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Example sentences for "bolstering"

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bolometer; bolos; bolsa; bolster; bolstered; bolsters; bolt; bolted; bolters; bolting
  1. What is the use of bolstering up a presumably sincere religious movement with these puerile and mischievous statements?

  2. The situation at Aden has had a marked effect in bolstering up the Turkish campaign of spurious pan-Islamism, and those of us who have been dealing with chiefs in other parts of Arabia have met it at every turn.

  3. Unless the Western Powers can trust Russia sufficiently to leave her in full possession, they must make up their minds to bolstering up the impossible Turk for a further period of years.

  4. Rival towns were competing for the trail business, wintered cattle were lower, and a perfect chaos existed as to future prices, drovers bolstering and pretended buyers depressing them.

  5. Major Hunter, ever inclined to look on the bright side of things, believed that the crisis had passed, even bolstering up my hopes in the next administration.

  6. No doubt he was a clever man, and knew how to address a jury, but he was always thinking of himself, and bolstering up something of his own, instead of thinking of his case and bolstering up his client.

  7. It might be that the clumsy fiction of the letters had been perpetrated with the view of bolstering up a true case with false evidence.

  8. Mine own conscience pricks me at times over this bolstering up of a Papist to rule over a Protestant nation.

  9. Are you not content with bolstering up rebels, but you must go out of your way to slander the King's troops?

  10. Jehane, as she had done with his father before him, invented good news when good news was lacking, bolstering her pride in public.

  11. Medicine," as a means to bolstering up his courage, was a habit which grew upon him.

  12. No thinker writes on political economy without quoting the "Social Contract," either for the sake of bolstering his own argument, or to show the folly of Jean Jacques.

  13. The liberals refused to support her for fear of endangering Soviet Russia's precarious relations with Great Britain; the radicals insisted on the need of bolstering the Bolsheviki during the period of revolutionary experimentation.

  14. For the next two years she devoted herself to bolstering the cause of the Loyalists.

  15. It--the bolstering up--has been going on for a long time now, to what extent I am not prepared to show.

  16. And I cannot approve of the bolstering up of Carey's cousins, the Carters, in their chemical works at Stokeleigh, which it strikes me will never do much good.

  17. Unconsciously he has been bolstering up the eventual Renaissance.

  18. There's nothing but superstition and squalor, and I'm sorry to say father's always bolstering it all up with his cheques.

  19. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bolstering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    affirmation; attestation; backing; bearing; bracing; burdened; carrying; certification; confirmation; documentation; fortification; holding; proof; ratification; reinforcement; strengthening; support; supporting; supportive; sustaining; verification