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Example sentences for "broadswords"

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  1. The name of Andrea de Ferrara is inscribed on all the Scottish broadswords which are accounted of peculiar excellence.

  2. On the afternoon of the 5th many had their broadswords and dirks sharpened, and some partook of the Sacrament in the churches.

  3. In many a sheiling and farmhouse old broadswords and muskets, well-hidden from the keen eye of the Government soldiers, were carefully cherished against the brave day when 'the king should have his own again.

  4. As Sir Andrew came in sight, the sun rose, and was flashed back by brandished broadswords behind the turf wall.

  5. This plume and plaid no more will see, Nor philabeg, nor dirk at knee, Nor even the broadswords which Dundee Bade flash at Killiecrankie.

  6. Blood flowed like water; and so fierce was the hatred of the combatants, so deadly the nature of the tremendous stabbing broadswords of the Romans, that few wounds were inflicted, and few men went down ’till they were slain outright.

  7. Remember, battle-axes are best for the thicket, and broadswords for the open.

  8. We have our broadswords left to us, and we have proved this day that they have a keen edge and bite as sharp as ever.

  9. The huntsmen were upon him in a few moments, and he discovered his mistake only when their broadswords were about his ears.

  10. He was no doubt a far better swordsman than our self-taught cavalry, with broadswords wrought out of mill saws.

  11. In haste then snatched their broadswords / both the fighters grim and keen.

  12. There heard ye broadswords ringing, / swung by warrior's hand, While inward in like manner / wrought Volker of Burgundian land.

  13. Sore they were enraged, / as ye soon were ware, For from their swinging broadswords / whirred the ruddy sparks in air.

  14. Then mickle was the thronging / and loud the broadswords clashed, As all their valiant followers / 'gainst one another dashed.

  15. The press became furiously agitated, while some endeavoured to defend themselves, others to escape; shots were fired, and the glittering broadswords of the dragoons began to appear flashing above the heads of the rioters.

  16. Three or four soldiers attended as a guard, while others stamped up and down with their long broadswords and heavy boots in front of the house.

  17. The crowd rushed up to an eminence on the skirts of the highway, and beheld the banner floating over the rebel soldiery, and the gleam of broadswords flashing in the sun.

  18. The weapons, cavalry broadswords of the largest size; the parties to stand on each side of a barrier, and to be confined to a limited space.

  19. Weapons:--Cavalry broadswords of the largest size, precisely equal in all respects, and such as now used by the cavalry company at Jacksonville.

  20. Cavalry broadswords of the largest size, precisely equal in all respects, and such as now used by the cavalry company at Jacksonville.

  21. Clan-Alpine ne'er in battle stood But first our broadswords tasted blood.

  22. The pibroch sounds, the bands advance, The broadswords gleam, the banners dance' Obedient to the Chieftain's glance.

  23. And then the bad idea occurred to some of the eunuchs to lift their broadswords against the boisterous viragoes, possibly with a view of cutting a path through them for the Sultana.

  24. The midget of an Irishman was to be pitted against the giant of six feet four inches, who possessed the strength of a Hercules, and the weapons were-- "broadswords of the largest size.

  25. He selected "broadswords of the largest size.

  26. Shots were fired, and above the press the broadswords of the dragoons were seen to glitter, flashing over the heads of the rioters.

  27. In the centre, he placed his Ligurian infantry, and on the left wing he placed or retained the Gauls, who were armed with long javelins and with huge broadswords and targets.

  28. The broadswords retarded the men when marching by getting entangled in the brushwood.

  29. It was about this time that the broadswords and pistols received at Glasgow were laid aside.

  30. I saw Jacqueline pull down both broadswords from the wall.

  31. The two broadswords hung there, within arm's reach, above the broken mirror.

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