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Example sentences for "awls"

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  1. The needles and awls in use are conveniently carried in some kind of metal tube, with wads of cork at either end, to preserve their points.

  2. Arm for the purpose of traiding some awls which they had made of the links of small chain belonging to one of their steel traps, for some roots.

  3. I gave these women some beads a few mockerson awls some pewter looking-glasses and a little paint.

  4. Sold us 4 dogs Some Shapollell and wood for our Small articles Such as awls pieces of Tin and brass.

  5. Although much of the experimentation with awls and drills may be made outside of school hours, the results of these experiments should be discussed during the recitation period.

  6. He told of awls and spindles that were made of this wood and used to bore holes through teeth and claws.

  7. Let the child make bone awls of the wing bones of chickens, and sinew thread from the sinews attached to the leg bones.

  8. Illustration: “He took a round stick that had a sharp point and twirled it on his thigh”] But they could not punch holes through teeth and claws, so they learned to twirl the awls in their hands.

  9. They were not so smooth nor so round as the awls she had made of bird's bones.

  10. They were more like awls and pins, than needles.

  11. Chipped and polished flints, awls and polishers in bone; harpoons rare.

  12. The bone industry includes a number of awls and smoothers, as well as numerous 'batons de commandement.

  13. The wood is of much value to all the Ojibwe, especially for making awls to punch holes in birch bark as they are sewing it with Jack Pine roots.

  14. The Flambeau Ojibwe women use the sharp thorns for sewing awls on finer work such as buckskin sewing with sinew.

  15. One of these soldiers always stands near the spot where the labourers are at work, and every now and then turns slowly around, and frequently lifts up his head, and with his awls beats upon the building, and makes a sort of hissing noise.

  16. Some of them too (perhaps they are the officers) are constantly beating with their awls upon the outside wall, and make a sound something quicker and sharper than the ticking of a watch.

  17. Neither did they neglect to carry away their spears, their knife and axe, which were almost worn out, or their awls and needles, which were carefully preserved in a box, very ingeniously made of bone.

  18. He threw his awl and up rose innumerable awls on the prairie which, pointing toward the Head, formed a barrier which it could not pass.

  19. He gives them some beads and awls and some paint.

  20. Now the women showed their paint and awls and things.

  21. Awls and a variety of fish-hooks are abundant; but spears or harpoons are very rare.

  22. Portion of a solid bracelet ornamented with lines and concentric circles, awls and chisels (Nos.

  23. The gifts consisted of kettles and hatchets and awls and needles and looking-glasses and bells and combs and paint, but not guns.

  24. Some of the magazine brad awls containing a dozen awls and screw-driver are very convenient, but the combinations supposed to contain a whole tool outfit, including saws, are poor investments.

  25. Animal bones were made into points for arrows or harpoon barbs, awls and tubes that were probably used in gambling.

  26. The same remarks are true of awls made of the distal end of the metapodial of the deer.

  27. Awls made of bone have been found in this area.

  28. Of awls we saw only one specimen, which, perhaps, ought rather to be considered a little hand drill.

  29. Spare brought out the lasts and awls he had hidden in a corner; Scrub and he began their old trade, and the whole North Country found out that there never were such cobblers.

  30. His awls were sharp, his lasts were new; he set up his stall in a neat cottage with two windows.

  31. In Ireland, a similar corruption may be observed, the four shoemaker's awls taking the place of the four representatives of society.

  32. Although having no connexion with the Four Alls, it may be mentioned that three and four awls constitute the charges in the shoemakers' arms of some of the continental trade societies or guilds.

  33. The individual had been seated upon the sand, these awls stuck around him in a circle 4 or 5 inches in the sand, and the work of carrying dirt begun.

  34. Several small copper awls in bone handles, and the shells of box-turtles, were also found with the skeletons.

  35. Shields, the skilful, cut out the garments with a butcher knife, and all set to work with awls for needles and deer sinews for thread.

  36. Shields the gunsmith ingeniously hammered links of Drouillard's trap into awls to exchange for bread.

  37. But instead of trinkets the sensible Nez Perces desired knives, buttons, awls for making moccasins, blankets, kettles.

  38. Spare brought out the lasts and awls he had hidden in the corner.

  39. Scrub thought his lasts and awls had better be left behind, as without them no one would suspect him of being a cobbler.

  40. His awls were sharp and his lasts were new.

  41. Scrub considered his lasts and awls better left behind, as without them, he concluded, no one would suspect him of being a cobbler.

  42. Spare brought out the lasts and awls he had hidden in a corner; Scrub and he began their old trade, and the whole north country found out that there never were such cobblers.

  43. Keller[1451] as awls or piercers, are perforated at one end, and appear to be ground over their whole surface.

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