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Example sentences for "brochure"

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  1. This long-lost brochure has this year been rediscovered, but it will add little interest to his life, as its main tenets had long been known.

  2. This brochure was ordered by the Court of Session to be suppressed as contempt of court, after it had run through three editions.

  3. What seems to have been the first edition of this brochure bears no date.

  4. His letter to John Gaule and the little brochure which he penned in self-defence reveal a man able to express himself with some clearness and with a great deal of vigor.

  5. And when indeed I had found one he spent half a year in preparing my brochure for publication, and finally--refused.

  6. Borel have published another brochure and a little work on "Curved Lines" (23 pp.

  7. At length, after strenuous efforts, I succeeded in publishing the brochure myself in July, 1887.

  8. An attractive reprint, in brochure form, will be sent on receipt of 2d.

  9. Those Esperantists who will send cost of postage can have a number of that interesting brochure free.

  10. But the brochure didn't even do justice to the place.

  11. Lakanal consulted with Daubenton, and inquired into the condition and needs of the establishment; Daubenton placed in his hands the brochure of 1790, written by Lamarck.

  12. The brochure containing this address is exceedingly rare, the only copy existing, as far as we know, being in the library of the Museum of Natural History in Paris.

  13. Also he has written some magazine articles and a brochure on "Lent and How to Spend it.

  14. Hughes' writings is an important brochure on Boys' Guilds, published under the auspices of the Church Temperance Society, and entitled "Hints for the Formation of Bands of Young Crusaders.

  15. Bishop Copleston's brochure brings us to the early days of the Edinburgh Review, and to the dawn of the criticism with which we are, unhappily, only too familiar in our own time.

  16. The brochure which is printed here was written when Copleston was Fellow and Tutor of Oriel.

  17. Bernheim, in his brochure "De la Circoncision," he being the surgeon of the Israelitish Consistory of Paris.

  18. The Committee published thirteen numbers of a journal, "The General Strike," and a brochure on the general strike.

  19. This brochure had a twofold effect upon the count.

  20. One day Herr Mercatoris sent to the castle a brochure on which he had proudly written, "With the compliments of the author.

  21. It is otherwise with the brochure or manifesto known as the "first epistle.

  22. The plan of the brochure is unstudied and unpremeditated, resembling a series of variations upon one or two favourite themes rather than a carefully constructed melody.

  23. He presented a colored fac-simile of it in 1883 at the Copenhagen Congrès des Américanistes, in his little brochure Trois Cartes.

  24. Vide a brochure on Prehistoric Copper Implements, by the editor, reprinted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for Jan.

  25. The presumptive evidence that this instrument was lost by Champlain is stated in a brochure by Mr. O.

  26. Carette's map, attached to his brochure on the commerce of The Desert.

  27. Mecom in Boston, a 72 page brochure entitled "The Rudiments of Latin Prosody with a Dissertation on Letters and the Principles of Harmony in Poetic and Prosaic Composition, collected from some of the best Writers.

  28. From this point of view this brochure is to us the first expression of that feeling which still, in the present day, unites hundreds of thousands of Germans.

  29. A brochure literature began, which swelled up like a sea.

  30. For example, in 1812 he published a brochure on Hydrostatics, in which were described various hydrometers and their application.

  31. In 1832 a brochure was 'printed for the author by William Shaw, Dublin,' which must have quickened the sluggish pulse of Mr. and Miss Magan.

  32. The brochure had been printed mainly for the purpose of correcting a mis-statement made by the Athenæum, when reviewing the Cornwallis Papers.

  33. In this brochure is found a very curious portrait of Balzac, after a sepia by Louis Boulanger belonging to M.

  34. Barbet junior, a nephew of the foregoing, and editor in the alley des Panoramas, placed on the market at this time a brochure composed by Th.

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