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Example sentences for "brochures"

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broch; broche; brochs; brocht; brochure; brocoli; brod; brodder; brode; broder
  1. The reasons for this supposition have been stated in several brochures recently issued, one by Mr. O.

  2. For the argument in extenso the reader is referred to the brochures above cited.

  3. The four brochures next to be described deal with the same affair and substantially agree.

  4. His career may easily be traced in the various brochures put forth, most of them from his own pen.

  5. Holland, also, was largely affected, and gave, as well as England and France, considerable additions to the contemporary mass of brochures which grew out of these financial revolutions.

  6. Two other printed brochures are of less value.

  7. No matter how improbable it may seem, still, Soloviev at critical moments gave away for safe-keeping certain books and brochures to the Tartars.

  8. But there's nothing dreadful; only the possession of some illegal brochures and stuff.

  9. In writing these brochures the girls applied the knowledge they had gained in studying the writing of advertisements.

  10. Tiny brochures decorated with Chinese motives were prepared by students during an English period, and later were circulated among the faculty, and placed upon office bulletin boards, and in diaries.

  11. The real nature of the contents of some of the brochures is disguised by the use of innocuous titles.

  12. Unlike the placards, posters, and hand-bills, most of the brochures are restrained in tone.

  13. Later, when the propaganda movement had developed to the extent of publishing and circulating leaflets, brochures and longer pamphlets, Dr.

  14. It is true that in their brochures there was still some moderation, for they were obliged to spare the Lutheran Saxons; but so much the more irritably did they attack the enemy, in countless pictorial sheets and satirical verses.

  15. Has written several brochures and novels, notably Le Monde Renverse, 1872, and Ci et ca, ca et la, ideas upon moral philosophy and social progress.

  16. Wrote God and his Book, '87, and several brochures published under the pen name of "Saladin.

  17. He has written many anti-clerical brochures and an important work on Pius IX.

  18. For more details on nineteenth-century instruments one must turn to brochures and articles in medical journals introducing the instruments to the medical profession.

  19. This was followed a few decades later by the brochures and catalog (1831) of the famous London instrument maker, John Weiss.

  20. How are brochures with extended covers trimmed?

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