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Example sentences for "biggish"

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bigged; bigger; biggest; biggin; bigging; biggit; biggity; bighorn; bighorns; bight
  1. Close to us were steam trawlers and mine-sweepers steaming along with columns of spray spouting up close by them from falling field gun shells, with here and there a biggish fellow amongst them, probably a five or six inch field howitzer.

  2. A biggish sea running, subsiding as the day went on--and my mind grew calmer with the waves.

  3. But of course some allowance had to be made for men not making much above wages when they came suddenly on a biggish stone, and sticking the pick into it found it to be a gigantic nugget worth a small fortune.

  4. Weistritz or Schweidnitz Water is a biggish muddy stream in that part; gushing and eddying; not voiceless, vexed by mills and their weirs.

  5. Suddenly--I fear I must use this adverb often, for all the happenings on that night were sudden--I saw a biggish animal break through the reeds on the far side.

  6. At Wesselsburg out on the plain there was a biggish police patrol, and a system of small patrols along the road, with a fair number of Basuto scouts.

  7. It's going to be a biggish one, I should think.

  8. There were some biggish ones, too, you remember; but the slide snapped them off like so many carrots.

  9. I found the village--half a dozen houses with one biggish place that looked like an inn.

  10. The man that will understand her has got to take a biggish size in hats.

  11. The car swung out from the trees into a park lined with saplings, and in the twilight I saw before me a biggish house like an overgrown Swiss chalet.

  12. Another ten yards and we were at a cross-roads, where a little place faced a biggish mosque.

  13. If we don't find him there we must try Cuba; but San Domingo is by far the most likely place for him to choose for his headquarters, and there are at least four biggish rivers he could sail up, beside a score of smaller ones.

  14. I shall either build or buy a biggish craft, for racing in summer, and cruising in winter.

  15. I'll own up that I've taken a fancy to you, that I'd plank down a biggish sum to keep you with me.

  16. The old man has just paid some biggish debts for me.

  17. He stole ahead, got over the stone obstructions, and came on to a biggish room which once had been a refectory.

  18. A biggish chap, a bit too round an' wi' too much neck.

  19. It is evidently a biggish affair, with a big man behind it.

  20. He came into a biggish fortune when he came of age, but ran through it in a couple of years.

  21. It is a biggish thing to decide on, but there ought certainly to be money in it.

  22. In front of him was a monstrous cup, and a plate piled with biggish squares of stone.

  23. The road gave on open country in a few miles, though there were camps to be seen between it and the river, with wharves and buildings at intervals, and ahead a biggish waterside village.

  24. Some where outside of a biggish town," he said; "and there's the devil of a strafe on.

  25. I reckon this is going to be a bigger storm nor ordinary, and I have seen some biggish storms on the Mississippi too.

  26. In the middle of the length is a clump of Lilium giganteum and a biggish grouping of Dielytra spectabilis.

  27. I think it's a piece of open coast with biggish cliffs, somewhere between the Wash and the Channel.

  28. The actual summit, as I have mentioned, was a biggish clump of trees--firs mostly, with a few ashes and beeches.

  29. But presently I made out a biggish heap of some sort in the lower berth, and then that the heap was a man lying with his back toward me and his face turned to the ship's side.

  30. If the trail of your biggish animal this morning was darker than the grass, then you didn't follow him, you were going away from him all the time.

  31. Besides, it's a biggish thing ter be a Injun chief.

  32. I've a biggish outfit of Eskimo, and the usual truck of the summer trail, back there on the river that comes out of the east.

  33. It seems there's a biggish trading post way up hidden somewhere on the plateau of Unaga.

  34. It's a biggish hole, but Jim'll be all right in a few days, never fear.

  35. Mounting a hillock, he caught sight of a biggish shaggy-haired dog some distance down the pasture.

  36. Coach-and-horses," said a biggish fellow, who had just entered the playground with some long strips of leather over his arm and a whip in his hand.

  37. Pigeon and another biggish fellow did the same.

  38. By this time they had a biggish fund of money for the support of strikes, and could stop a certain industry altogether for a time if they so determined.

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