a dialogue that did not promise to leave her features the austerely iron cast with which she had commenced it.

  30. This petrifaction of egoism would from amazedly to austerely refuse the petition.

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