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Example sentences for "bridled"

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  1. After indulging in such reflections for an hour or more, he bethought him that it was time to return to the camp; and having caught and bridled his horse, he mounted and set forth.

  2. They lost no time, but, catching their horses, bridled them, and rode rapidly down the hill.

  3. From the evidence at hand, it would appear that the Bridled White-eye at Ponape breeds at two periods of the year, the winter and the summer.

  4. Kubary obtained the first specimens of the Bridled White-eye at Truk.

  5. Kittlitz obtained the Bridled White-eye at Guam, when he visited the island, in March, 1828.

  6. The Bridled Tern is known from the Palau Islands and from Bikar in the Marshall Islands.

  7. But greatly desiring to make his peace with King Alfonso of Castile, he sent the trusty Alvar Fanez to Court with thirty steeds saddled and bridled in the Moorish fashion.

  8. As they rode out of Bivar flew a raven to the right, By Burgos as they bridled the bird was still in sight.

  9. In both cases, doubtless, the hot southron would have bridled his passion sooner, had it produced any visible effect on the colder man of the north.

  10. But when that transparent little artifice failed, she bridled up and marched boldly to the inevitable.

  11. Others bridled up suspiciously, as if the question were a preliminary to their detection in some old evil deed.

  12. For when she is bridled in Christian man's heart, she holdeth him so short that he falleth not in deadly sin.

  13. William languished, bridled and ogled in a fashion seen nowhere on earth except in his imitations of his sister when engaged in conversation with one of the male sex.

  14. He teased his daughter most unmercifully about Mr. Bennet, and she blushed and bridled over the teasing as any orthodox lovelorn miss should, and has since the beginning of time, when the name of her Beloved is taken in vain.

  15. He complimented the stand of corn in the Redfield lot near that "V" lot of his own, and told her that it did not seem to show the need of rain so badly as did his corn; and Miss Eliza bridled at the compliment.

  16. In a very short time breakfast was eaten, the horses saddled and bridled and packed, and the two boys ready to mount and to start on their way again.

  17. Would you mind having them bridled and saddled, sir?

  18. And when they had done, bridled this informer, and the rest of the horses, and rid home.

  19. Jane Baites of Corbridge come in the forme of a gray catt with a bridle hanging on her foote, and bridled her, and rid upon her in the name of the devill.

  20. I was saddled with rank an' bridled by circumstance.

  21. Our horses were at length bridled and saddled, and our lassoes coiled up.

  22. And so you have seen a horse, Ned, a horse saddled and bridled and with no owner!

  23. Before they had gone far the Ring Tailed Panther caught a saddled and bridled horse which was galloping through the woods, and, they were so much emboldened, that they checked their flight, and hunted about until they found a second.

  24. He had caught a glimpse of a horse saddled and bridled in the Mexican manner, and it was his first thought that a detachment from the army of Cos was riding straight toward them.

  25. With such hints for divagation, let us resume our way down the river, henceforth navigable by barges and bridled by locks.

  26. Thames current is for the last time bridled by a lock, not counting that half-lock at Richmond.

  27. Then he would have bridled her, but she would not take the bit; so he left her and, going to the grocer, told him what had passed.

  28. And behold here are a hundred horses of the spoils which he hath won; they are great and swift, and are all bridled and saddled, and he kisseth your hand and beseecheth you as his natural Lord to receive them.

  29. He's taen him out upo the green, And got him saddled and bridled seen.

  30. Ye take him out upo the green, And get him saddled and bridled seen.

  31. And since no knave was ready to help, Katrine bridled the horse herself.

  32. The witch turned into a mare, and he bridled her, led her into the yard, and jumped on her back.

  33. Then Prince Ivan put on armor fit for a hero, and bridled the horse, and saddled it with a Circassian saddle.

  34. Page, however, bridled with seriousness as often as the matter came up.

  35. And the gardener thereupon had bridled and stammered as though Jadwin had conferred a gift.

  36. Here, don't everybody look at me," Nick bridled up.

  37. Nick of course took that as a reflection on him, and bridled up at once.

  38. The Mexican bridled and saddled him; his mistress and the others mounted; soon all clattered out upon the river-trail.

  39. When she was bridled and standing in the trail in front of his empty wagon, he hurriedly returned to the new horse, placed a bridle upon his head, led him forth, and swung him close beside the other horse.

  40. Then the lean man bridled and saddled the sorrel for the young man, who evidently was unable conveniently to do these things with his one hand.

  41. This told him that the journey was to be resumed, and he stood quiet and peaceful as he was being bridled and saddled, and afterward he trotted along under the guidance of his master without show of anger or rebellion.

  42. They led him out of the stable into the open, a dozen hands bridled and saddled him, then all crowded close in joyful conversation.

  43. He hurriedly bridled the aged mare and led her out into the trail.

  44. She bridled as she always did at the thought of anyone opposing Steve.

  45. Well, you talk as if you were very much surprised,” and Miss Blair bridled with pretended indignation.

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