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Example sentences for "broadsword"

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  1. The steadiness of the broadsword boys on their short legs, and the firmness with which they sustained the different positions, was truly remarkable.

  2. The broadsword exercise over, suddenly there was great excitement and a rush.

  3. When they were dismissed and the broadsword exercise, limited to a much smaller number, succeeded, the boys who had no part in that new drill, either looked on attentively, or disported themselves in a gymnasium hard by.

  4. Through all the wide Border his steed was the best, And save his good broadsword he weapons had none; He rode all unarmed, and he rode all alone.

  5. Then, whirling up his broadsword With both hands to the height, He rushed against Horatius, And smote with all his might.

  6. That sound broadsword cut,' said the general, 'has saved us the shame of rewarding a traitor.

  7. Then the bareheaded Colonel Galloped through the white infernal Powder-cloud; And his broadsword was swinging And his brazen throat was ringing Trumpet-loud.

  8. Cornwallis may chafe and coarse Tarleton aver, As he sharpens his broadsword and buckles his spur, "This blade, which so oft has reaped rebels like grain, Shall now harvest for death the rude yeomen again.

  9. No one knows that I have any idea of fencing, or that I have ever drawn a sword before I went through my course of the broadsword here.

  10. Rupert's broadsword drill lasted but a very short time; upon the drill sergeant asking him if he knew anything of that weapon, he said that he could play at singlestick, but had never practised with the broadsword.

  11. Pan Longin with his gleaming broadsword strode with gigantic steps, and at his side ran Pan Michael on a trot.

  12. He flew on himself in the first rank, and at his side Pan Longin on his Livonian mare, his terrible broadsword in his hand.

  13. But Johnie was a clever man, And turned about with speed, And on the edge of his broadsword He slew the Talliant dead.

  14. He's taen his broadsword in his hand, And stripd it oer a stane; Then thro and thro the king's high court With broadsword now is gane.

  15. Earl Richard has a hunting gone, As fast as he can ride; He's a hunting-horn about his neck, And a broadsword by his side.

  16. With sheath├ęd broadsword in his hand, Abrupt he paced the islet strand, And eyed the rising sun, and laid 45 His hand on his impatient blade.

  17. I have no goods,' growled the Cimmerian, touching the shagreen-bound hilt of the broadsword that hung at his hip.

  18. Conan grunted and tossed his naked broadsword on the couch.

  19. Sir John Champney slew two of our men with downright broadsword strokes and another was pierced through throat by a lance.

  20. In this strait he dropped the bow and, standing erect, whisked a broadsword from his belt.

  21. Lord Mountjoy wore helmet and cuirass; and his good two-handed broadsword swung by his side, while both Cedric and I wore shirts of linked mail and our followers each a quilted, shaft-proof leathern jacket.

  22. Meanwhile my eye had been caught by an old and somewhat rusted broadsword that hung on pegs over the fireplace.

  23. By a most unhappy chance the broadsword hilt came down, full force, upon the farmer's temple, and in an instant he was stretched dead at the feet of his master.

  24. Cedric also, though a yeoman born, wore a coat of woven mail, and had a good broadsword at his side.

  25. Then Cedric came face to face with Sir John Champney, received a broadsword stroke on his uplifted, mail-clad arm, and countered with a blow that sent his enemy to earth.

  26. By this time I had gathered my wits, and recalling the goodly weapon at my very back, had turned and seized the rusted broadsword from above the fireplace.

  27. He wore a stout broadsword and, stuck in his belt on the other side, a poniard of most wicked design.

  28. He began to think that his broadsword was decidedly worsted, but he made one final and thoroughly masculine attempt to retain the posture of superiority.

  29. An uncomfortable feeling crept into the mind of Lawrence Craighouse, officer and satirist, that, though armed with the broadsword of masculine self-assurance, he was being beaten by the stiletto of feminism.

  30. Odal pulled back in confusion, only to have the wild-swinging broadsword strike him just above the wrist.

  31. Just as he began the downswing of a mighty broadsword stroke, he stumbled on the helmet.

  32. The broadsword was quite heavy, even for a two handed grip.

  33. Odal started to duck, then saw that the Watchman was diving face-first into the ground, legs flailing, and that heavy broadsword was cleaving through the air with a will of its own.

  34. As the natives drew step by step along the tunnel towards Jack, he balanced the great broadsword he held by both hands, and poised it ready to strike at the foremost.

  35. Both had a perfect command of some of the worst language in English that Jack had ever heard, but he took it all for what it was worth, clutched his faithful broadsword tighter still, and waited to see what their next attempt would be.

  36. Two of them carried long fowling-pieces, one wore a broadsword without a sheath, and all had the Highland dirk, though they did not wear that weapon openly or ostentatiously.

  37. Though fearfully crushed and mangled by the fall from such a height, the corpse was found to exhibit a deep cut in the head, which, in the opinion of a skilful surgeon, must have been inflicted by a broadsword or cutlass.

  38. I once asked him whether he had ever killed a man; it was on the day when he first allowed me to use a real broadsword in our lesson.

  39. Don't you remember his coming to the hall and playing joust and broadsword with Master Beowulf?

  40. Immediately half a dozen of the Saxon leaders sprang forward at the bidding of the Prince; but they quailed before Oswald as they saw the broadsword whipped from its scabbard, and perform a swift circle in the air.

  41. On he came, furiously attacking his man, and the battle was ended, for with one sweep of his long broadsword Sigurd cut him down.

  42. Then, buckling on his belt, from which his broadsword was suspended, he crept from his hiding-place and strode upwards through the tangled undergrowth, making for the clear on the mountain side.

  43. Bretwul made no reply, but brandished his Saxon broadsword aloft in token of his readiness.

  44. But you men folk can find nothing better to do than play at war, I know, and therefore I rule it shall be with both the broadsword and lance," said Ethel.

  45. The honest Saxon broadsword is a match for any weapon, I warrant you.

  46. By his side was a heavy broadsword and a sharp, double-edged dagger.

  47. Hereupon he drew from beneath his robes a great broadsword full as stout as was Robin's.

  48. Good fellow, if thou art no better with the broadsword than thou art with the bow and arrow, thou wilt never overcome Robin Hood.

  49. Then he clad himself in a friar's gown, and underneath the robe he hung a good broadsword in such a place that he could easily lay hands upon it.

  50. By his side he hung a good broadsword of tempered steel, the bluish blade marked all over with strange figures of dragons, winged women, and what not.

  51. Having come to the ford, he girded up his robes about his loins, tucked his good broadsword beneath his arm, and stooped his back to take Robin upon it.

  52. Upstarted from the table the warrior swift and strong; Out he drew a broadsword heavy and sharp and long.

  53. He thought to find his quiver or his broadsword true.

  54. XXX His vanquish'd foe Sir Dietrich bound in a mighty band, And led him thence to Kriemhild, and gave into her hand The best and boldest champion that broadsword ever bore.

  55. XXX All, who dar'd confront him as up the stairs he flew, Met with such fearful slashes, that soon at distance due From that weighty broadsword stood trembling every one.

  56. Oft clash'd the keen-edg'd broadsword that in his hand he bore.

  57. It is Folker's long broadsword that the poet, with a grim kind of merriment, calls his fiddlestick.

  58. I wanted to have another look at the broadsword there.

  59. Take your broadsword this morning and--please, for my sake, do not come again.

  60. On several occasions he had seen a grim, sharp-featured old man in the doorway of the shop, but it was not until after he had missed the Thursday train that he made up his mind to accost him and to have the broadsword at any price.

  61. The broadsword reposed calmly on a desk under the nose of a properly impressed young person named Stokes, cashier.

  62. The buckler and broadsword he wore as the arms of his condition, and a neat silver badge, bearing his lord's arms, announced that he was an appendage of aristocracy.

  63. And therewithal, though still retreating from the brandished shovel, he made one-third of the basket-hilled broadsword which he wore, visible from the sheath.

  64. They were the tallest men of their hands that the neighbouring villages could supply, with every man his good buckler on his shoulder, and a bright burnished broadsword dangling from his leathern belt.

  65. With these words, he unbuckled the broadsword which he wore, the belt of which was plaited with silver, and the steel basket-hilt richly and curiously inlaid.

  66. And, indeed, he's gleg aneuch at the broadsword and target.

  67. His arms were a broadsword and pistols, which, from the antiquity of their appearance, might have seen the rout of Pentland or Bothwell Brigg.

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