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Example sentences for "brocade"

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  1. Veronique hoped she would sleep, and watched like a dragon to guard against any disturbance, springing out with upraised finger when a soft gliding step and rustling of brocade was heard.

  2. Her jewelled hands trembled in her black brocade lap, and the pulpy curves of her face collapsed as if it were a pricked balloon.

  3. Gold brocade was brought, and the duke put it on; he then rode to the basilica of Sant' Ambrogio surrounded by a crowd of courtiers--Viva il Moro!

  4. He fixed the precise weight of the funeral tapers; the number of braccia of gold brocade and of black cramoisie for the altar cloths; the largess of small coin, pease, and tallow to be distributed among the poor in the name of the deceased.

  5. Surely the hidden Mother cared less for torches and brocade than for the wail of the hungry people.

  6. Rising from amongst the dirty litter of the floor were lay figures: one in the frock of a Vallombrosan monk, strangely surmounted by a helmet with barred visor, another smothered with brocade and skins hastily tossed over it.

  7. In the brief pause, during which an old courtier stiff with age and brocade fumbled in a netted bag and set out a row of coins on an embroidered kerchief, Akbar sate silent, fingering the vellum of the Queen's letter, absorbed in thought.

  8. Next followed the ladies: first a party riding, gay in silks and gold brocades, and then four in a carriage covered with gold brocade patterned in large flowers, and drawn by six horses trapped to match.

  9. Her dress was now "of gold brocade with a white gown," made in English fashion with tight sleeves, "very costly both in jewels and goldsmith work.

  10. Then more ladies on palfreys, and another carriage, and after that more palfreys, all decked and trapped in gold brocade and murrey velvet, with running footmen, and then ten palfreys more in the same stuffs with pale blue and white fringe.

  11. I know something of yours that is finer than that brocade silk, that is all in 'beggars' presses.

  12. One evening she came to Uncle John with the usual frown, showing him her new brocade doll dress.

  13. The next morning he went out after breakfast to consult Cyrus about some investments, while Virginia laid out the lengths of brocade on the bed in the spare room, and sat down to wait for the arrival of the dressmaker.

  14. You just leave it to me," was the dressmaker's reply, while she thrust the point of the scissors into the gleaming brocade on the bed.

  15. Mrs. Mehdi Ali had a gorgeous brocade garment specially designed by Howell & James, which at a casual glance looked like an ordinary gown but somehow embraced a "divided skirt.

  16. My aunt welcomed us in the Princess of Wales's pretty sitting-room hung with a kind of brocade with a pattern of roses.

  17. The gold brocade is a specialty of Brunai manufacture and is very handsome, the gold thread being woven in tasteful patterns on a ground of yellow, green, red or dark blue silk.

  18. Ladies of rank and wealth substitute silk and gold brocade for the cotton material used by their poorer sisters and, in lieu of a hat, cover their head and the greater part of the face with a selendang, or long scarf of gold brocade.

  19. Her kimono was of water-blue silk, with sleeves of ceremony so long that they touched the ground; her under-dress was scarlet, and her great girdle of brocade was stiff and heavy with gold.

  20. Give me my best brocade gown and I will get up, for I feel a good deal better.

  21. She wore silk attires, gold and purple and grey and green and black, obi of brocade magnificently tied.

  22. The gown was too long and a little too loose, but Barbara rejoiced in the faded brocade and in the rustle of the silk petticoat that cracked in several places when she put it on, the fabric was so frail.

  23. Around the slender neck and fair, smooth shoulders fell the Duchess lace that trimmed the brocade gown.

  24. The gates were opened, revealing an immense and picturesque concourse of splendidly apparelled knights and men in gleaming armour, a blaze of brocade and damascene.

  25. Long curtains of rosy brocade fell about it, and a coverlid of finest needlework, embroidered with bunches of red and white roses on a white satin ground, was thrown across it.

  26. In one corner a tattered rag of brocade still showed that the hangings had been green.

  27. The first thunder of a footman's double knock, the clatter of high heels and rustle of brocade in the hall, sent him away.

  28. I protest that some of my friends in gold and silver brocade are as good Christians as even your kindness could desire me to be.

  29. It was full three hours after their departure, that Chiffinch lounged into the room in which they had supped, in a brocade nightgown, and green velvet cap, turned up with the most costly Brussels lace.

  30. The costume consists of a pink brocade cut low at the top, open in the form of a square in front, and trimmed with white lace and black velvet.

  31. An open brocade jacket with metal-work filigree covered a white silk shirt that laced over a wide V-neck.

  32. From his cloak he held out a brocade jacket, covered with fine metal work.

  33. Several expensive toy dogs sat about on the blue and gold brocade and ate scraps of cake merely to oblige the guests.

  34. Follow the treasurer," said the monarch; "throw the brocade over the corpse, and with the money shew the last testimony of thy love for thy wife.

  35. Accordingly Nouzhatoul-aouadat covered him with the brocade Zobeide had given her, and put his turban upon his face.

  36. At the same instant Abou Hassan threw off the piece of brocade, and springing up, prostrated himself at his feet, while his wife did the same to Zobeide, keeping on her piece of brocade out of decency.

  37. Mesrour stood to his word; and they laid a piece of gold brocade with silver flowers before the caliph and the princess.

  38. He sat at the head of the deceased, who was laid out in the middle of the room, with her feet towards Mecca, and was covered with the piece of brocade which your majesty presented to Abou Hassan.

  39. The hair is a marvel to-night, and in the gown of gold brocade the Signora will be magnificent.

  40. He led them into his palace, had rugs of brocade spread for them, and beds of ivory set up, fragrant herbs burned and tables of gold and precious stones set in front of them.

  41. Instead of wearing brocade he had to wear cotton, and instead of riding horseback he went to the dogs.

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