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Example sentences for "bolsters"

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bolos; bolsa; bolster; bolstered; bolstering; bolt; bolted; bolters; bolting; bolts
  1. The bolsters are made of old ponchos, or lechus, otherwise called mandils, woven blankets obtained from the Araucanos, who are famous for their manufacture, stuffed with guanaco wool and sewn up with ostrich or guanaco sinews.

  2. The bolsters do duty as pillows or as seats, and help to form the women's saddles on the march.

  3. The furniture of the toldos consists of one or two bolsters and a horse hide or two to each sleeping compartment, one to act as a curtain and the other for bedding.

  4. After our supper off guanaco meat, and a smoke, I turned in, and slept soundly on my Tehuelche bed of hides and bolsters which had been carefully arranged by the tall hostess.

  5. Bolsters filled with pemmican and dried-liver pie were made to fit the sledges and form a bed on which the kayaks were to rest.

  6. There were no bedsteads, although six small feather beds with bolsters and one old and small flock bed are listed.

  7. The fruit produces a very fine cotton, resembling silk, used for stuffing bolsters and chair seats.

  8. At the second floor they emerged into a small chamber strewn with bolsters and carpets that seemed to be Jadar's reception room.

  9. He removed his boots, tossed them in the corner, and eased himself onto the bolsters piled at one end of the central carpet.

  10. As they entered the Diwan-i-Khas, Hawksworth noticed its floor was covered with a vast Persian carpet, over which had been scattered bolsters and pillows for lounging.

  11. Arangbar clapped drunkenly and the guests began to settle themselves around the bolsters that had been strewn about the carpet.

  12. At the back and on the bolsters were three large jaguars' heads, and the framework, instead of wood, was of beautifully carved ivory.

  13. Anton would make the quartette sit in the arbor, and grouped the others around the room, the bed having been arranged with bolsters and cushions so as to look like a second sofa.

  14. The pemmican bolsters and dried-liver pie are now ready; the kayaks will get an excellent bedding, and I venture to say that such meat-bolsters are an absolute novelty.

  15. Sverdrup is sewing bags or bolsters to put on the sledges as beds for the kayaks to rest on.

  16. The light passenger riding seat box is bound together with iron braces and side irons so it does not need bolsters to hold the sides together.

  17. The heavy hardwood plank reach that connects the two bolsters is put through a mortise through the front bolster and is fastened rigidly by an extra large king-bolt.

  18. Cast Steel Body and Truck Bolsters with special side bearings to provide for sharp curves.

  19. Truck Bolsters built up of Steel I-Beams.

  20. Side Sills Steel Channels carried at Bolsters and on Cross bearers.

  21. The bolsters are of special design, with hemispherical center bearing, to take care of the rock of the trucks in passing over the sharp, vertical curves.

  22. Bolsters are built up of Structural and Cast Steel of ample capacity to carry load.

  23. Metal Truck Bolsters with Special Long Slide Bearings for sharp curves.

  24. Body Bolsters are built up of heavy steel plates and cast iron fillers.

  25. Truck Bolsters are structural steel of the Bettendorf type.

  26. The Bolsters and Cross Bearers are similar in construction, being built in between the Sills and formed of plate webs and auger flanges and top and bottom cover plates.

  27. Bolsters and naves have to be strong, and oak is not more expensive than birch.

  28. These bolsters are for the gingerbread effect that the German likes everywhere," explained the visitor.

  29. There were bolsters and pillows and coverings for them.

  30. In the chamber best with me thou shalt rest, The bolsters blue upon.

  31. The three bolsters C, D, and E are cut from regular 2 by 4-in.

  32. The location of the crossbars A and B is very important, as they give rigidity to the frame and reinforce the two bolsters C and D.

  33. The bolt connecting the bolsters C and E is a common carriage bolt, 5 in.

  34. So he disengaged himself from the wedgings of pillows and bolsters in which he had been packed, and, clinging all the time to something for support, he made his way into Jennie's state room.

  35. I left behind me bolsters blue; And were I only young again!

  36. She took away the bolsters blue; And were I only young again!

  37. These Cushions or large Bolsters are to lie between the Scarves; and a thick Bolster is to be laid upon the Leg all along its length, as also on upon the Thigh.

  38. But it wou'd be requisite at first to wash the Wound with warm Wine, then to anoint it with this Balsam very hot, and to apply Bolsters that have been steept in it, as also a large Bolster over the other, dipt in some Styptick Liquor.

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