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Example sentences for "bleated"

Lexicographically close words:
blear; bleared; bleary; blease; bleat; bleating; bleatings; bleats; blebs; bled
  1. Though he bleated loudly for help, no one came except some huntsmen who were in search of Chamois.

  2. I thought I might perhaps wait a moment in the ante-room and put it on before entering the presence of Royalty," bleated the Goat-mother.

  3. The goats gazed sadly, and bleated longingly, after the two men as they disappeared in the dusk, and when the men had passed entirely out of sight, the goats looked at each other and complained bitterly.

  4. Then she bleated quite fondly, went to Moni's other side and rubbed her head on the other shoulder.

  5. She rubbed her head quite contentedly from time to time against Moni's shoulder and bleated happily.

  6. And Moni began to cry so hard, that he could no longer speak, and the kid bleated pitifully and crept far under his arm, as if it wanted to cling to him and be protected.

  7. The antelope bleated but lay trembling, making no attempt to rise.

  8. They bleated piteously the first evening, probably distressed at leaving their native country.

  9. The district was thickly peopled by nomads, and black tents were often seen where sheep bleated and dogs barked; women and boys guarded the flocks, and yaks grazed on the slopes.

  10. There were no cows, but sheep stumbled up and bleated at their approach, and for some time the tinkling of the bell-wether's bell accompanied them like music.

  11. They were very hungry now, and bleated pitifully.

  12. They were frightened and bleated a good deal, but when one was caught and carried away, although he might struggle hard to free himself, he did not open his mouth.

  13. They did not understand it either, so they were frightened and bewildered, and bleated often to each other, "What is this for?

  14. They were apparently as pleased as she was to be among the heights again, for they leaped about and bleated for joy, pushing Heidi this way and that, each anxious to express his delight with some sign of affection.

  15. Then there was little White Snowflake, who bleated in such a plaintive and beseeching manner that Heidi already had several times run to it and taken its head in her hands to comfort it.

  16. Then he bleated vigorously for three minutes; and then the warmth of that snug corner of the kitchen sent him off to sleep again.

  17. Finn bleated rather languidly for two minutes in his new environment, and then, being very full of milk, and very warm, forgot what the trouble was and fell asleep.

  18. I smiled the smile of a skull in a doctor's waiting-room, and in a sickly voice bleated my pleasure in meeting these new acquaintances.

  19. Even the cattle in mat-sheds and byres bleated and cried, and wild jungle things off on mountains scurried and were afraid.

  20. I won't do it," bleated Obadiah, striking the desk a resounding thump which made Hezekiah open his eyes with a start.

  21. What I want to know," Obadiah bleated in a high falsetto, "is, how fast were you going?

  22. He therefore bleated again more pleadingly, and again there came back the answer, choked and feeble indeed, but quite obviously the voice of his own dear Donald.

  23. Yes, and he bleated and 'kye-kyed' just feeful!

  24. Billy bleated to the elephant and he raised his head and looked in all directions to see where Billy was but he could not see him, until Billy told him where to look.

  25. As she did not move Billy concluded to awaken her so he bleated "Good evening" to her.

  26. And Billy who was not afraid of any man or thing, bleated back that he had, though I doubt whether the man understood him or not.

  27. Billy felt the additional weight in a minute and he bleated to Nanny that he would be switched if he would pull Tim Rooney, the boy who sold him so cheaply.

  28. Now it made Billy mad to have a goat mock everything he did, so he bleated for him to stop immediately or he would hook him down the front stair.

  29. The goats bleated and squirmed, wiggled and bucked, but nothing dismayed the boys and they kept on until the two goats were harnessed up tight and strong to the cart, and then the fun began.

  30. Such hearts, however, as had bleated for their sympathy had either bleated altogether in vain, or, finding the sympathy vouchsafed not at all what they wanted, bleated more fiercely than before.

  31. She bleated softly; the hemlock curtain was thrust aside, and the little ones came out.

  32. I had almost reached the little fellow when the wind brought him the strong scent that he had learned in the woods a few days before, and he bleated sharply.

  33. Then they either broke and fled or bleated the customary plea for mercy.

  34. And, in truth, although the ram kicked and struggled and bleated with rage, they tied his legs and put him into the cart and carried him away to the butcher.

  35. There is only one living," bleated Mrs. Samphire.

  36. Mrs. Samphire bleated dismay and displeasure; but much to the Squire's surprise, Lady Randolph sustained Mark's choice of art as an avenue to success.

  37. It doesn't make any difference that they're aristocrats," bleated Volodin in an injured tone.

  38. Volodin entered and bleated joyously: "The future inspector is hopping the trepak!

  39. Schwänli and Bärli bleated for joy, and all her other favorites pressed near to her.

  40. The Thistlefinch, being enraged to find himself stopped in his charming ramble, bleated furiously.

  41. They were apparently as pleased as she was to be among the heights again, for they leaped about and bleated for joy.

  42. As soon as Heidi caught sight of them she ran and embraced them, and they bleated in return, while they vied with each other in showing their affection by poking their heads against her and trying which could get nearest her.

  43. For a few minutes she bleated like a sheep in distress; after that the only sound was the snarling and the crunching of the wolves as they feasted.

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