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  1. Having removed the stalks and green leaves, take as many of the buds as will weigh three ounces.

  2. And shall we see no buds fresh springing Upon the stalks of last year's clover?

  3. She is neither mistress nor servant, wife nor slave, she is but one of a hundred buds in a garden of roses which have little if any prospect of ever blooming or being plucked for the court bouquet.

  4. These gradually open, and at dawn the buds unfurl their crumpled petals to the day, exhaling a pleasant fragrance.

  5. At first these are often quite velvety beneath and of a pinkish hue, and hold hidden within their midst the well-formed buds which a few warm, sunny days will call forth.

  6. The undeveloped buds are of a characteristic greenish-yellow tone, making an unusual contrast to the expanded flowers and the rather pale foliage.

  7. Before the flowers come out, the buds show their round, green heads, packed away down among the bristles.

  8. As the buds unfold beautifully in water, it is better to gather buds than flowers, as the latter are too fragile to carry without breaking.

  9. A plant was once known which had fifty buds and blossoms, thirty of which were open at once!

  10. About the same time that the beautiful leaves of the buckeye are emerging from their wrappings, we notice in the woods a shrub which has just put forth its clusters of bright-green leaves from buds all along its slender twigs.

  11. Upon one plant we counted twenty-five buds and blossoms, while a friend counted thirty-two upon another.

  12. Its stems are very brittle, and the blossoms fall early, the lower ones usually having passed away before the upper buds have emerged from the coil.

  13. Its shrubby form, with densely crowded leaves, becomes conspicuous by reason of its long spikes of purple-woolly buds and blossoms.

  14. The half-opened buds more resemble the open flowers of D.

  15. By May the flower-clusters begin to take definite form, and at last the buds open and reveal a most interesting flower, whose structure is quite complicated.

  16. The round buds (which, however, are sometimes pointed) are closely wrapped in three overlapping hairy sepals.

  17. The bloom-buds of the shrubs and fruit-trees are obviously swelling; and the leaves of the lilac are ready to burst forth at the first favourable call.

  18. The buds started up to meet and greet their queen, but her golden sceptre was not held forth, and they are faint and stunned with terror.

  19. It will tell how long this rather simple lesson occupied the student, that 'before he could get it quite right, the buds came out and interrupted him.

  20. What is there in going a-fishing, I wonder, that seems to change even the leopard's spots, and that puts a new heart into the man who hies him away to the brook when buds are swelling?

  21. Sometimes the canoe was in plain sight; but she gave no heed as she tore up the juicy buds and stems, and swallowed them with the appetite of a famished wolf.

  22. When they had gathered and eaten all the buds and stems that they could reach, she deliberately pushed both little ones into the water.

  23. In every wooded valley The buds are breaking through, As though the heart of all things No languor ever knew.

  24. Live buds that warbled like a rivulet Beneath a veil of willows.

  25. And I lay back and let them pelt, And dreamt deliciously Of lusty leaves and lady-blossoms And baby-buds I'd see When April rain had laughed the land Out of its wintry way, And coaxed all growing things to greet With gracious garb the May.

  26. And into its leaves and buds there came A beautiful thought of God.

  27. My snatch of May I get from her, In white buds off a tree; June in one whiff of lavender, That breaks my heart for me.

  28. His prophetic eye sees all the apple-buds as golden orbs of fruit, and the swallows, that now build beneath the eaves, making ready for their departure.

  29. At the time when the butterflies of the second brood are on the wing, the flower-buds of the ivy (Hedera helix) are still young, and form compact heads.

  30. The caterpillars feed on the flower-buds and also on the young green berries.

  31. In confinement the caterpillars will eat young leaves of holly and probably of ivy also, but where flower-buds are available they prefer them and ignore the tender leaves.

  32. Normally the eggs of the spring butterflies are laid on the under side of the calyces of flower-buds of holly (Ilex).

  33. The larva is very sluggish in its habits, seldom leaving the head of the buds on which it is hatched, so long as sufficient food remains for its nourishment, or occasionally when about to change its skin.

  34. In its colouring and downy covering the caterpillar so closely resembles the flower-buds of the thyme that it is very difficult to detect.

  35. Summer blossoms soon decay; "Gather the rose-buds while you may!

  36. For crushing the flower-buds within the spathe of the palm, Billavas generally use a stone, and the Halepaiks a bone.

  37. In the absence of toddy, they sometimes manufacture illicit liquor from the flower-buds of the mahua (or mowhra) tree.

  38. They are very fond of the young flowers and buds of the mahua tree, and tamarind fruits, the acidity of which is removed by mixing with them the ashes of the bark of the same tree.

  39. When Bassia (mahua) buds or mangoes are first eaten in their season, a sacrifice is made, and a goat and fowl are killed before the produce of the harvest is first partaken of.

  40. The flesh of the ruffed grouse is white and generally tender and of fine flavor, although in the late fall or winter when its food consists almost wholly of fir buds it tastes quite strong of turpentine.

  41. See what strides their boughs took in the luxuriant summer,--and anon these dormant buds will carry them onward and upward another span into the heavens.

  42. Witness the buds of the native poplar standing gayly out to the frost on the sides of its bare switches.

  43. Wilkinson, had a seven-year-old budded tree from buds he sent.

  44. Peach fruit buds were all killed and many of the trees succumbed, even in well cared for orchards.

  45. Late cultivation stimulates late growth and prevents the trees from properly ripening their buds and wood.

  46. This seems to indicate that there may be a relationship between density and maturity of wood and buds and winter hardiness.

  47. Applied direct to the dormant buds of the sweet cherry, however, it proved toxic, as the buds never developed.

  48. In contrast to these trees the buds on the Crath trees Nos.

  49. Even the hardy varieties, Rush and Hall, were killed back to a few buds on the trunks and larger branches.

  50. Very few sweet cherry buds survived, and many trees were injured or killed.

  51. Until we select buds for hickory nuts and walnuts as they do for citrus and other fruit, I don't believe we can get very far.

  52. Some tender buds were left upon my stem In mimicry of life, But ah!

  53. And there stand all around the alders, and birches, and oaks, and maples full of glee and sap, holding in their buds until the waters subside.

  54. It is pleasant to meet with such still lines as, "Jam laeto turgent in palmite gemmae"; Now the buds swell on the joyful stem.

  55. The buds swell imperceptibly, without hurry or confusion, as if the short spring days were an eternity.

  56. Even speech, at first, necessarily has nothing to do with it; but it follows after silence, as the buds in the graft do not put forth into leaves till long after the graft has taken.

  57. Cairn stamped the swelling buds under his feet.

  58. With a few boldly drawn lines and light colours we are transported into the midst of the forest world, and all around us opening buds and verdurous green, sweet scents, and the murmur of leaves.

  59. Flowers of April, and fresh May-dew, Dew of April and buds of May; Two white blossoms that bud for you, Buds that blossom before the day.

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